Reblog: A quick guide to non-transitive Grime Dice

The bayesianbiologist blog here has an entry just about a special set of dice which allow for an intransitive game. Intransitivity is a neat little property, maybe most familiar from the rock-paper-scissors game, and it’s a property that sneaks into many practical applications, among the interesting ones voting preferences.


A very special package that I am rather excited about arrived in the mail recently. The package contained a set of 6-sided dice. These dice, however, don’t have the standard numbers one to six on their faces. Instead, they have assorted numbers between zero and nine. Here’s the exact configuration:

Aside from maybe making for a more interesting version of snakes and ladders, why the heck am I so excited about these wacky dice? To find out what makes them so interesting, lets start by just rolling one against another and seeing which one rolls the higher number. Simple enough. Lets roll Red against Blue. Until you get your own set, you can roll in silico.

That was fun. We can do it over and over again and we’ll find that Red beats Blue more often than not. So it seems like Red is a pretty good…

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