Wednesday, June 6, 1962 – Food Contract, Boilerplate Purchase

The Manned Spacecraft Center has awarded to the Whirlpool Corporation Research Laboratories of Saint Joseph, Michigan, a contract to provide the food and waste management systems for Project Gemini. Whirlpool is to provide the water dispenser, food storage, and waste storage devices. The food and the zero-gravity feeding devices, however, are to be provided by the United States Army Quartermaster Corps Food and Container Institute, of Chicago. The Life Systems Division of the Manned Spacecraft Center is responsible for directing the program.

McDonnell is authorized to procure another boilerplate Gemini craft for use in parachute landing system tests. McDonnell had been expecting to use the boilerplate spacecraft which North American made for testing the paraglider drop tests’ emergency parachute system. However, the modifications needed would cost an estimated $17,000 to $19,000, McDonnell estimates. A new boilerplate can be had for $10,000 to $12,000.