How August 2022 Treated My Mathematics Blog: Romania Has Tired Of Me

With the start of another month it’s a chance to use my weekly publication slot to review the previous month. Also I’ve somehow settled on publishing one essay a week. That was never a deliberate choice, just an attempt to keep my schedule in line with my energy and enthusiasm during a time that’s drained most of both. August having had five Wednesdays in it, though, I published five things. Here they are, ranked most to least popular:

There are too few data points to do a real test. It does look like this isn’t just chronological order, though. Also, that Kickstarter has closed, but it was very successful. Denise Gaskin’s project collected more than nine times the initial goal and reached all but one of its stretch goals. You can still donate, though, to support an educational-publishing project.

Bar chart of two and a half years' worth of monthly readership figures. There was a huge peak around October 2019, and a much lower but fairly steady wave of readership after that. It's slightly increased for January 2022, dropped for February, rose slightly for March, and dropped a small bit in April, May, and June again. It jumped up to a new high in July, and fell back below the average in August.
Hey, I was home and puttering around on my computer at midnight Universal Time last week; what are the odds of that?

It was a month of decline in my readership, though. There were 1,760 page views during the month, possibly because whatever drove hundreds of views from Romania in July did not repeat. In fact, there were only two page views from Romania in August. This is below the twelve-month running mean of 2,163.2 views per month, and the twelve-month running median of 2,105.5.

WordPress’s estimate of the number of unique visitors decreased too. There were 1,101 unique visitors here in August. The twelve-month running mean was 1,407.2, for the twelve months leading up to August. The running median was 1,409 unique visitors.

There were 17 things liked here in August, the same number as July. That’s below the mean of 30.9 and median of 29.5. There were no comments in August, for the second month in a row; as you might imagine, this is crashing far below the running median of 5.1 and median of 4. The figures look less bad if you pro-rate things by the number of posts. Then at least the views and unique visitors are between the mean and median numbers. Likes and comments are still low, though.

WordPress estimates that I published 2,617 words in August, bringing my total for the year to 48,472. So my average post length dwindled a bit in August, and it’s reduced my average post length this year to 915.

As of the start of September, WordPress says, I’ve gotten 167,896 page views in total, from a recorded 100,719 unique visitors. And, for good measure, a total of 1,728 posts since I began this blog … eleven? … years ago, and 3,321 comments over that time.

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How August 2021 Treated My Mathematics Blog

Better than August 2021 treated me! I don’t wish to impose my woes on you, but the last month was one of the worst I’ve had. Besides various physical problems I also felt dreadfully burned out, which postponed my Little Mathematics A-to-Z yet again. I hope yet to get the sequence started, not to mention finished, although I want to get one more essay banked before I start publishing. If things go well, then, that’ll be this Wednesday; if it doesn’t, maybe next Wednesday.

Still, and despite everything, I was able to post seven things in August, a slow return to form. I am still trying to rebuild my energies. But my hope is to get up to about two posts a week, so for most months, eight to ten posts.

The postings I did do were received with this kind of readership:

Bar chart showing two and a half years' worth of readership figures. After a fairly steep three-month decline both page views and unique readers rose slightly in August.
I’m going to have such mixed feelings when that great big spike in October 2019 times out of these monthly recaps. I need to figure some way to get someone on Reddit or whoever to just casually mention me, once a week, until I get a book publishing deal. If you know how to arrange the details please leave a comment that I’ll answer by October at the latest.

So that’s a total of 2,136 page views for August. That’s up from July, though still below the twelve-month running mean of 2,572.6 views per month. It’s also below the median of 2,559 views per month. There were 1,465 unique visitors recorded. This is again below the running mean of 1,8237.7 unique visitors, and the running mean of 1,801 unique visitors.

There were 43 things liked in August, below the running mean of 53.4 and running median of 49.5. And there were a meager 10 comments received, below the mean of 18.7 and median of 18. I expect this will correct itself whenever I do get the Little Mathematics A-to-Z started; those always attract steady interest, and people writing back, even if it’s just to thank me for taking one of their topics as an essay.

Rated per-post, everything gets strikingly close to average. August came in at an mean 305.1 views per posting, compared to a twelve-month running mean of 257.2 and running median of 282.6. There were 209.3 unique visitors per posting, compared to a running mean of 182.7 and median of 197.0. There were 6.1 likes per posting, compared to a mean of 5.0 and median of 4.4. The only figure not above some per-post average was comments, which were 1.4 per posting. The mean comments per posting, from August 2020 through July 2021, was 1.9, and the median 1.4.

