How August 2017 Treated My Mathematics Blog

Well, August 2017 was wholly soaked up by the August 2017 A-To-Z project. I should have expected that, based on past experience. But I’d hoped to squeeze out one or two Why Stuff Can Orbit posts, since I have that fine Thomas K Dye art to go with it. But I’ve also had more challenging topics to describe than I’d figured on. That’s all right. I’ve really liked the first month of it.

These things usually see my readership rise, and so it did this time. After June’s 878 page views and July’s 911, August saw me creep back above a thousand views at last: 1,030. The number of unique readers rose too, from June’s 542 to July’s 568 up to August’s 680. That is as the number of posts I did rose from my normal 13 (I’d had 12 or 13 posts each month all year) to 21, so maybe it’s not the most efficient reader-per-word tradeoff. Hm.

It’s made me more likable, though. The number of likes has risen from 99 in June to 118 in July and to 147 in august. Still nothing like June 2015 when I did the first of these glossaries, though. Ah well. The number of comments held steady, 45 just as in July. There’d have been more but I wasn’t able to answer a couple comments before the end of the day Thursday. It’ll go into September’s statistics. Anyway, June had a poor 13 comments. … And I admit I’m flattered how many of August’s comments were people happy with the A To Z essays I wrote. I’ve been happy with them myself.

What posts were popular here? Mostly A To Z pieces, with one perennial beating them all:

And how many readers did I get from the various nations of the world? Something like this:

Country Readers
United States 460
Philippines 94
India 64
United Kingdom 42
Singapore 36
Canada 31
Austria 25
Hong Kong SAR China 22
Italy 22
Brazil 18
Spain 17
Australia 16
Turkey 13
France 10
Slovenia 10
Argentina 7
Germany 7
Malaysia 7
Thailand 6
Ireland 5
New Zealand 5
Romania 5
Greece 4
Mexico 4
Sweden 4
U.S. Virgin Islands 4
Bangladesh 3
Bulgaria 3
Croatia 3
Finland 3
Indonesia 3
Japan 3
Poland 3
Russia 3
South Africa 3
Switzerland 3
China 2
Colombia 2
Norway 2
Paraguay 2
South Korea 2
Ukraine 2
Vietnam 2
Armenia 1
Bhutan 1
Cambodia 1 (*)
Chile 1
Czech Republic 1
European Union 1 (*)
Georgia 1
Hungary 1 (**)
Iceland 1
Israel 1 (*)
Jordan 1
Kuwait 1
Netherlands 1
Nigeria 1
Oman 1 (*)
Pakistan 1
Puerto Rico 1
Saudi Arabia 1 (*)
United Arab Emirates 1
Venezuela 1

There were 62 countries sending me readers in August, trusting that you count the European Union and for that matter the US Virgin Islands as countries. There were 60 in July and 52 in June. This time around there were 20 single-reader countries, just as in July, and up from June’s 16. Hungary’s in its third month of being a single-reader country. Cambodia, the European Union, Israel, Oman, and Saudi Arabia are on two-month streaks.

According to Insights, my most popular day of the week was Wednesday, when 18 percent of page views came in. This shows what happens when I have major content posted on days that aren’t Sunday. Of course, in July it was Monday (19 percent) and in June it was Sunday (18 percent), so I guess the only thing to do is project that in September my busiest day will be Saturday with 19 percent of the page views again. The most popular hour was 4 pm, with 11 percent of page views, which is intriguing because I shifted from setting most stuff to post at 4 pm to posting at 6 pm. That’s only 11 percent of page views this past month, though. In July it has been 19 percent of page views; in June, 14 percent. This seems like a crazy wide fluctuation in viewing per that hour and I wonder what’s going on.

WordPress says September begins with my blog having 689 followers, who’ve got me on their Reader pages. That’s up from 676 at the start of August and 666 at the start of July. Would you like to be among them? I’d like you among them. You can join this bunch by clicking on the ‘Follow Nebusresearch’ button at the upper-right corner of the page. If you’d like to follow by e-mail, there’s a ‘Follow Blog Via E-Mail’ button up there too.

Those on Twitter know me as @Nebusj. Those not on Twitter don’t need to worry about it. The problem will take care of itself.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

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