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    How August 2017 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    Well, August 2017 was wholly soaked up by the August 2017 A-To-Z project. I should have expected that, based on past experience. But I’d hoped to squeeze out one or two Why Stuff Can Orbit posts, since I have that fine Thomas K Dye art to go with it. But I’ve also had more challenging topics to describe than I’d figured on. That’s all right. I’ve really liked the first month of it.

    These things usually see my readership rise, and so it did this time. After June’s 878 page views and July’s 911, August saw me creep back above a thousand views at last: 1,030. The number of unique readers rose too, from June’s 542 to July’s 568 up to August’s 680. That is as the number of posts I did rose from my normal 13 (I’d had 12 or 13 posts each month all year) to 21, so maybe it’s not the most efficient reader-per-word tradeoff. Hm.

    It’s made me more likable, though. The number of likes has risen from 99 in June to 118 in July and to 147 in august. Still nothing like June 2015 when I did the first of these glossaries, though. Ah well. The number of comments held steady, 45 just as in July. There’d have been more but I wasn’t able to answer a couple comments before the end of the day Thursday. It’ll go into September’s statistics. Anyway, June had a poor 13 comments. … And I admit I’m flattered how many of August’s comments were people happy with the A To Z essays I wrote. I’ve been happy with them myself.

    What posts were popular here? Mostly A To Z pieces, with one perennial beating them all:

    And how many readers did I get from the various nations of the world? Something like this:

    Country Readers
    United States 460
    Philippines 94
    India 64
    United Kingdom 42
    Singapore 36
    Canada 31
    Austria 25
    Hong Kong SAR China 22
    Italy 22
    Brazil 18
    Spain 17
    Australia 16
    Turkey 13
    France 10
    Slovenia 10
    Argentina 7
    Germany 7
    Malaysia 7
    Thailand 6
    Ireland 5
    New Zealand 5
    Romania 5
    Greece 4
    Mexico 4
    Sweden 4
    U.S. Virgin Islands 4
    Bangladesh 3
    Bulgaria 3
    Croatia 3
    Finland 3
    Indonesia 3
    Japan 3
    Poland 3
    Russia 3
    South Africa 3
    Switzerland 3
    China 2
    Colombia 2
    Norway 2
    Paraguay 2
    South Korea 2
    Ukraine 2
    Vietnam 2
    Armenia 1
    Bhutan 1
    Cambodia 1 (*)
    Chile 1
    Czech Republic 1
    European Union 1 (*)
    Georgia 1
    Hungary 1 (**)
    Iceland 1
    Israel 1 (*)
    Jordan 1
    Kuwait 1
    Netherlands 1
    Nigeria 1
    Oman 1 (*)
    Pakistan 1
    Puerto Rico 1
    Saudi Arabia 1 (*)
    United Arab Emirates 1
    Venezuela 1

    There were 62 countries sending me readers in August, trusting that you count the European Union and for that matter the US Virgin Islands as countries. There were 60 in July and 52 in June. This time around there were 20 single-reader countries, just as in July, and up from June’s 16. Hungary’s in its third month of being a single-reader country. Cambodia, the European Union, Israel, Oman, and Saudi Arabia are on two-month streaks.

    According to Insights, my most popular day of the week was Wednesday, when 18 percent of page views came in. This shows what happens when I have major content posted on days that aren’t Sunday. Of course, in July it was Monday (19 percent) and in June it was Sunday (18 percent), so I guess the only thing to do is project that in September my busiest day will be Saturday with 19 percent of the page views again. The most popular hour was 4 pm, with 11 percent of page views, which is intriguing because I shifted from setting most stuff to post at 4 pm to posting at 6 pm. That’s only 11 percent of page views this past month, though. In July it has been 19 percent of page views; in June, 14 percent. This seems like a crazy wide fluctuation in viewing per that hour and I wonder what’s going on.

    WordPress says September begins with my blog having 689 WordPress.com followers, who’ve got me on their Reader pages. That’s up from 676 at the start of August and 666 at the start of July. Would you like to be among them? I’d like you among them. You can join this bunch by clicking on the ‘Follow Nebusresearch’ button at the upper-right corner of the page. If you’d like to follow by e-mail, there’s a ‘Follow Blog Via E-Mail’ button up there too.

    Those on Twitter know me as @Nebusj. Those not on Twitter don’t need to worry about it. The problem will take care of itself.

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    How July 2017 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    July was a slightly better-read month around here than June was. I expected that. There weren’t any more posts in July — 13 both months — but the run-up to an A-to-Z sequence usually draws in readers. Not so many as might have been. I didn’t break back above the 1,000 threshold. But there were 911 page views from 568 distinct visitors, according to WordPress. In June there were 878 page views from only 542 visitors. May saw 1,029 page views from 662 visitors and I anticipate that August should be closer to that.

    The biggest measure of how engaged readers were rose dramatically. There were 45 comments posted here over the month. In June there were a meager 13 comments, and in May only eight. Asking questions that demand answers, and that hold out the prospect of making me do stuff, seems to be the trick. The number of likes rose less dramatically, with 118 things liked around here. In June there were only 99 likess; in May, 78. This isn’t like the peaks of the Summer 2015 A To Z (518 Likes in June!), but we’ll see what happens.

    The most popular posts in July were the usual mix of Reading the Comics posts, the number of grooves on a record, and A To Z publicity:

    There were 60 countries sending me readers in July, up from 52 in June and in May. In a twist, the United States sent the greatest number of them:

    Country Views
    United States 466
    Philippines 59
    United Kingdom 57
    Canada 45
    India 35
    Singapore 32
    Austria 31
    France 16
    Australia 15
    Brazil 14
    Germany 12
    Spain 12
    Hong Kong SAR China 8
    Italy 7
    Puerto Rico 7
    Argentina 6
    South Africa 6
    Belgium 5
    Netherlands 4
    Norway 4
    Russia 4
    Sweden 4
    Switzerland 4
    Chile 3
    Indonesia 3
    Nigeria 3
    Slovakia 3
    Colombia 2
    Czech Republic 2
    Denmark 2
    Estonia 2
    Lebanon 2
    Malaysia 2
    New Zealand 2
    Pakistan 2
    Poland 2
    Thailand 2
    Turkey 2
    United Arab Emirates 2
    Bangladesh 1
    Belarus 1
    Bulgaria 1
    Cambodia 1
    Cape Verde 1
    Costa Rica 1
    European Union 1
    Hungary 1 (*)
    Israel 1
    Japan 1 (**)
    Kazakhstan 1
    Latvia 1
    Mexico 1 (*)
    Oman 1
    Paraguay 1
    Romania 1
    Saudi Arabia 1
    Serbia 1
    South Korea 1
    Ukraine 1 (**)
    Vietnam 1

    There were 20 single-reader countries, up from 16 in June and down from May’s 21. Hungary and Mexico were single-reader countries the previous month. Japan and Ukraine have been single-reader countries three months running now. I’ve lost my monthly lone Portuguese reader. I hope she’s well and just busy with other projects. Still don’t know what “European Union” means in this context.

    The most popular day for reading was Monday, with 19 percent of page views coming in then. Why? Good question. In June it had been Sunday, with 18 percent. In May it was Sunday, with 16 percent. This is probably a meaningless flutter. The most popular hour was, again 4 pm, when 19 percent of page views came. 4 pm Greenwich Time is when I set most stuff to appear so I understand that being a trendy hour. In June the 4 pm hour got 14 percent of my page views.