Here’s how August’s seven posts ranked in popularity, as in, number of page views for each post:

My most popular piece of all was a six-year-old pointer to Robert Austin’s diagram of the real number system and how the types of numbers relate to each other. Not sure but a lot of my most durable pieces just point to someone else’s work. The most popular thing that I had a hand in writing was a Reading the Comics post from December 2019 featuring The Far Side.

WordPress estimates that I published 2,440 words in August, a meager 348.6 words per post. I told you I was burned out. It estimates that for 2021 I’ve published a total of 36,015 words as of the start of September, an average of 581 words per posting.

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How August 2020 Saw People Finding Non-Comics Things Here

I’d like to take another quick look at my readership the past month. It’s the third without my doing regular comics posts, although they do creep in here and there.

I posted 19 things in August. That’s slightly up from July. I’m not aiming to do a post-a-day-all-month as I have in past A-to-Z sessions. It’s just too much work. Still, two posts every three days is fairly significant too.

There were 2,040 page views in August, a third month of increasing numbers. It’s below the twelve-month running average of 2,340.3, but that twelve months includes October 2019 when everybody in the world read something. Well, when six thousand people read something, anyway. There were 1,384 unique visitors, as WordPress figures them, in August. Again that’s below the twelve-month running average of 1,590.3. But, you know, the October 2019 anomaly and all that. Both these monthly totals are above the medians, for what that’s worth.

Bar chart of monthly readership for the last two and a half years. There's a slight increase in August compared to July 2020.
I couldn’t wait for 8:00 pm exactly. … Also, hey, exactly 888 followers, says the ticker, although I know that includes people who forgot they had a WordPress account back in 2013. It’s still a nice round number.

65 things got liked in August, barely above the 62.8 running average. There were 18 comments, a touch above the running average of 16.8.

Prorating things per post, eh, everything is basically the same. 107.4 views per posting, compared to an average of 126.2. 72.8 unique visitors per post, compared to a running average of 85.3. 3.4 likes per posting, compared to an average of 3.5. 0.9 comments per posting, compared to an average 1.0.

The most popular post in August was an old Reading the Comics post. The most popular posts from August this past month were:

You see what I mean about comics posts sneaking back in. Apparently I could have a quite nice, low-effort blog if I just shared mathematics comics without writing anything in depth. Well, I know it’s not fair use if I don’t add something to posting the comic.

As of the start of September I’d had 1,517 posts total here. They’d gathered 111,336 views from a logged 62.216 unique visitors.

I posted 12,051 words in August, my most verbose month by about 800 words. The average post was 634.3 words, which is well down from the start of the year. It’s all those Using My A to Z Archive posts. An A-to-Z essay I always aim for being about 1,200 words and it always ends up about 2,000. And it keeps getting worse.

This coming month I’m still planning to do an A-to-Z post every Wednesday. All of this year’s A-to-Z essays should go at this link. This year’s and all previous A-to-Z essays should be at this link. Also, I’m hosting the Playful Math Education Blog Carnival later this month and would appreciate any suggested blogs worth reading. Please give a mention in comments here.

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My essays are announced on Twitter as @nebusj, However, Twitter doesn’t like working with Safari regularly, so I don’t read it. If you actually want to social-media talk with me look to the mathematics-themed Mathstodon and my account It’s low-volume over there, but it’s pleasant. Thank you for reading.

How August 2019 Treated My Mathematics Blog

And to interrupt all my other writing is the usual review of my readership the past month. I keep this up in confident hope that someday I will learn something that helps me write better. So far what I’ve learned is that posting stuff more often gets me read more often. But this requires me writing more, so plainly that’s out of the question.

Still. In August I posted 13 essays, most of them Reading the Comics and a few that were appeals for A to Z topics. That’s the greatest number of posts I’ve had since March. What did it do for my readership?

There were 1,523 page views recorded here in August. That’s comfortably above the twelve-month running average of 1,355.4. These views came from 993 logged unique visitors, which is also above the twelve-month running average, in this case of 839.3. Don’t think it doesn’t burn me up seven more visitors didn’t come around.

Box chart showing the generally increasing trend of readership over the last four and a half years.
I’m not positive but I think this bar chart has reproduced the skyline of Philadelphia.

