I Ask For The First Topics For My Fall 2019 Mathematics A-To-Z

And a good late August to all my readers. I’m as ready as can be for my Fall 2019 Mathematics A-To-Z. For this I hope to explore one word or concept for each letter in the alphabet, one essay for each. I’m trying, as I did last year, to publish just two essays per week. I like to think this will keep my writing load from being too much. I’m fooling only myself.

For topics, though, I like to ask readers for suggestions. And I’ll be asking just for parts of the alphabet at a time. I’ve found this makes it easier for me to track suggestions. It also makes it easier for me to think about which subjects I feel I can write the most interesting essay about. This is in case I get more than one nomination for a particular letter. That’s hardly guaranteed, but I do like thinking this might happen.

If you do leave a suggestion, please also mention whether you host your own blog or YouTube channel or Twitter or Mathstodon account. Anything that you’d like people to know about.

Cartoony banner illustration of a coati, a raccoon-like animal, flying a kite in the clear autumn sky. A skywriting plane has written 'MATHEMATIC A TO Z'; the kite, with the letter 'S' on it to make the word 'MATHEMATICS'.
Art by Thomas K Dye, creator of the web comics Projection Edge, Newshounds, Infinity Refugees, and Something Happens. He’s on Twitter as @projectionedge. You can get to read Projection Edge six months early by subscribing to his Patreon.

I’ve done five of these A To Z sequences before, from 2015 through to last year. I won’t necessarily refuse to re-explore something I’ve already written up. There are certainly ones I could improve, given another chance. But I’d probably look to write about a fresh topic.

I hope to start the first week of September, mostly so that I end by (United States) Thanksgiving. The letters that I would like to finish by September are the first eight, A through H. Covered in past years from this have been:









Thank you for any thoughts you have. Please ask if there are any questions. And I intend for this to be open to topics in any field of mathematics, including the ones I don’t really know. Writing about something I’m just learning about is terrifying and fun. It’s a large part of why I do these things every year, and also why I don’t do them more than once a year.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

19 thoughts on “I Ask For The First Topics For My Fall 2019 Mathematics A-To-Z”

  1. A- abacus (mainly how they actually work)

    B- Borel-Cantelli lemmas

    B- Boolean satisfiability

    C- compactification

    C- category theory

    D- differential equations

    D- discrete logarithms

    E- encryption schemes

    F- Fourier series

    G- groupoids

    H- hypergraphs

    My blog is inactive, but I tweet under the name @aajohannas

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  2. Firstly I would like to express my appreciation for your annual A-Z oeuvre. Secondly could you please tell us the secret of your indefatigability. I sure could use it at CarnotCycle, a thermodynamics blog known for running posts on probability during dry spells. A propos, my suggestion for B is Buffon’s needle.


    1. Thanks very kindly. All I really know about indefatigability is that if I do a thing, like, three times then some part of my brain won’t let me stop. Anyway I quite admire CarnotCycle for your writing’s depth and detail.

      I like the thought of Buffon’s needle problem, as well. Thank you for it.


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