    August started with the blog having 51,034 page views from 23,322 distinct viewers that WordPress will admit to. And it lists me as having 676 followers on WordPress, up from the start of July’s triangular-number (thanks, IvaSally!) 666. If you’d like this blog to appear in your wordPress reader, please use the little blue strip labelled “Follow nebusresearch” which should appear in the upper-right corner of the page. If following by e-mail is more your thing, there’s a strip labelled “Follow Blog Via E-mail” that you can use. I have finally looked up how to make that e-mail instead of “email”. It required my trying. I’m also on Twitter, as @Nebusj. And I support a humor blog as well, a nice cozy little thing that includes useful bits of information like quick summaries of the current story comics so you can avoid sounding uninformed about the plot twists of Alley Oop. It’s a need which I can fill.

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    How April 2017 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    Didn’t think I’d forget to post my readership review, did you? I just ran out of good posting slots for it last week, as I didn’t want to put off my return to Why Stuff Can Orbit more.

    So, my page views dropped back below a thousand for the month. I knew it would happen sooner or later. It just barely missed a thousand, too: WordPress says I had 994 pages viewed over the month. It’s not significantly different to March’s 1,026, although given that I posted one more thing over the month than I did the previous month it hurts. At its rate I’d have had 1,027.1 views were April a 31-day month. That sort of excuse won’t fly; in so-short February there were 1,063 page views here. I’m just in a thousand-view groove right now.

    The number of distinct visitors was technically down, but I can’t say it’s by anything significant. There were 696 visitors in April, down from 699 in March, and up from 680 in February. That’s no difference at all.

    The number of likes were up slightly, to 90 in April. There had been 85 in March and 77 in February. There’s no disapproving of that trend, although as happened on my humor blog I noticed the long-term trend and realized my likability peaked sometime around June of 2015. That was the month of my first-ever A To Z project, but I’m surprised to not have had anything near that peak (518 likes!) since.

    WordPress's bar chart of likes received per month. Special peaks during the Summer 2015 and the Leap Day 2016 A To Z posting seasons. A lot of dwindling since then.

    Not pictured: the rising curve of how much my Mom likes my posts.

    Comments were flat again, 16 for April. There were 15 in March and 18 in February. I’m going to screw up my month-to-month comparisons again. I’m switching my links to previous posts back to the way that gets counted as a comment. So I’ll lose track of how often people actually say something versus how often I point people to my own writing. And I need to ask more engaging questions anyway.

    So what articles were popular here in April? Two perennials, a couple of did-you-read-this bits, and then the answer to a trivia question people sometimes think to ask. Have some fun, if you’re a loyal reader: take your guesses what they are and see if you’re right. I’ll put the answers underneath the Big Geography Table, where I list the countries that sent readers here and how many they sent.

    So the most-read stuff for April was:

    So I make out that 45 separate countries sent me readers in April, down from 56 in March and 64 in February. “European Union” remains strangely absent. There were ten single-reader countries, down from 26 in March and 22 in February. Finland, Portugal, Switzerland, Thailand, and Vietnam were single-reader countries last month, and Vietnam is on a three-month streak.

    The month started at 48,218 page views from 21,550 logged unique visitors. And I’m listed at having 655 followers on WordPress. You could be among them, by clicking the ‘Follow on WordPress’ button. There’s also a smaller number of e-mail followers, who followed by e-mail instead. There are advantages to following by e-mail, such as that then I don’t know if I’m read at all, and I can’t fix the typos and grammatical messes that I notice only after a post has gone live.

    WordPress insights say the most popular day for readership around here in Sunday, when 16 percent of views come in. That’s what I would expect, except that in March the most popular day was Tuesday (18 percent of views), and in February it was Monday (16 percent). These are so close to one-seventh — 14.3 percent — that I figure there’s not any real difference. The most popular hour was that of 6 pm, which is when I normally schedule things to appear. 11 percent of page views came between 6 and 7 pm (Universal Time), down from March’s 12 percent but back to February’s number.

    So allow me now to close with some of the search terms bringing people here:

    • comic script of the apple by plato (Huh?)
    • how many grooves are on a cd
    • origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe. (thank goodness)
    • worst ways to pack (there’s a lot of room to do badly!)
    • puzzle pool ball large table frictionless
    • particle theory comic strip (fair enough)

    Thanks for being around, though, and thanks for reading this. I’m hoping to get to some more interesting stuff in the Why Stuff Can Orbit series this month and then I’m figuring what I want my big summer project to be. Stick around for updates, please.

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    How December 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    I’m getting back to normal. And getting to suspect WordPress just isn’t sending out “Fireworks” reports on how the year for my blog went. Fine then; I’ll carry on. Going back to the Official WordPress statistics page and sharing it for whatever value that has we find that … apparently I just held November 2016 all over again. Gads what a prospect.

    As ever I exaggerate, and as ever, not by much. There were 956 page views from 589 distinct readers in December. In November there were 923 page views from 575 distinct readers. There were 21 posts in December, compared to 21 posts in November. Both are up from October, 907 page views from 536 visitors, although that was a nice and easy month with only 13 posts published. I’m a little disappointed to fall under a thousand page views for four months running, but, like, I tried posting stuff more often. What else can I do, besides answer comments the same year they’re posted and chat with people on their blogs? You know?

    There were 136 pages liked in December, down from November’s 157 and up from October’s 115. Comments were down to 29 from November’s 35, and while that’s up from October’s 24 I should point out some of January’s comments are really me answering December comments. I had a lot of things slurping up time and energy. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to count the comments I wrote in January as anything other than January’s comments, though.

    According to Insights, my most popular day for reading is Sunday, with 17 percent of page views coming then. I expected that; Sunday’s been the most popular day the last few months. It’s only slightly most popular, though. 17 percent (18 percent last month) is about what you’d expect for people reading here without any regard for the day of the week. 6 pm was the most popular hour, barely, with 9 percent of page views then. That’s the hour I’ve settled on for posting stuff. But that hour’s down from being 14 percent of page views in November. I don’t know what that signifies.

    My roster of countries and the page views from them looks like this. I’m curiously delighted that India’s becoming a regular top-five country.