There were 70 things liked over the course of August. This, too, was above the twelve-month running average, of 62.9 likes. The number of comments was down, though, with only ten received over the month. The twelve-month running average was 22.5. And it’s oddly low since the start of an A to Z sequence usually brings out comments from people who hope I can explain elliptic integrals or something like that.

There were 117.2 views recorded per posting in August. This is not only of things that got published in August. I can sort of see how to calculate that average but it seems like a great bother to do. My working hypothesis is that my publishing anything encourages my pages to be read. Or viewed, which is as much as anyone makes promises for anymore. 117.2 is above the twelve-month average of 98.3 views per post, anyway. There were 76.4 unique visitors per posting, which is also above the twelve-month average of 62.2. And this worked out to 5.4 likes per posting, above the average of 4.4. The year-to-date average has been 4.5 likes per posting. The comments were dire, with only 0.8 comments per posting on average, about half of the 1.5 comments per posting twelve-month average. The year-to-date average has been 1.7 comments per posting.

` So what was popular around here in August? … One essay that always is, and one that often is. And then some recent posts, to my gratification. … Incidentally there doesn’t seem to be a way to find which posts got the greatest number of likes, as opposed to page views. So I will decide not to worry about those for now. The most popular essays in August were:

Those bottom three were all August postings. There were 231 pages that got at least one view in August, counting the home page which draws the vast majority of views. There were 128 pages that got only a single view. One of them was a page linked to by that check-in on the roller coaster, so, hrm. All right. I won’t take that personally, I tell myself.

WordPress tells me 65 countries or things like countries sent me any readers in August. There’d been 64 in July and 54 in June. 19 of them were single-viewer countries. There were 17 single-view countries the previous two months. And what were they all?

Mercator-style map of the world with the United States in dark red, the Philippines and India in slightly less dark red, and then a wide swath of hte world, including much of the Americas, most of Europe and Pacific Asia, in light pink.
That’s me: as popular in Spain as I am in Malaysia.
Country Readers
United States 901
Philippines 176
India 61
Canada 48
United Kingdom 33
Brazil 27
Australia 24
Denmark 23
South Africa 19
Sweden 18
European Union 14
Singapore 13
Germany 12
France 10
United Arab Emirates 10
Norway 9
Thailand 8
Poland 7
Kenya 6
Indonesia 5
Malaysia 5
Pakistan 5
Russia 5
Spain 5
Greece 4
Hong Kong SAR China 4
Italy 4
Netherlands 4
New Zealand 4
Belgium 3
Colombia 3
Mexico 3
South Korea 3
Switzerland 3
Taiwan 3
Argentina 2
Armenia 2
Austria 2
Croatia 2
Finland 2
Japan 2
Lebanon 2
Morocco 2
Nigeria 2
Puerto Rico 2
Slovenia 2
Chile 1
China 1
Egypt 1 (**)
Estonia 1
Hungary 1
Ireland 1
Israel 1 (*)
Macedonia 1
Panama 1
Portugal 1
Saudi Arabia 1 (*)
Sint Maarten 1
Slovakia 1
Trinidad & Tobago 1
Turkey 1
Turks & Caicos Islands 1
Ukraine 1
Vietnam 1 (***)
Zimbabwe 1

Israel and Saudi Arabia were single-view countries last month too. Egypt’s been a single-view country three months running. Vietnam’s been a single-view country for four months. And once again somehow the Philippines is the country sending me the second greatest number of readers.

As of the start of September I’d published 92 things in the year. That had 87,448 words in total however WordPress calculates that. That’s 10,340 words published in August, or an average 795.4 words in each of the thirteen posts. I like this trend: my average post for the year, to date, has been 951 words per post.

From this blog’s start, sometime three weeks before the invention of dirt, through the start of September I’ve posted 1,294 things here. They attracted a total 82,747 page views from a recorded 42,752 unique visitors. But the first couple years WordPress was too primitive to record unique visitors.

I’d like to have you as a regular reader. You can read posts on any RSS reader through the feed If you haven’t got an RSS reader, it turns out that Livejournal still exists and will let you add RSS feeds as friends pages. Dreamwidth does that too. If you like reading through WordPress, and thus giving me statistics to read, you can use the “Follow Nebusresearch” button at the upper right corner of this page.

Historically, I’ve been on Twitter as @Nebusj and announce every post there. But a couple weeks ago Twitter decided it had better things to do than let me connect to it. And I’ve had better things to do than deal with this by, like, logging in using a different web browser or something. I’m still getting announcements posted, since I can see my recent Twitter feed as one of the columns on the right-hand-side of the page here. I don’t know when that will break. But this is your chance to watch and see when it happens! Please someone tell me when it does. Not on Twitter.

