Monday, May 21, 1962 – Launch Pad 19 For Gemini; Pulse Code Modulation for Telemetry

The pulse code modulation method is to be used for transmitting Project Gemini telemetry. McDonnell has awarded an $8 million subcontract to Electro-Mechanical Research, Inc, of Sarasota, Florida, for this digital transmission system. The system will use a pulse code modulation subsystem, an onboard tape recorder, and a pair of VHF transmitters, and be capable of transmitting data in real or delayed time.

Cape Canaveral’s launch pad 19 will be converted for Gemini flights. The launch pad, originally built by the Air Force for the Titan I development program is to be modified per the terms of a contract valued at $2,609,000. This is Amendment Number 6 to the procurement contract.

The Gemini Project Office wants pad 19 to have an vehicle erector, rather than a launch gantry. The upper third is to be a “white room”. The Army Corps of Engineers is to award a construction contract for this work at a later date.