  • Country Views
    United States 609
    India 58
    United Kingdom 39
    Canada 38
    Singapore 29
    Germany 24
    Austria 18
    Australia 17
    Slovenia 14
    Puerto Rico 11
    France 10
    Romania 10
    Sweden 10
    Hong Kong SAR China 9
    Spain 8
    Philippines 7
    South Africa 7
    Brazil 6
    Greece 6
    Italy 6
    New Zealand 6
    Croatia 4
    Japan 4
    Malaysia 4
    Russia 4
    Denmark 3
    Netherlands 3
    Taiwan 3
    Belgium 2
    Indonesia 2
    Ireland 2
    Israel 2
    Lebanon 2
    Poland 2
    Turkey 2
    Argentina 1
    Cyprus 1
    Finland 1 (*)
    Pakistan 1
    Portugal 1 (*)
    South Korea 1
    Switzerland 1 (*)
    Thailand 1 (*)
    United Arab Emirates 1
    Vietnam 1 (**)
    Country Views
    United States 587
    United Kingdom 61
    India 47
    Canada 44
    Germany 25
    Austria 22
    Slovenia 15
    Philippines 13
    Netherlands 10
    Spain 9
    Australia 9
    Italy 7
    Puerto Rico 7
    Finland 6
    Norway 6
    Singapore 6
    France 5
    Ireland 5
    Switzerland 5
    Indonesia 4
    Sweden 4
    Thailand 4
    Bahrain 3
    Barbados 3
    Estonia 3
    Israel 3
    Turkey 3
    Chile 2
    Greece 2
    New Zealand 2
    Nigeria 2
    Peru 2
    Poland 2
    Sri Lanka 2
    United Arab Emirates 2
    Bangladesh 1
    Belgium 1
    Denmark 1 (*)
    Egypt 1
    European Union 1
    Japan 1 (**)
    Kuwait 1
    Lebanon 1
    Luxembourg 1
    Nepal 1
    Pakistan 1
    Romania 1
    Saudi Arabia 1 (**)
    Slovakia 1
    South Africa 1 (**)

    There’s 50 countries altogether that sent me viewers, if we take “European Union” as a country. That’s up from November’s 46. There were 15 single-view countries, the same as in November. Denmark was a single-view country last month. Japan, Saudia Arabia, and South Africa are on three-month single-view streaks. “European Union” is back after a brief absence.

    For the second month in a row none of my most popular posts were Reading the Comics essays. They instead were split between the A To Z, some useful-mathematics stuff, and some idle trivia. The most popular stuff in December here was:

    There weren’t many specific search terms; most were just “unknown”. Of the search terms that could be known I got this bunch that started out normal enough and then got weird.

    • comics strip of production function
    • comics of production function theory
    • comics about compound event in math
    • comics trip math probability
    • example of probability comics trip
    • population of charlotte nc 1975
    • a to z image 2017
    • mathematics dark secrets

    I, um, maybe have an idea what that last one ought to find.

    January starts with my mathematics blog having gotten 44,104 page views total from 18,889 distinct known visitors. That’s still a little page view lead on my humor blog, but that’s going to be lost by the start of February. My humor blog’s been more popular consistently the several months, and the humor blog got some little wave of popularity the past couple days. Why should it have had that? My best guess: I’m able to use that platform to explain what’s going on in Judge Parker, which I can’t quite justify here. Maybe next month.

    If you’d like to follow my mathematics blog, please, click the buttons in the upper-right corner of the page to follow the blog on WordPress or by e-mail. You can also find me on Twitter as @nebusj where I try not to be one of those people who somehow has fifty tweets or retweets every hour of the day. But I haven’t done any livetweeting of a bad cartoon in ages. Might change.

    • mathtuition88 8:04 am on Friday, 13 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Nice number of United States views!


      • Joseph Nebus 3:18 pm on Saturday, 21 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you. I’m always surprised by how the numbers concentrate in a particular region. I’d naively expect to be about equally read anywhere in the English-speaking world, although perhaps my heavy focus on United States-syndicated comic strips does something to attract more United States readers and shoo off non-US-audiences. It’s a curious effect, anyway.

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        • mathtuition88 3:29 pm on Saturday, 21 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          I have a similar case, most of my viewership (90% in fact) is from Singapore even though 70%-80% of my content should be considered country-neutral.


          • Joseph Nebus 3:48 pm on Saturday, 21 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

            Yeah, the country links are weird. I would understand time-zone-based links; something that appears at 3 am local time is not going to be read nearly as much as the same thing at 3 pm. So with most of my mathematics posts here appearing in late-morning/early-afternoon United States time, and early-evening European time, I would expect more chances for readers there. But that there seem to be correlations across national boundaries even for places that haven’t got time zone differences is weird: why not as many Hong Kong readers as Singaporean ones? Or shouldn’t India’s large English-reading audience balance out a couple hours’ difference in time zone? Something I don’t understand is going on here.

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            • mathtuition88 3:54 pm on Saturday, 21 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

              Have you tried Google Webmasters? There is a way to set your website’s target location (they call it geotargeting). It didn’t work much for me, but it is worth a try.


              • Joseph Nebus 5:21 am on Saturday, 28 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

                I have not! I haven’t even thought about it, actually, but it’s worth at least investigating. I suppose that insofar as I have a location the United States is fair enough; my comic strip posts are irredeemably America-centric. But I’d like other people to feel welcome around here.

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    • elkement (Elke Stangl) 10:37 am on Sunday, 15 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It would be interesting to see statistics for a large number of WordPress.com blog and about how views have been changed over recent years. More and more blogs are started, but on the other hand the life time of most blogs seems to be alive only for about 1-2 years. Recently somebody ‘from the past’ commented on my blog: He came back to his abandoned blog after a few years and found that I was the only blogger ‘still alive’ from the crowd he once followed.

      I think views are not increased significantly if you blog more. E.g. in the last year I had about 1400 views per month – despite I blog only twice a month. Most of the views are generated by a small set of posts, some of them as old as 2012. In 2014 I blogged more than twice as much and had about 30% more views. But this included some pronounced spikes which I attributed to bot-like behavior as the clicks over time were so regular. WordPress support could not confirm this but could not refute it either.
      It somehow feels as if an ‘established’ blog is given a certain share of internet attention, and it will not change no matter what you do :-)

      Do you see some long-term trend in views per year? Does it correlate with posts per year?

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      • elkement (Elke Stangl) 10:39 am on Sunday, 15 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        (… and I wished there would be an editor… ‘ the life time of most blogs seems to be alive’ … one time would have been enough… I guess you know that I mean ;-))

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        • Joseph Nebus 3:29 pm on Saturday, 21 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          Oh, yes, understood easily. … It is a little surprising there’s not at least the chance to edit the first five minutes after posting something.

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      • Joseph Nebus 3:27 pm on Saturday, 21 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        I admit a part of my posting these numbers is that I’m curious what other people’s readership patterns are like. I’m shameless and happy to admit my actual exact numbers as best as I can know them. But I’d like to know about overall trends. After all, it was only by comparing numbers that we worked out there seems to have been some strange drop like a year and a half ago that we think reflected mobile-device numbers no longer being counted.

        The expiration of older blogs is another of those strange phenomena. I mean some free weekend to go through my blog and cut out sites that haven’t updated in, like, two years. But why I should do that I don’t know; if they aren’t posting it isn’t as though they’re crowding out space. Just some sense that my readership list ought to be faintly in touch with what’s current.

        I’ve got a few perennial posts. The count of how many grooves are on a record’s side (or, really, how many times the groove intersects a radial line on a record). How to figure what you need on the final. The Arthur Christmas series. The latter two I try to promote at appropriate times, though. Past that it’s usually my comic strip posts that get readers, I suppose because people like to look up when curious mathematics stuff appears in Luann and they wonder if that makes any sense.

        Now, my long-term, year-long trends … I’m not sure. I have got five full years (wow) of numbers to work with so I can make something that looks faintly like a linear regression study. Might do that and see if there’s any correlation with post count.

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      • mathtuition88 3:51 pm on Saturday, 21 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        That is true. For my blog 10% of the posts generate 90% of the views. And unfortunately those 10% are probably the least mathematical of the posts (for instance discussion/information of the Singapore education system). Pareto principle holds true.

