I’m looking for the first topic for my 2020 Mathematics A-to-Z

It’s mostly there in the subject line. My plan, for what plans are worth this year, is to start publishing my A-to-Z essays the week of the 15th of June. So I’d like to know if you, the reader, would like to see me explaining anything. This then is the first of many appeals for topics that I’ll be putting out.

The rules are pretty loose. Suggest something mathematical that starts with the relevant letter. Whatever topic I think I can be most interesting about, I’ll write up. This might be something I pick myself, too.

But please leave suggestions in comments here. Also, if you have a blog, a Twitter feed, a YouTube channel, any project worth mention, please let me know. I try to credit the people who generously give me suggestions I can write about, and want to share their projects with people.

Right now, I’m looking just for the letter ‘A’. In the past years I’ve written these essays about a-level subjects:

And I’ll post appeals for ‘B’ and ‘C’ soon, just as soon as I figure out what I’ve implicitly set my deadlines for all this to be.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

7 thoughts on “I’m looking for the first topic for my 2020 Mathematics A-to-Z”

  1. Some suggestions:
    Atiyah? (Any of the theorems/results by Michael Atiyah, for example Atiyah-Singer index theorem. Or even a biography of the great mathematician Atiyah. )

    Analysis (Real or Complex Analysis)

    Arcus functions (arcsin, arccos, arctan, etc.)


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