I hope tomorrow to be back to the A to Z posts, and to get back to the comics for Sunday.

How August 2018 Treated My Mathematics Blog

And with the start of the month it’s my chance to do my usual self-examination. In this I look over what was popular, and how popular, and draw no usable conclusions from this. The month didn’t end as I had hoped, owing to family matters. But then nothing ever does quite go as one hopes. We just have to carry on anyway. But looking over WordPress’s review of readership around here:

August 2018 statistics: 1,421 views. 913 visitors. 1.56 views per visitor. 14 posts published.
I’m a little surprised to have had fourteen posts. I was pulled away from my writing the last week of the month so thought I would just have a gap.

Huh. August was a busy month, with 1,421 recorded page views. The last several months had been 1,058 and 1,077. This is the third-highest number of page views since April of 2016 at least. And that’s from 913 unique visitors, which is the second-highest number of unique visitors I’ve got on record. (March 2018 continues to taunt me with 999 unique visitors.) People found something they liked.

They liked 57 things, which compares to July’s 37 by being larger. It’s still an anemic total, though. June had 94 likes, and even that is way down from a year ago. August 2017 had 147 likes. And there was a time there’d be 345 likes in a month. That time was April 2016. Comments drifted slightly downward, to 27 from July’s 28 or June’s 30. I count that as holding still, anyway. As ever, I need to do better writing things that encourage responses.

The roster of most popular articles suggests that I’m catching on as a reference for the record-groove counting problem. Just under 200 page views were of that alone. The next-most-popular piece had only 67 views. Don’t think I’m not considering studying power-law scaling of my posts. If you have no idea what I’m on about, don’t worry. I may get to it. But here’s the most popular posts for the past month:

I’m still taking nominations for the A-To-Z, by the way, and shall be for a while yet. Also, discussions of fun mathematics which don’t fit the A-To-Z format may yet belong in the Mathematics Blog Carnival, to appear here at the end of September. Please let me know of anything that’s educational or playful or just fun that you’d like to see shared with more people. Can be your own writing; can be something you think more people should know.

What countries of the world, plus the European Union, sent me readers in August? And how many? Here’s the official roster as WordPress make it out.

Country Readers
United States 802
Philippines 232
Canada 52
Turkey 44
India 40
United Kingdom 31
Australia 30
European Union 26
France 18
Germany 12
Bhutan 8
Italy 7
Singapore 7
Belgium 6
Czech Republic 6
Netherlands 6
Peru 6
Puerto Rico 6
Spain 6
Israel 5
Pakistan 5
Sweden 5
Brazil 4
Finland 4
Mexico 4
New Zealand 4
Nigeria 4
Norway 4
Algeria 3
Indonesia 3
South Africa 3
South Korea 3
United Arab Emirates 3
Denmark 2
Malaysia 2
Vietnam 2
Argentina 1
Austria 1 (*)
Chile 1
Colombia 1
Egypt 1
Estonia 1
Ethiopia 1
Hong Kong SAR China 1
Ireland 1 (*)
Latvia 1
Luxembourg 1
Panama 1
Portugal 1
Romania 1 (*)
Slovenia 1
Sri Lanka 1

They list 52 countries sending me any readers. This is the same as in July. There were 16 single-reader countries, again the same as in July. I know, I’m worried I made a mistake with the data too. Ah, but here. Austria, Ireland, and Romania are on two-month streaks as single-reader countries. Nobody’s been on the roster more than two months in a row. Serbia just missed the half-year milestone.

The Insights panel would have me believe I started September on 66,380 page views, from 32,601 recorded unique visitors. I’ll go along with that gag. For the year to date, I’ve posted — well, I forgot to take a snapshot of the data before Sunday’s Reading the Comics post published. If we pretend the 2nd of September was part of August, though, then: I’ve had 105 posts so far this year; 14 in August and 15 in the Greater August that included this past Sunday. I’ve accumulated 269 total comments, for an average of 2.6 comments per post. This is the same average I had at the start of August. I gathered a total of 633 likes, for an average of 6.0 likes per post this year. Start of August I’d had 6.4 likes per post. Counting Sunday’s post I had 97,634 total words published so far this year, 14,551 of them in August. In July I had 14,032 words in only twelve posts. My words-per-post average is up to 930. Start of August it had drifted down to 885.3.