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        • Joseph Nebus 5:16 am on Saturday, 28 January, 2017 Permalink | Reply

          You know, discussions of what are the popular versus the most-worked-on versus the most common posts people have reminds me of something from Walt Kelly’s masterpiece comic strip Pogo. The irascible Porky Pine warned, I think, Pogo, “If the public decides it’s gonna honor you they ain’t gonna let your feelings get in the way.”

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    How November 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    I didn’t forget about reviewing my last month’s readership statistics. I just ran short on time to gather and publish results is all. But now there’s an hour or so free to review that WordPress says my readership was like in November and I can see what was going on.


    So, that was a bit disappointing. The start of an A To Z Glossary usually sees a pretty good bump in my readership. The steady publishing of a diverse set of articles usually helps. My busiest months have always been ones with an A To Z series going on. This November, though, there were 923 page views around here, from 575 distinct visitors. That’s up from October, with 907 page views and 536 distinct visitors. But it’s the same as September’s 922 page views from 575 distinct visitors. I blame the US presidential election. I don’t think it’s just that everyone I can still speak to was depressed by it. My weekly readership the two weeks after the election were about three-quarters that of the week before or the last two weeks of November. I’d be curious what other people saw. My humor blog didn’t see as severe a crash the week of the 14th, though.

    Well, the people who were around liked what they saw. There were 157 pages liked in November, up from 115 in September and October. That’s lower than what June and July, with Theorem Thursdays posts, had, and below what the A To Z in March and April drew. But it’s up still. Comments were similarly up, to 35 in November from October’s 24 and September’s 20. That’s up to around what Theorem Thursdays attracted.

    December starts with my mathematics blog having had 43,145 page views from a reported 18,022 distinct viewers. And it had 636 WordPress.com followers. You can be among them by clicking the “Follow” button on the upper right corner. It’s up from the 626 WordPress.com followers I had at the start of November. That’s not too bad, considering.

    I had a couple of perennial favorites among the most popular articles in November:

    This is the first time I can remember that a Reading The Comics post didn’t make the top five.

    Sundays are the most popular days for reading posts here. 18 percent of page views come that day. I suppose that’s because I have settled on Sunday as a day to reliably post Reading the Comics essays. The most popular hour is 6 pm, which drew 11 percent of page views. In October Sundays were the most popular day, with 18 percent of page views. 6 pm as the most popular hour, but then it drew 14 percent of page views. Same as September. I don’t know why 6 pm is so special.

    As ever there wasn’t any search term poetry. But there were some good searches, including:

    • how many different ways can you draw a trapizium
    • comics back ground of the big bang nucleosynthesis
    • why cramer’s rule sucks (well, it kinda does)
    • oliver twist comic strip digarm
    • work standard approach sample comics
    • what is big bang nucleusynthesis comics strip

    I don’t understand the Oliver Twist or the nucleosynthesis stuff.

    And now the roster of countries and their readership, which for some reason is always popular:

    Country Page Views
    United States 534
    United Kingdom 78
    India 36
    Canada 33
    Philippines 22
    Germany 21
    Austria 18
    Puerto Rico 17
    Slovenia 14
    Singapore 13
    France 12
    Sweden 8
    Spain 8
    New Zealand 7
    Australia 6
    Israel 6
    Pakistan 5
    Hong Kong SAR China 4
    Portugal 4
    Belgium 3
    Colombia 3
    Netherlands 3
    Norway 3
    Serbia 3
    Thailand 3
    Brazil 2
    Croatia 2
    Finland 2
    Malaysia 2
    Poland 2
    Switzerland 2
    Argentina 1
    Bulgaria 1
    Cameroon 1
    Cyprus 1
    Czech Republic 1 (***)
    Denmark 1
    Japan 1 (*)
    Lithuania 1
    Macedonia 1
    Mexico 1 (*)
    Russia 1
    Saudi Arabia 1 (*)
    South Africa 1 (*)
    United Arab Emirates 1 (*)
    Vietnam 1

    That’s 46 countries, the same as last month. 15 of them were single-reader countries; there were 20 single-reader countries in October. Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates have been single-reader countries for two months running. Czech has been one for four months.

    Always happy to see Singapore reading me (I taught there for several years). The “European Union” listing seems to have vanished, here and on my humor blog. I’m sure that doesn’t signal anything ominous at all.

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    How October 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    I do try to get these monthly readership review posts done close to the start of the month. I was busy the 1st of the month, though, and had to fit around the End 2016 Mathematics A To Z. And then I meant to set this to post on Thursday, since I didn’t have anything else going that day, and forgot.

    Readership Numbers:

    The number of page views declined again in October, part of a trend that’s been steady since June. There were only 907 views, down a slight amount from September’s 922 or more significantly from August’s 1002. I’ll find my way back above a thousand in a month if I can. A To Z months are usually pretty good ones, possibly because of all the fresh posts reminding people I exist.

    The number of unique visitors dropped to 536. There had been 576 in September, but then there were only 531 unique visitors in August, if you believe that sort of thing. The number of likes was 115, exactly the same as in September and slightly up from August’s 107. The number of comments rose to 24, up from September’s 20 and August’s 16. That’s certainly been helped by people making requests for the End 2016 Mathematics A To Z. But that counts too.

    Popular Posts:

    The most popular post of the month was a surprise to me and dates back to September of 2012, incredibly. I suspect someone on a popular web site linked to it and I never suspected. And the Reading the Comics posts were popular as ever.

    I’ve been trying to limit these most-popular posts to just five pieces. But How Mathematical Physics Works was the next piece to make the top ten and I am proud of it, so there.

    Listing Countries:

    Where did my readers come from in October? All over, but mostly, from 46 particular countries. Here’s the oddly popular list of them:

    Country Readers
    United States 466
    United Kingdom 78
    Philippines 55
    India 52
    Canada 32
    Germany 27
    Austria 23
    Puerto Rico 19
    Australia 14
    France 12
    Slovenia 10
    Spain 9
    Brazil 7
    Netherlands 7
    Italy 6
    New Zealand 5
    Singapore 5
    Denmark 4
    Sweden 4
    Bulgaria 3
    Poland 3
    Serbia 3
    Argentina 2
    European Union 2
    Indonesia 2
    Norway 2
    Bahamas 1
    Belgium 1
    Czech Republic 1 (**)
    Estonia 1 (*)
    Finland 1
    Greece 1
    Ireland 1
    Israel 1
    Jamaica 1
    Japan 1
    Mexico 1
    Portugal 1 (*)
    Russia 1
    Saudi Arabia 1
    Slovakia 1
    South Africa 1
    Ukraine 1
    United Arab Emirates 1
    Uruguay 1
    Zambia 1

    Estonia and Portugal are on two-month streaks as single-read countries. The Czech Republic’s on a three-month streak so. Nobody’s on a four-month streak, not yet.

    Search Term Non-Poetry:

    Once again it wasn’t a truly poetic sort of month. But it was one that taught me what people are looking for, and it’s comics about James Clerk Maxwell. Look at these queries:

    • comic strips of the scientist maxwell
    • comics trip of james clerk maxwell
    • comics about maxwell the scientist
    • james clerk maxwell comics trip
    • log 10 times 10 to the derivative of 10000
    • problems with vinyl lp with too many grooves
    • comics about integers
    • comic strip in advance algebra

    I admit I don’t know why someone sees James Clerk Maxwell as a figure for a comics trip. He’s famous for the laws of electromagnetism, of course. Also for great work in thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. Also for color photography. And explaining how the rings of Saturn could work. And for working out the physics of truss bridges, which may sound boring but is important. Great subject for a biography. Just, a comic?

