Tuesday, May 15, 1962 – Ejection seat in review; rocket catapult contract; new liaison

The first ejection seat design review has been completed. The two-day conference at McDonnell in Saint Louis was attended by representatives of McDonnell, Northrop Ventura (formerly Radioplane), Weber Aircraft, and the Manned Spacecraft Center. This is the first of a series of ejection seat design meetings planned from March 29.

McDonnell awarded a $741,000 subcontract to Rocket Power Inc, of Mesa, Arizona, for the escape system rocket catapult.

Scott H Simpkinson of the Gemini Project Office has taken the Manned Spacecraft Center’s liaison office position at Martin-Baltimore. This position was established by the Manned Spacecraft Center on May 11. Simpkinson is to improve the exchange of information between Manned Spacecraft Center and Martin.