If you’d like to read my posts you’ve got options. They all involve reading, though. Maybe having them read to you. But all my posts are available by RSS feed. If you like the WordPress reader, there’s a button at the upper-right corner of the page. And if you’d like to see messages announced on Twitter, I’m @Nebusj there. And yes, I am sniffing around, the mathematics-themed instance of the Twitter-like social site Mastodon. Just browsing its public feed can be fun. There’s a mix of people sharing neat stuff they ran across, little puzzles that’ve been bothering them, and legitimate current research. I do not have an account there and might not make one at all. But I’m thinking about whether I ought. Will tell you if and when I do.

How August 2017 Treated My Mathematics Blog

Well, August 2017 was wholly soaked up by the August 2017 A-To-Z project. I should have expected that, based on past experience. But I’d hoped to squeeze out one or two Why Stuff Can Orbit posts, since I have that fine Thomas K Dye art to go with it. But I’ve also had more challenging topics to describe than I’d figured on. That’s all right. I’ve really liked the first month of it.

These things usually see my readership rise, and so it did this time. After June’s 878 page views and July’s 911, August saw me creep back above a thousand views at last: 1,030. The number of unique readers rose too, from June’s 542 to July’s 568 up to August’s 680. That is as the number of posts I did rose from my normal 13 (I’d had 12 or 13 posts each month all year) to 21, so maybe it’s not the most efficient reader-per-word tradeoff. Hm.

It’s made me more likable, though. The number of likes has risen from 99 in June to 118 in July and to 147 in august. Still nothing like June 2015 when I did the first of these glossaries, though. Ah well. The number of comments held steady, 45 just as in July. There’d have been more but I wasn’t able to answer a couple comments before the end of the day Thursday. It’ll go into September’s statistics. Anyway, June had a poor 13 comments. … And I admit I’m flattered how many of August’s comments were people happy with the A To Z essays I wrote. I’ve been happy with them myself.

What posts were popular here? Mostly A To Z pieces, with one perennial beating them all:

And how many readers did I get from the various nations of the world? Something like this:

Country Readers
United States 460
Philippines 94
India 64
United Kingdom 42
Singapore 36
Canada 31
Austria 25
Hong Kong SAR China 22
Italy 22
Brazil 18
Spain 17
Australia 16
Turkey 13
France 10
Slovenia 10
Argentina 7
Germany 7
Malaysia 7
Thailand 6
Ireland 5
New Zealand 5
Romania 5
Greece 4
Mexico 4
Sweden 4
U.S. Virgin Islands 4
Bangladesh 3
Bulgaria 3
Croatia 3
Finland 3
Indonesia 3
Japan 3
Poland 3
Russia 3
South Africa 3
Switzerland 3
China 2
Colombia 2
Norway 2
Paraguay 2
South Korea 2
Ukraine 2
Vietnam 2
Armenia 1
Bhutan 1
Cambodia 1 (*)
Chile 1
Czech Republic 1
European Union 1 (*)
Georgia 1
Hungary 1 (**)
Iceland 1
Israel 1 (*)
Jordan 1
Kuwait 1
Netherlands 1
Nigeria 1
Oman 1 (*)
Pakistan 1
Puerto Rico 1
Saudi Arabia 1 (*)
United Arab Emirates 1
Venezuela 1

There were 62 countries sending me readers in August, trusting that you count the European Union and for that matter the US Virgin Islands as countries. There were 60 in July and 52 in June. This time around there were 20 single-reader countries, just as in July, and up from June’s 16. Hungary’s in its third month of being a single-reader country. Cambodia, the European Union, Israel, Oman, and Saudi Arabia are on two-month streaks.

According to Insights, my most popular day of the week was Wednesday, when 18 percent of page views came in. This shows what happens when I have major content posted on days that aren’t Sunday. Of course, in July it was Monday (19 percent) and in June it was Sunday (18 percent), so I guess the only thing to do is project that in September my busiest day will be Saturday with 19 percent of the page views again. The most popular hour was 4 pm, with 11 percent of page views, which is intriguing because I shifted from setting most stuff to post at 4 pm to posting at 6 pm. That’s only 11 percent of page views this past month, though. In July it has been 19 percent of page views; in June, 14 percent. This seems like a crazy wide fluctuation in viewing per that hour and I wonder what’s going on.