    Counting Readers:

    November sees the blog start with 42,250 page views, from 17,747 unique visitors if you can believe that. I’m surprised the mathematics blog still has a higher view count than my humor blog has, just now. That one’s consistently more popular; this one’s just been around longer.

    WordPress says I started November with 626 followers, barely up from October’s 624. If you have wanted to follow me, there’s a button on the upper-right corner of the blog for that, at least until I change to a different theme. Also if you know a WordPress theme that would work better for the kind of blog I write let me know. I have a vague itch to change things around and that always precedes trouble. Also you can follow me on Twitter, @Nebusj, or check that out to make sure I’m not one of those people who somehow is hard to Twitter-read.

    According to the “Insights” tab my readership’s largest on Sundays, which makes sense. I’ve standardized on Sundays for the Reading the Comics essays. That gets 18 percent of page views, slightly more than one in seven views. The most popular hour is again 6 pm, I assume Universal Time. 14 percent of page views come in that hour. That’s the same percentage as last month and it must reflect when my standard posting hour is.

    • davekingsbury 10:52 pm on Sunday, 6 November, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Perhaps your wide readership shows that mathematics is a universal language?


      • Joseph Nebus 5:56 am on Wednesday, 9 November, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Conceivable! Although I suppose I’ve probably hit on a couple of topics that people are perennially if slightly looking for. And I have the advantage of writing in English, which so much of the Internet still depends upon. (I suppose it can’t hurt I’ve been trying to write sentences easier to understand, which is good for all readers as long as I don’t get simpler than the idea I mean to express.)


    • davekingsbury 5:03 pm on Wednesday, 9 November, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Popularising maths and the sciences is a valuable art – long may you continue!


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    How August 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    August 2016 is not actually the month I gave up around here. It was one of my least-prolific months in a long while, though. It was personally a less preoccupied month than July was, but I think a lot of things I’d put off to keep projects like Theorem Thursdays going came back to demand attention and my writing flagged off. And there’s my usual slackness in going around to other blogs and paying visits and writing comments and all that. So let’s see just how bad my readership numbers were, according to WordPress. Just a second, let me look. I think I’m braced.

    Readership Numbers:

    Huh. So my eleven posts in August drew 1,002 page views from 531 unique visitors here. That’s down from July’s 1,057 views from 585 visitors, and from June’s 1,099 views and 598 visitors. But July had 17 posts, and June 16, so the count of readers per post is way up. Well, if people like seeing me in lesser amounts, I guess that’s all right.

    If they do. There were only 107 likes given to my posts in August, down from July’s 177 and June’s 155. That’s almost constant if we look at it per-post.

    The number of comments collapsed. There were 16 in August, compared to 33 in July and 37 in June. That’s a good bit down per-post, too. I suspect it’ll pick up once the Why Stuff Can Orbit posts get going in earnest again.

    Popular Posts:

    I didn’t have as strongly popular posts this month. In July all the top-ten posts had at least thirty page views. In August it was a mere 19. But what was popular did reflect, I’d say, a good sample of the kind of stuff I write:

    Listing Countries:

    I think the listing of every country worked out last month. So here, let me do it again.

    Country Readers
    United States 674
    Philippines 43
    Canada 36
    India 30
    Germany 29
    United Kingdom 21
    Slovenia 20
    Australia 15
    Austria 15
    France 11
    Singapore 9
    Sweden 7
    United Arab Emirates 6
    Brazil 5
    South Africa 5
    Indonesia 4
    Puerto Rico 4
    European Union 3
    Malaysia 3
    Portugal 3
    Croatia 2
    Japan 2
    Mexico 2
    New Zealand 2
    Russia 2
    Spain 2
    Thailand 2
    Vietnam 2
    Bahrain 1
    Bangladesh 1
    Belgium 1
    Czech Republic 1
    Denmark 1 (*)
    Honduras 1
    Ireland 1
    Italy 1
    Jamaica 1
    Lithuania 1 (*)
    Netherlands 1
    Norway 1
    South Korea 1
    Sri Lanka 1
    Switzerland 1
    Turkey 1 (*)

    Denmark, Lithuania, and Turkey were single-reader countries last month too. Nobody’s on a three-month streak. European Union has gone from two to three page views. Still not a country.

    Search Term Non-Poetry:

    That cryptic “origin is the gateway” thing is gone again. What isn’t gone?

    • divergence and stokes theorem cartoons
    • comics strips of james clerk maxwell (?)
    • komiks arithmetic sequence in real life situation (??)
    • stock theorem and divergence theorem cartoon
    • segar bernice (a Popeye thing. Bernice the Whiffle Hen was part of the Thimble Theatre story by which cartoonist E C Segar discovered the best character he ever wrote)

    Yeah, I know. Not much of anything.

    Counting Readers:

    The month started with my blog having 40,396 recorded page views — I missed whoever was number 40,000 — from some 16,614 recorded visitors. But my blog started before WordPress told us anything about unique visitors so who knows whether that means anything.

    WordPress says I start September with 614 total followers, which isn’t very far up from the start of August’s 610. But it wasn’t a month were I did much to draw attention to myself. If you want to join me as a WordPress.com follower there ought to be a button in the upper-right corner, a bit below and to the right of my blog name and above the “Or Follow By Way Of RSS” tag. There’s also a Follow Blog Via Email option. And I’m on Twitter also, like so many people are these days.

    WordPress says the most popular day for reading stuff here is Sunday, with 21 percent of page views last month. That seems reasonable; I’ve made Sunday the default day for Reading the Comics posts and haven’t had to skip a week yet. Sunday’s been the most popular day of the week for three months now. It says the most popular hour is 6 pm, with 12 percent of page views. It had been 3 pm in June and July. I’ve tended to set things to post at 6 pm Universal Time, so maybe this reflects people reading stuff just as I post it. That too seems like what we ought to expect. I don’t know why I get all suspicious of that.

    • Ken Dowell 2:56 am on Saturday, 3 September, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      August is a slow month for a lot of us. I posted about half the amount that I usually do.

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      • Joseph Nebus 4:32 pm on Sunday, 4 September, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        I was dazed my August altogether. It was a slow month for my writing and reading, but it somehow never really left me spare time. Well, I got some decent time in playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 for the first time in ages, but it wasn’t that much.

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    • LFFL 11:00 pm on Monday, 5 September, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      You’ve got a variety across the world there.

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      • Joseph Nebus 9:59 pm on Tuesday, 6 September, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t know which I’m more surprised by: that there are so many readers from countries that aren’t the United States, Canada, or United Kingdom or that there aren’t more. It makes sense that I should attract readers from English-speaking nations. But there’s English-speakers in every country and I don’t think that I write with such a strong cultural bias as to not make sense in (say) Kenya. Of course the nature of cultural bias is that it’s so hard to see it from within …

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    How July 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    I’m not unhappy. Of course not; I can find something cheery to say about whatever my readership in a given month was like. But for a month in which I spent nearly two weeks away from my normal Internet routines of visiting blog friends and belatedly answering comments and the like it wasn’t bad at all.

