How January 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog

With no small expenditure of will I kept myself from looking at monthly statistics for my blogs through January. I didn’t look partway through the month or try to project what my readership might be; I tried to just let it be what it was and not worry.

It all … wasn’t so bad. There were, says WordPress, 998 pages viewed here in January. That’s surely not going to make me feel pained that I didn’t log out and click refresh on my pages twice or something. Anyway, that’s up a tiny bit from December (954), and down from the November madhouse that was mostly caused by Apartment 3-G spillover (1,215 views). For what it’s worth, my 2015 average was 31 page views a day; January saw an average of 32. So, no big changes there. There were 523 unique visitors, up from December’s 449 and even November’s 519. I think this unique visitor count might be a record but WordPress doesn’t give me data more than a year old. So I can’t be sure.

The number of likes, which has to be a measure of reader involvement, was down to 202. It had been at 245 in December and 220 in November. It was as high was 518 in June, but that was the month I posted something (nearly) every day, part of the Summer A To Z project.

And speaking of the Summer A To Z project, I’m planning on the very different concept of a Winter A To Z project. Have requests for mathematical or mathematics-linked terms for me? Please pop over there and add one or more in the comments. (If all the requests go to the same comment thread it’ll be easier for me to lose the whole batch at once, instead of post-by-post.)

The most popular posts, for a change, weren’t dominated by the Reading the Comics series. Instead we had:

The United States, as ever, sent me more page views — 600 — than any other country. Next, with 54, was Hong Kong, which I don’t think has ever sent me so many readers. The United Kingdom gave me 51 page views, and both Germany and Canada had 35 apiece. Austria had 28. India, Singapore, and Poland each sent twelve, but I have to say Singapore wins that on a per-capita basis.

My single-reader countries this time were Bangladesh, Cyprus, Czech Republic, the European Union, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Romania, Slovenia, and Sweden. Bangladesh, Czech Republic, the European Union, Ireland, and Nigeria were all there in December, too. The European Union is on a two-month streak, and Nigeria a four-month streak.

Search terms? We all like those, right? Among the ones bringing people here were:

  • frank and ernest jan 5, 2016
  • funny spring comic
  • origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe.
  • eighth grade math rule where y always goes up by plus 2
  • unscramble talafo
  • creative form of right angle triangle sketches

I have no idea what that “eighth grade math rule” might mean and I’d appreciate suggestions. Maybe whoever was looking for it will come back once somebody knows.