Monday, April 9, 1962

The Gemini Project Office has received the “Gemini Manufacturing Plan” prepared by McDonnell. The plan calls for the construction of four static articles to be used in ground testing. According to the plan, dated April 6, and presented by Earl Whitlock of McDonnell, production spacecraft Number 1 is to be followed by static article Number 1.

The Gemini Project Office wants McDonnell to start static article Number 1 on or about May 15. The point of having the static article made after the first production spacecraft is begun is to take advantage of the normally poor quality of the first production item, and let the ground test unit be a better article.

McDonnell has awarded a $1.8 million subcontract for the Gemini ejection seats to Weber Aircraft of Burbank, California. Weber Aircraft is a division of Walter Kidde and Company.