    Readership Numbers:

    So there were 1,057 page views in July. That’s down from June’s 1,099, but only a touch, and it’s up from May’s 981. And it’s above a thousand which makes me feel secure about being at least tolerated in these parts. The number of unique visitors was down to 585 from June’s 598 and May’s 627. But the June-to-July drop I can’t imagine is significant.

    The number of likes rose to 177, from June’s 155 and May’s 133. I can’t hide it: I’m hoping for 199 in August and I don’t know where it’ll go from there. Comments were down a touch to 33, from June’s 39. But some of that is my failing to respond to other people because I was away. My own comments should count, shouldn’t they?

    I am considering making one of those big changes and switching away from the theme — “P2 Classic” — that I have. I like its look, especially that it lets comments appear on the front page around here. But I’ve realized that the theme is a disaster on mobile devices. I don’t want to be needlessly difficult.

    At the top of my WordPress theme is a box saying, 'Hi, Joseph. Whatcha up to?' encouraging me to make quick little informal posts which I never ever do.

    I don’t know, worrying about what I should post? I’m sorry, I can’t use a slangy informal posting mechanism like this. I’m far too pompous. Also you have no idea how disorienting it is to have this image on my page.

    Also while it’s got a nice friendly “Whatcha up to?” panel up top for me, to quickly add a post, I have never used it except when I wanted to search for something and the cursor was in the wrong field. If someone knows of an updated P2 Classic that you can read on a hand phone please let me know. I’d be glad for it.

    Popular Posts:

    To posts! The most popular stuff around here in July was a fair split between Reading the Comics posts and Theorem Thursday posts, plus a note that something I started back in May would too be returning. I hope to get to that soon again, maybe this week. That’s also comforting. They’re the things I put the most effort into and I’m glad people like them and don’t find much terribly wrong about them. The top five articles in July according to WordPress were:

    Listing Countries:

    What countries like me? … You know what? Bullet lists are so reportedly popular I’ll just try listing everybody and we’ll see what that does for drumming up interest. Readership by country, per WordPress’s data, were:

    Country Readers
    United States 616
    Canada 57
    India 52
    United Kingdom 36
    Philippines 30
    Australia 27
    Germany 26
    Slovenia 22
    Singapore 20
    Austria 15
    Brazil 15
    Spain 13
    Thailand 11
    Pakistan 10
    Puerto Rico 7
    Indonesia 6
    Ireland 6
    Italy 6
    Croatia 5
    France 5
    Hong Kong SAR China 5
    New Zealand 5
    Sweden 5
    China 4
    Mexico 4
    South Korea 4
    Finland 3
    Greece 3
    Portugal 3
    Russia 3
    Venezuela 3
    Argentina 2
    Czech Republic 2
    European Union 2
    Jordan 2
    Netherlands 2
    Norway 2
    South Africa 2
    United Arab Emirates 2
    Belgium 1
    Chile 1
    Denmark 1
    Dominican Republic 1
    Ecuador 1
    Latvia 1
    Lithuania 1
    Malaysia 1
    Oman 1
    Saudi Arabia 1
    Serbia 1
    Tunisia 1
    Turkey 1
    Ukraine 1 (*)

    Ukraine is the only country to have been a single-reader country in June too. This is the nearest clean sweep I’ve noticed. The European Union reader, after seven months being alone, found a friend too. I hope they get along.

    Search Term Non-Poetry:

    Whew. It’s back.

    • origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe.
    • what is the average number of grooves on one side of an lp record (if “1” doesn’t satisfy you)
    • arithmetic sequences and series joke 48 (the punch line I’d heard was “why did they laugh so much at 15,268?” “Well, you see, we’d never heard that one before!”)
    • example of convergent boundaries komiks stris (honestly now tempted to commission a comic strip artist just to do something about convergent boundaries.)
    • comics about arithmetic sequence / arithmetic sequence comics (probably I should also commission one about sequences)

    Counting Readers:

    If I have this right August started with the blog having had 39,394 page views — curse that leap second! — and 16,083 unique viewers. (Because the leap second would give time for one more page view, keeping me from 39,393. If there were a leap second, and if it were at the end of July instead of the end of June. Trust me, if you share a long sequence of assumptions with me then it’s funny.)

    WordPress reports me as starting with 610 WordPress.com followers, which feels way up from the start of July’s 597. If you want to join me as a WordPress.com follower there ought to be a button in the upper-right corner, a bit below and to the right of my blog name and above the “Or Follow By Way Of RSS” tag. There’s also a Follow Blog Via Email option and don’t think it doesn’t bother me there’s no dash in E-mail there. More reasons to change the theme I suppose.

    I’d wondered last month about WordPress reporting the most popular dates and times around here. So that’s why I moved my default posting time from 11 am Eastern to 2 pm Eastern. But just as in July the most popular day is Sunday (22 percent of page views). Comics posts I suppose. The most popular hour remains 3:00 pm (9 percent of page views). It kind of suggests the time of posting doesn’t matter to people. We’ll see, as I start trying 6 am or if I try something really wild like eleventy-q pm.

    See you, I expect, tomorrow with comic strips.

    • mathtuition88 7:34 am on Sunday, 7 August, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Congrats for your increase in views! Math bloggers have a tougher time getting views than say, food bloggers. My most popular posts ironically have the least mathematical content..

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      • Joseph Nebus 7:44 pm on Tuesday, 9 August, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you. Yeah, mathematics has a tougher time getting readers. Not enough pictures, at least when you get away from strange topological constructs. This is surely why Baking And Math is doing well, or ought to be.

        There’s really no guessing what’s going to be popular. It usually turns out to be a trifle, and something with a slight but humiliating-to-yourself error in it.

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    • breathmath 12:52 pm on Sunday, 7 August, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Yep! Owning educational sites and getting views/getting unique visitors of minimum 250/day is tough tie! My highest count of unique visitors was 189.
      Hoping for the best :) Let’s grow together :) All the best.. keep posting!


      • Joseph Nebus 7:52 pm on Tuesday, 9 August, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Oh, I don’t even know what my highest visitor count on a day was. It would have been in November of last year, though, when I got a lot of spillover curiosity from visitors to my humor blog, which was covering the bizarre collapse of the comic strip Apartment 3-G. And, well thank you, and I hope you enjoy good posting and good reading too.

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    How June 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    I like the nice block-form style organization my monthly vanity post, as I used last month. So I’ll stick with that another month.

    Readership Numbers:

    My raw readership was up a little bit in June! It came to 1,099 page views, breaking that important psychological barrier of a thousand. May had a mere 981 page views. April had 1,500 but that was a month when I posted something every single day, which is quite the strain. June I cut back to sixteen posts in the month, although five of them were the challenging Theorem Thursdays posts. I like those, but the more I figure one is going to be a quick, easy little thing to dash off the longer it is. I don’t understand the dynamic there.

    And yet the number of unique visitors dropped. There were 598 visitors in June, compared to the 627 in May, and the 757 in April. I’ll chalk the difference up to archive-binging. That’s comforting to think .

    The number of likes received rose to 155. It had been at 133 in May, but at 345 in the busy month of April. The number of comments which weren’t just linkbacks rose from 22 to 37, which makes me feel a bit more confident that I’m actually interesting people here. I’m not sure how many of those are responses I finally got around to making from comments people posted in May, though. It’s just too easy to take an evening off and then be suddenly three weeks behind.