WordPress says September begins with my blog having 689 followers, who’ve got me on their Reader pages. That’s up from 676 at the start of August and 666 at the start of July. Would you like to be among them? I’d like you among them. You can join this bunch by clicking on the ‘Follow Nebusresearch’ button at the upper-right corner of the page. If you’d like to follow by e-mail, there’s a ‘Follow Blog Via E-Mail’ button up there too.

Those on Twitter know me as @Nebusj. Those not on Twitter don’t need to worry about it. The problem will take care of itself.

How August 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog

August 2016 is not actually the month I gave up around here. It was one of my least-prolific months in a long while, though. It was personally a less preoccupied month than July was, but I think a lot of things I’d put off to keep projects like Theorem Thursdays going came back to demand attention and my writing flagged off. And there’s my usual slackness in going around to other blogs and paying visits and writing comments and all that. So let’s see just how bad my readership numbers were, according to WordPress. Just a second, let me look. I think I’m braced.

Readership Numbers:

Huh. So my eleven posts in August drew 1,002 page views from 531 unique visitors here. That’s down from July’s 1,057 views from 585 visitors, and from June’s 1,099 views and 598 visitors. But July had 17 posts, and June 16, so the count of readers per post is way up. Well, if people like seeing me in lesser amounts, I guess that’s all right.

If they do. There were only 107 likes given to my posts in August, down from July’s 177 and June’s 155. That’s almost constant if we look at it per-post.

The number of comments collapsed. There were 16 in August, compared to 33 in July and 37 in June. That’s a good bit down per-post, too. I suspect it’ll pick up once the Why Stuff Can Orbit posts get going in earnest again.

Popular Posts:

I didn’t have as strongly popular posts this month. In July all the top-ten posts had at least thirty page views. In August it was a mere 19. But what was popular did reflect, I’d say, a good sample of the kind of stuff I write:

Listing Countries:

I think the listing of every country worked out last month. So here, let me do it again.

Country Readers
United States 674
Philippines 43
Canada 36
India 30
Germany 29
United Kingdom 21
Slovenia 20
Australia 15
Austria 15
France 11
Singapore 9
Sweden 7
United Arab Emirates 6
Brazil 5
South Africa 5
Indonesia 4
Puerto Rico 4
European Union 3
Malaysia 3
Portugal 3
Croatia 2
Japan 2
Mexico 2
New Zealand 2
Russia 2
Spain 2
Thailand 2
Vietnam 2
Bahrain 1
Bangladesh 1
Belgium 1
Czech Republic 1
Denmark 1 (*)
Honduras 1
Ireland 1
Italy 1
Jamaica 1
Lithuania 1 (*)
Netherlands 1
Norway 1
South Korea 1
Sri Lanka 1
Switzerland 1
Turkey 1 (*)

Denmark, Lithuania, and Turkey were single-reader countries last month too. Nobody’s on a three-month streak. European Union has gone from two to three page views. Still not a country.

Search Term Non-Poetry:

That cryptic “origin is the gateway” thing is gone again. What isn’t gone?

  • divergence and stokes theorem cartoons
  • comics strips of james clerk maxwell (?)
  • komiks arithmetic sequence in real life situation (??)
  • stock theorem and divergence theorem cartoon
  • segar bernice (a Popeye thing. Bernice the Whiffle Hen was part of the Thimble Theatre story by which cartoonist E C Segar discovered the best character he ever wrote)

Yeah, I know. Not much of anything.

Counting Readers:

The month started with my blog having 40,396 recorded page views — I missed whoever was number 40,000 — from some 16,614 recorded visitors. But my blog started before WordPress told us anything about unique visitors so who knows whether that means anything.

WordPress says I start September with 614 total followers, which isn’t very far up from the start of August’s 610. But it wasn’t a month were I did much to draw attention to myself. If you want to join me as a follower there ought to be a button in the upper-right corner, a bit below and to the right of my blog name and above the “Or Follow By Way Of RSS” tag. There’s also a Follow Blog Via Email option. And I’m on Twitter also, like so many people are these days.

WordPress says the most popular day for reading stuff here is Sunday, with 21 percent of page views last month. That seems reasonable; I’ve made Sunday the default day for Reading the Comics posts and haven’t had to skip a week yet. Sunday’s been the most popular day of the week for three months now. It says the most popular hour is 6 pm, with 12 percent of page views. It had been 3 pm in June and July. I’ve tended to set things to post at 6 pm Universal Time, so maybe this reflects people reading stuff just as I post it. That too seems like what we ought to expect. I don’t know why I get all suspicious of that.

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