How November 2021 Treated My Mathematics Blog

As I come near the end of the Little 2021 Mathematics A-to-Z, I also come to the start of December. So that’s a good time to look at the past month and see how readers responded to my work. Over November I published seven pieces, and here’s how they sorted out, most popular to the least, as WordPress counts their page views:

There’s an obvious advantage stuff published earlier in the month has. Still, this is usually around the time in an A-to-Z sequence where I get hit by a content aggregator and one post gets 25,000 views in a three-hour period and then falls back to normal. Would be a mood lift.

After a suspiciously average October, I saw another underperforming November. I mean underperforming compared to the twelve-month running average leading up to November. The mean, leading up to November, monthly page view was 2,501.8, and the median was 2,527. In actual November, I got 2,103 page views. The mean number of unique visitors was 1,775.7, and the running median 1,752. In fact, there were 1,493 unique visitors.

Rated per posting, though, it doesn’t look so bad. There were on average 300.4 page views for each of the seven postings this past month. The twelve-month running mean was 314.3 views per posting, and the median 307.4. There were 213.3 unique visitors per posting in November. This is insignificantly below the running mean 222.1 unique visitors per posting, and running median of 217.2 visitors per posting. (And, again, this is views to anything at all on my blog, per new posting. Sometime, I’ll have to dare a month with no posts to learn how much my back catalogue gets on its own weight.)

Bar chart showing two and a half years' worth of readership figures. After several months' decline halted in October, the readership dropped again for November.
I feel like views per visitor are always the same number. At least something in the 1.4 to 1.5 range. They’re not; back in April the views per visitor were 1.31, and in February 1.38. Still, it doesn’t seem like it varies a lot.

I am at least growing less likable, confirming a fear. There were 25 likes given in November, the second month in a row it’s been less than one like a day. The mean was 43.4 likes per day, and the median 42. It doesn’t even look good rated per posting: this came out to 3.6 likes per posting, compared to a running mean of 5.3 and running median of 5.6. Comments offer a little hope, at least, with 13 comments given over the course of November. The mean was 15.1 and median 10.1. Per posting, this gets right on average: November averaged 1.9 comments per posting, and the twelve-month running mean was 1.9. The twelve-month running median was 1.4 comments per posting, so I finally found a figure where I beat an average.

WordPress figures I published 6,106 words this past month. It’s my second-most loquacious month this year, with an average 872.3 words per November posting. It brings my total for the year to 50,429 words, averaging 623 words per posting. Unless December makes some big changes this is going to be my second-least-talkative year of the blog.

As of the start of November I’ve had 1,663 postings here. They’ve drawn a total 148,937 views, from 88,561 unique visitors.

If you’d like to follow this blog regularly, I’d be glad if you did. You can use the “Follow Nebusresearch” button at the upper right corner of this page. Or you can get essays by e-mail as soon as they’re published, using the box just below that button. I don’t use the e-mail for anything but sending these essays. I don’t know how WordPress Master Command uses them.

To get essays on your RSS reader, use the feed at You can get RSS readers from several places, including This Old Reader or at Newsblur. You also can sign up for a free account at Dreamwidth or Livejournal. Use or to add my essays to your Reading or Friends page. You can use that for any blog with an RSS feed.

While my Twitter account has gone feral I am on Mathstodon, the mathematics-themed instance of the Mastodon network. So you can catch me as there. Thank you as ever for reading and for, I hope, the successful conclusion of this year’s little A-to-Z.


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

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