    Popular Posts:

    There were quite a few popular posts this time around. Everything in the top ten had at least thirty page views, which used to be the biggest thing of the month. It’s about the mix of subjects I might have guessed:

    Listing Countries:

    Which countries sent me the most readers? The ones you’d expect if you’ve seen this before:

    • United States (640)
    • Canada (40)
    • United Kingdom (36)
    • Australia (34)
    • Germany (33)

    (India’s in seventh place, at 30. Singapore sent me eleven page views. Poland’s nowhere to be seen.)

    Single-reader countries this time around were:

    • Albania
    • Angola
    • European Union (******)
    • Honduras
    • Jamaica
    • Japan
    • New Zealand
    • Norway
    • Paraguay
    • Sweden
    • Ukraine

    My European Union reader has checked in for exactly one page for seven months in a row now. No other countries are on a two-month or other streak.

    Search Terms Non-Poetry:

    The real news is that the mysterious “origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe” did not appear in my search terms this month. Some of the stuff that did, though:

    I’m glad I could help with some of these at least. I’m not sure what’s meant by keeping a trapezium horizontal. Maybe if it’s a right trapezium and the only slanted side is the one on top? I would pick the longer of the parallel legs as “the” base in that case.

    Counting Readers:

    If I make this out right, July starts with my page having 38,337 views from 15,498 recorded distinct visitors. Also that my most popular day for being read is Sunday, at 3 pm. Sunday seems unambiguous enough but I don’t know what time zone that 3:00 is. I set most of my posts to appear at 3 pm UTC, which right now is about 11 am Eastern. Maybe I should spend July posting stuff at 5 pm UTC to see if that clears up what time zone this means.

    WordPress reports me as starting the month at 597 readers through the site, which is considerably up from the start of June’s 586. I mean considerably for me. Still eleven e-mail followers, which feels like it’s too many people to address individually and too few people to address impersonally. I make up such complicated problems for myself.

    On the upper right of these pages should be a little blue button to “Follow Another NebusResearch”. Under that should be a Follow By E-Mail button, if you want to make it twelve. I’m on Twitter, if you want to see me on Twitter. If none of that interests you, all right. This little performance-review post is done anyway. Thanks for being here.

    • ivasallay 5:12 am on Sunday, 3 July, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I had to smile when you wrote that quick posts always seem to turn into longer ones. For me the posts might not become long, but writing them often takes too much time. Writing anything takes me longer than I think it will. Even this comment took much longer than the 30 seconds I thought it would.


      • Joseph Nebus 7:02 am on Sunday, 3 July, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        It’s some perverse law of the universe. I really figured the Liouville’s Theorem thing would be twenty minutes of writing and it came out instead something like 2500 words.

        The other perverse thing is the stuff I dash off without an effort is the most popular stuff of the month. The thing I spend 2500 words on sinks without a trace. Although I understand people who study blog metrics say that longer-form stuff may start less popular but it holds on to that readership over time, while short-form stuff may last a week but not after that.


    • elkement (Elke Stangl) 6:35 am on Monday, 4 July, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Some day I will record all my clicks on your blog in one month – so I can prove that there were a substantial number of clicks from Austria ;-) As mentioned before, my experiments with Ad Blockers and other ‘browser security hardening’ seem to screw up WordPress’ click detection methods.


      • Joseph Nebus 4:09 am on Saturday, 9 July, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Aw, thanks. I’m confident you’re reading. It’s just getting WordPress to admit it that’s the hard part.

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    How May 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    The start of the Theorem Thursdays project did delay my monthly vanity post. That’s all right. I can be vain on a schedule. But I do like spending time mulling over the WordPress statistics around here and pondering their meaning.

    My readership dropped in May as I expected. I posted only fifteen times in May, compared to daily in April and for that matter March. But my readership didn’t halve. It dropped back to about what it was before the Leap Day A To Z project, which I’m not sure how to read. It suggests folks around here were reasonably eager to see more stuff from me but that I maybe didn’t draw in so many new readers. Let me break things around:

    Readership Numbers:

    For simple page views: I fell short of the important-only-to-me threshold of a thousand page views. There were 981 views, down from 1,500 in April and 1,557 in March. Rated per posting — and I know some people were reading archive material rather than new posts — that’s not a bad trend, though. That’s about 65 page views per posting, compared to 50 in the busier months before.

    There were, WordPress says, 627 unique visitors in May. That’s down from April’s 757 and March’s 734. But again per-posting … well, that’s nearly 42 per post in May, compared to 25 in April and 24 in March. I’d be interested in the posting schedule that gets the best readership per post, but it’s probably impossible to work that out.

    The big measure of reader engagement, comments, looks catastrophic in May: only 22 comments, down from 55 in April and 84 in March. But that’s an illusion. I learned that linking to an old post using its full URL, which for me starts nebusresearch.wordpress.com, creates a backlink that WordPress regards as a comment. If I use a short URL, starting wp.me, that creates the backlink but it doesn’t count as a comment. So I was curious how many comments there were which weren’t self-made comments and apparently 22 it is. But I haven’t got any way of figuring out how that compares to previous months, not without doing a lot of boring counting.

    But the number of likes were down too. There were 133 of them in May, down from 345 in April and 320 in March. Even per-post that’s a collapse. It averages just under 9 per posting, compare to 11 and a half in April and a bit over 10 in March.

    Popular Posts:

    The five most popular posts in May? The usual blend: me referring to other stuff, me reading comics, and trapezoids.

    Listing Countries:

    The countries sending me the greatest number of readers were the United States (564 page views), Canada (88), India (34), and Germany (33). That’s all about in order. Single-reader countries — and I’ll put this in a bullet list because I read that people like those — were:

    • Argentina
    • Burkina Faso
    • Chile
    • China (**)
    • Colombia
    • Czech Republic
    • European Union (*****)
    • Hungary (*)
    • Indonesia
    • Malta
    • Nepal
    • Oman
    • Pakistan
    • Portugal
    • Senegal
    • Serbia (*)
    • Slovakia
    • South Korea (*)
    • Thailand
    • Turkey
    • Uganda

    Hungary, Serbia, and South Korea were single-reader countries last month. China’s been a single-reader country the last two months. The European Union is in its sixth straight month as a single-reader country despite the fact that, you know, not a country. Whoever’s doing this is trying to provoke some weird reaction from me.

    Counting Readers:

    June started with my little blog here at 37,238 page views from an alleged 14,900 unique viewers. There’s reportedly 586 WordPress followers, up from 579 at the start of May and 573 at the start of April. And being a WordPress follower should be easier than it used to be, as I put a little blue “Follow On WordPress” button in the upper right corner of the page. It’s right above the “Follow Blog Via Email” card that I really want to rewrite as e-mail because I’m like that. There’s still apparently only eleven e-mail followers but, well, hi, gang.

    WordPress’s “Insight” tab on the statics viewer says my most popular reading day is Wednesday, with 17 percent of page views. I don’t think I’ve posted anything on a Wednesday all May. But since Wednesdays are fourteen percent of the week I suppose that’s just a meaningless bit of static. It also says my most popular hour is 3:00 pm, which gets 17 percent of page views. Yes, I’m suspicious about that seventeen turning up again. But I haven’t got any reason to think that’s meaningless either, what with the hour from 3 to 4 pm not being 17 percent of the day. I have no idea if this is 3 pm my time, or Universal Time, or whatever time zone WordPress Master Command’s server is in. I’d appreciate some clarification on this point.

