Thursday, March 29, 1962

McDonnell awards an $18 million subcontract to the Saint Petersburg, Florida, Aeronautical Division of Minneapolis-Honeywell. This subcontract is to provide the Inertial Maneuvering Unit of the Gemini spacecraft.

The main functions of the Inertial Maneuvering Unit are to provide stable reference for determining spacecraft attitude and to indicate changes in spacecraft velocity. It is to be a stabilized inertial platform, including an electronic unit and a power supply.

In a meeting regarding ejection seat design and procedures, representatives of McDonnell, the Gemini Project Office, Life Systems Division, and Flight Crew Operations Division agree to have a group of specialists periodically gather to monitor the development of the ejection seat and its components as well as its testing. The requirements of the Gemini ejection seat, particularly for an off-the-launchpad abort, are beyond the limits of currently available ejection seat technology.

Author: Project Gemini Chronology

The Project Gemini Chronology is drawn from multiple sources, but most heavily from NASA's Special Publication-4002, Project Gemini Technology and Operations: A Chronology, prepared by James M Grimwood and Barton C Hacker, with Peter J Vorzimmer. Other chronologies will be used where fitting, such as (particularly) those for Project Mercury and Project Apollo.

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