How June 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog

I like the nice block-form style organization my monthly vanity post, as I used last month. So I’ll stick with that another month.

Readership Numbers:

My raw readership was up a little bit in June! It came to 1,099 page views, breaking that important psychological barrier of a thousand. May had a mere 981 page views. April had 1,500 but that was a month when I posted something every single day, which is quite the strain. June I cut back to sixteen posts in the month, although five of them were the challenging Theorem Thursdays posts. I like those, but the more I figure one is going to be a quick, easy little thing to dash off the longer it is. I don’t understand the dynamic there.

And yet the number of unique visitors dropped. There were 598 visitors in June, compared to the 627 in May, and the 757 in April. I’ll chalk the difference up to archive-binging. That’s comforting to think .

The number of likes received rose to 155. It had been at 133 in May, but at 345 in the busy month of April. The number of comments which weren’t just linkbacks rose from 22 to 37, which makes me feel a bit more confident that I’m actually interesting people here. I’m not sure how many of those are responses I finally got around to making from comments people posted in May, though. It’s just too easy to take an evening off and then be suddenly three weeks behind.

Popular Posts:

There were quite a few popular posts this time around. Everything in the top ten had at least thirty page views, which used to be the biggest thing of the month. It’s about the mix of subjects I might have guessed:

Listing Countries:

Which countries sent me the most readers? The ones you’d expect if you’ve seen this before:

  • United States (640)
  • Canada (40)
  • United Kingdom (36)
  • Australia (34)
  • Germany (33)

(India’s in seventh place, at 30. Singapore sent me eleven page views. Poland’s nowhere to be seen.)

Single-reader countries this time around were:

  • Albania
  • Angola
  • European Union (******)
  • Honduras
  • Jamaica
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Paraguay
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine

My European Union reader has checked in for exactly one page for seven months in a row now. No other countries are on a two-month or other streak.

Search Terms Non-Poetry:

The real news is that the mysterious “origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe” did not appear in my search terms this month. Some of the stuff that did, though:

I’m glad I could help with some of these at least. I’m not sure what’s meant by keeping a trapezium horizontal. Maybe if it’s a right trapezium and the only slanted side is the one on top? I would pick the longer of the parallel legs as “the” base in that case.

Counting Readers:

If I make this out right, July starts with my page having 38,337 views from 15,498 recorded distinct visitors. Also that my most popular day for being read is Sunday, at 3 pm. Sunday seems unambiguous enough but I don’t know what time zone that 3:00 is. I set most of my posts to appear at 3 pm UTC, which right now is about 11 am Eastern. Maybe I should spend July posting stuff at 5 pm UTC to see if that clears up what time zone this means.

WordPress reports me as starting the month at 597 readers through the site, which is considerably up from the start of June’s 586. I mean considerably for me. Still eleven e-mail followers, which feels like it’s too many people to address individually and too few people to address impersonally. I make up such complicated problems for myself.

On the upper right of these pages should be a little blue button to “Follow Another NebusResearch”. Under that should be a Follow By E-Mail button, if you want to make it twelve. I’m on Twitter, if you want to see me on Twitter. If none of that interests you, all right. This little performance-review post is done anyway. Thanks for being here.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

4 thoughts on “How June 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog”

  1. I had to smile when you wrote that quick posts always seem to turn into longer ones. For me the posts might not become long, but writing them often takes too much time. Writing anything takes me longer than I think it will. Even this comment took much longer than the 30 seconds I thought it would.


    1. It’s some perverse law of the universe. I really figured the Liouville’s Theorem thing would be twenty minutes of writing and it came out instead something like 2500 words.

      The other perverse thing is the stuff I dash off without an effort is the most popular stuff of the month. The thing I spend 2500 words on sinks without a trace. Although I understand people who study blog metrics say that longer-form stuff may start less popular but it holds on to that readership over time, while short-form stuff may last a week but not after that.


  2. Some day I will record all my clicks on your blog in one month – so I can prove that there were a substantial number of clicks from Austria ;-) As mentioned before, my experiments with Ad Blockers and other ‘browser security hardening’ seem to screw up WordPress’ click detection methods.


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