How August 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog

August 2016 is not actually the month I gave up around here. It was one of my least-prolific months in a long while, though. It was personally a less preoccupied month than July was, but I think a lot of things I’d put off to keep projects like Theorem Thursdays going came back to demand attention and my writing flagged off. And there’s my usual slackness in going around to other blogs and paying visits and writing comments and all that. So let’s see just how bad my readership numbers were, according to WordPress. Just a second, let me look. I think I’m braced.

Readership Numbers:

Huh. So my eleven posts in August drew 1,002 page views from 531 unique visitors here. That’s down from July’s 1,057 views from 585 visitors, and from June’s 1,099 views and 598 visitors. But July had 17 posts, and June 16, so the count of readers per post is way up. Well, if people like seeing me in lesser amounts, I guess that’s all right.

If they do. There were only 107 likes given to my posts in August, down from July’s 177 and June’s 155. That’s almost constant if we look at it per-post.

The number of comments collapsed. There were 16 in August, compared to 33 in July and 37 in June. That’s a good bit down per-post, too. I suspect it’ll pick up once the Why Stuff Can Orbit posts get going in earnest again.

Popular Posts:

I didn’t have as strongly popular posts this month. In July all the top-ten posts had at least thirty page views. In August it was a mere 19. But what was popular did reflect, I’d say, a good sample of the kind of stuff I write:

Listing Countries:

I think the listing of every country worked out last month. So here, let me do it again.

Country Readers
United States 674
Philippines 43
Canada 36
India 30
Germany 29
United Kingdom 21
Slovenia 20
Australia 15
Austria 15
France 11
Singapore 9
Sweden 7
United Arab Emirates 6
Brazil 5
South Africa 5
Indonesia 4
Puerto Rico 4
European Union 3
Malaysia 3
Portugal 3
Croatia 2
Japan 2
Mexico 2
New Zealand 2
Russia 2
Spain 2
Thailand 2
Vietnam 2
Bahrain 1
Bangladesh 1
Belgium 1
Czech Republic 1
Denmark 1 (*)
Honduras 1
Ireland 1
Italy 1
Jamaica 1
Lithuania 1 (*)
Netherlands 1
Norway 1
South Korea 1
Sri Lanka 1
Switzerland 1
Turkey 1 (*)

Denmark, Lithuania, and Turkey were single-reader countries last month too. Nobody’s on a three-month streak. European Union has gone from two to three page views. Still not a country.

Search Term Non-Poetry:

That cryptic “origin is the gateway” thing is gone again. What isn’t gone?

  • divergence and stokes theorem cartoons
  • comics strips of james clerk maxwell (?)
  • komiks arithmetic sequence in real life situation (??)
  • stock theorem and divergence theorem cartoon
  • segar bernice (a Popeye thing. Bernice the Whiffle Hen was part of the Thimble Theatre story by which cartoonist E C Segar discovered the best character he ever wrote)

Yeah, I know. Not much of anything.

Counting Readers:

The month started with my blog having 40,396 recorded page views — I missed whoever was number 40,000 — from some 16,614 recorded visitors. But my blog started before WordPress told us anything about unique visitors so who knows whether that means anything.

WordPress says I start September with 614 total followers, which isn’t very far up from the start of August’s 610. But it wasn’t a month were I did much to draw attention to myself. If you want to join me as a follower there ought to be a button in the upper-right corner, a bit below and to the right of my blog name and above the “Or Follow By Way Of RSS” tag. There’s also a Follow Blog Via Email option. And I’m on Twitter also, like so many people are these days.

WordPress says the most popular day for reading stuff here is Sunday, with 21 percent of page views last month. That seems reasonable; I’ve made Sunday the default day for Reading the Comics posts and haven’t had to skip a week yet. Sunday’s been the most popular day of the week for three months now. It says the most popular hour is 6 pm, with 12 percent of page views. It had been 3 pm in June and July. I’ve tended to set things to post at 6 pm Universal Time, so maybe this reflects people reading stuff just as I post it. That too seems like what we ought to expect. I don’t know why I get all suspicious of that.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

4 thoughts on “How August 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog”

    1. I was dazed my August altogether. It was a slow month for my writing and reading, but it somehow never really left me spare time. Well, I got some decent time in playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 for the first time in ages, but it wasn’t that much.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know which I’m more surprised by: that there are so many readers from countries that aren’t the United States, Canada, or United Kingdom or that there aren’t more. It makes sense that I should attract readers from English-speaking nations. But there’s English-speakers in every country and I don’t think that I write with such a strong cultural bias as to not make sense in (say) Kenya. Of course the nature of cultural bias is that it’s so hard to see it from within …

      Liked by 1 person

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