How August 2015 Treated My Mathematics Blog

August was my first full month after the end of the A-to-Z project. How would dropping from the nearly-daily publication in June and early July to a relatively sedate three times a week affect my readership and reader engagement? As ever, the data is mixed.

According to WordPress’s counters, the number of page views rose to 909, up from July’s 863 and down from busy June’s 1,051. I like the upward trend, especially since the number of unique visitors rose to 506. That’s a record high. It’s up appreciably from July’s 415 and June’s 367. However, I have to suspect the numbers. On the 20th of August the blog came under the attention of what looks like some kind of content aggregator or advertising site. That sent me 90 clicks on the 20th, and while that’s flattering I have my doubts anybody was actually reading anything.

The number of likes I received over the month dropped to 296. That’s down from July’s 381 and June’s 518. That sounds like a calamitous drop until you remember that in June I posted 28 things, July 24, and August a mere 14. On a per-post basis that’s slightly over 21 likes per posting in August, up from about 16 in July and 18.5 in June. I suspect there’s no meaningful trend here. The number of comments dropped slightly, with only 95 received in August. There were 100 in July and 114 in June. That’s hardly a difference, though, and it’s a very nice-looking comment-per-post trend.

The two most popular posts in August were reblogged things. Well, at least people liked what was pointed out to them. After that it was mostly comic strips, which I’m comfortable with. I like the range of topics they inspire me to write.

  1. How I Impressed My Wife: Part 1
  2. Original Problem! Expanding Galaxies and Rates of Change
  3. Reading the Comics, August 10, 2015: How People Think Edition
  4. Do You Have To Understand This?
  5. Reading the Comics, August 3, 2015: Things That Make Me Cranky Edition

The largest number of readers came from the United States, at 496. That’s just about what came here from the United States in July (502). Second-highest was Canada at 45, and third-highest again the United Kingdom, 35. The Philippines came in fourth, with 26 readers. (They were in fifth with 37 readers in July. Rankings are weird things.) Austria gave me 23 page views, and India and Spain sent 22 each. For India that’s a fair jump over July’s 14.

Single-reader countries in August were quite a list: Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bulgaria, Colombia, Denmark, Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Morocco, Nepal, New Zealand, Palestinian Territories, Portugal, Senegal, Slovakia, South Korea, Sudan, Switzerland, Tunisia, and Venezuela. Denmark, Nepal, and Portugal were also single-reader countries in July and nobody’s on a three-month streak there.

Among the search terms intriguing me the past month were:

  • apollo 13 rewritten checklist
  • origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe
  • fox trot impossible bobby driving math problem gocomics
  • “the price is right” any number game
  • bringing breakfast cartoons
  • 86164 seconds
  • electro mechanical research sarasota
  • almost everywhere concept

Of course I understand the “86164 seconds” query, because that ties in to the delightful animated movie Arthur Christmas and the deep existential dread one of its plot points inspires.

August ends with the blog having received 27,381 total page views, and 9,967 distinct visitors. There’s 517 people listed as WordPress followers. And my comments stand at 2,054. I don’t know who had lucky number 2,038th.

Finally I should include a reminder to folks who are reading this blog post to read these blog posts. There’s this “Follow Blog via Email” link on the upper right of the page. If you have an RSS reader, will give you posts. And my Twitter account is @Nebusj. Thanks for existing and all that.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

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        1. I actually find conversations the hardest part of social media. Any particular venue is all right, but that balance of how much time to spend chatting with other people is difficult. It’s hard not least because I don’t know how to effectively balance time spent on social media with time I need to spend on other tasks. I feel improper using, say, five spare minutes while waiting for a work task to finish without me to putter around chatting on Twitter.

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