    Search Terms:

    Stuff WordPress admits brought people to me? Not so much interesting stuff, but, what the heck. Here’s some:

    • jumble comic before
    • origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe.
    • historical comic stories
    • disney comic strips
    • tiger bud blake
    • nebus test medical
    • https://nebusresearch.wordpress.com/
    • wet cement comic

    At least I can feel pretty confident that https://nebusresearch.wordpress.com/ search found the right place.

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    How, Arguably, Very Slightly Less Well April 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    So now to my review of readership statistics. I’d expected another strong month. If I’ve learned anything it’s that posting a lot of stuff regularly encourages readers. I got to have another month with more than 1,000 readers here. In fact, there were a neat 1,500 page views, according to WordPress. This is a bit lower than March’s 1,557 page views. But remember that March had one more day than April did, and so had one more article. April had an average of fifty page views per post. March had 50.226. That’s no appreciable difference, I figure. February had 949 page views, although with only 14 articles. (And so about 68 page views per article posted, somehow.)

    The number of unique visitors, as WordPress makes them out, was up though. April saw 757 visitors, a record around these parts. March only had 734, and February a relatively skimpy 538.

    The measurements that seem to reflect reader engagement were ambiguous as ever. The number of likes was 345, technically up from March’s 320, and well above February’s 201. The number of comments, though, was 55, plummeting from March’s 84 and February’s 66. Part of that is I didn’t have any good controversies like the Continued Fractions post this month. But writing articles that encourage conversations, especially conversations between commenters (it can’t all be me chatting with individuals), has never been a strength of mine and I do need to ponder ways to improve that.

    Proud as I am of the A To Z series, I must face the facts: none of the essays was in my top five most-read articles for April. One does sneak in at sixth place so I’ll list the top six articles instead. I’m going to suppose that the series pretty much balances out. That is, few of the articles have reason to read that one instead of another post. What are most popular are Reading the Comics posts, my trapezoids thing, and a couple of pointers to other people’s writing. Well, we can’t all be stars; someone has to be the starmaker. Most read in April:

    There’s not any interesting search terms this month. Well, all right, there’s “what is an inversly [sic] propotional [sic] dice”. But I don’t know what the searcher was looking for there. I got the traditional appearance of “origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe.” And I got asked “what makes a basketball tournament exciting?” I don’t know, but I was able to give at least a non-perfectly-ridiculous measure of how interesting one might be.

    And for the always-popular listing of countries? As is usual for some reason, the United States sent me the greatest number of page views: 863. India was second at 80, and Canada third at 61. Austria was next at 45, and the United Kingdom and Germany tied for 42.

    Single-reader countries were Belarus, Botswana, China, Dominican Republic, European Union, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Kuwait, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Réunion, Serbia, South Korea, and Switzerland. Again, European Union. I’ve said that before. China, European Union, and Greece were there last month too. The European Union is somehow on a five-month single-reader streak. At this point I have to think whoever is doing it is doing so on purpose and for a bit of a giggle.

    The month begins with 36,256 page views total, from 14,273 recorded visitors. I’ve reportedly got 579 WordPress readers, up from the 573 at the start of April, despite putting the Follow This Blog icon in a more prominent location. Well, there were some nice stretches of people following each of several days in a row and that’s something. It also lists eleven followers by e-mail, up from ten last month. Again, it’s all something.

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    How Much March 2016 Liked My Mathematics Blog 

    I admit, I didn’t keep my discipline in March as well as I did in February and January. I checked partway through to see how my readership was doing. But I also knew it’d be pretty good. Long strings of daily posts are good for WordPress readership. Probably they’re good for everybody. And I made it through March without missing a day! So these A To Z projects seem good for me on several counts.

    For March 2016, I had a record 1,557 page views, from a record 734 distinct visitors. The previous record had been in November, with 1,215 page views, most of those spillovers from the Apartment 3-G collapse. February had given me 949 page views from 538 visitors. January, 998 page views from 523 visitors.

    The number of likes was up, to 322. That’s not a record. My record was back in June, when 518 ‘likes’ were clicked. That was my first A To Z project. I can’t explain the difference there. Still, 322 likes is up from February’s 201 and January’s 202. Comments were also up. There were 84 in March, compared to 66 in February and 53 in January. That’s not like the June 2015 high of 114. But I’m pretty sure WordPress counts my pages linking back to earlier pages as if they were comments. So I could make these numbers as high as my patience allowed.

    For all that my A To Z has unquestionably brought in readers, none of the individual A To Z essays was among the most-read essays in March. That probably reflects people just reading them on the blog’s main page. There shouldn’t be a need to click on an individual essay’s page to read the whole thing. And you can even read and post comments from the main page, which I think’s an advantage of the theme here (P2 Classic). Anyway, the most popular posts for March were:

    The United States sent me 1,009 readers in March. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time it alone sent me over a thousand page views. In second place was India, with 77, and I suspect I know who to thank for that attention. Canada was just barely edged out, with 72 page views. And the other top-five countries were Germany (57) and the United Kingdom (44), surprising everyone who hasn’t seen past months’ data.

    The countries sending me a single reader in March were Bahrain, China, Czech Republic, European Union (not a nation), Greece, Macedonia, Norway, Palestinian Territories, Saudi Arabia, and Slovakia. The European Union’s the only repeat from February. For that matter, it’s on a four-month streak even though I’ve yet to find anyone who can tell me what the “European Union” entry signifies. Singapore only sent me five readers, up from three.

    It’s a dull set of search terms this month. Discarding the 379 (!) “unknown search terms” we’ve got:

    • origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe. (Of course.)
    • who discovered boyle’s law (It’s complicated.)
    • dethany (She’s the character who’s taken over Bill Holbrook’s comic strip On The Fastrack.)
    • jokes and puns from rome (?)
    • labels on apples broom hilda cartoon (Happy to help.)
    • comic strip math problem solving dividing polynomials (Um … good luck?)

    The month starts with my blog having got 34,755 page views total, from some 13,516 recorded visitors. And it counts me as having 573 followers on WordPress, ten on e-mail, and 202 on Twitter. I’d started March with 566 WordPress followers and I have no idea how many on e-mail or Twitter. But if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, I’d be glad for it. And I’ve finally put my Follow-on-WordPress button in a nice prominent space in the upper right corner of the page. At least I hope it is.

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    How February 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    Once again I spent a month not obsessing about the WordPress-gathered statistics day to day. It was somewhat soothing. But I wasn’t doing well in visiting and commenting on other people’s blogs, and I know that hurts my own readership. The economy of social media runs on sharing attention.

    But it was still a decent month around here. The total number of page views dropped below a thousand again, to an official tally of 949. That’s below January’s 998 and December’s 954. It’s a higher readership per day, though. At this rate if February had 31 days there’d have been 1,014 page views. On the other hand, I published 14 things in February, compared to 13 in January. Is the proper correction not the length of the year but how much anyone reads any post?

    Well, the number of unique visitors rose. It reached 538 in February, up from January’s 523 and December’s 449. This is a twelve-month high at least. I can’t find older statistics, but I imagine that’s got to be an all-time high, considering.

    The number of likes held steady. Well, it dropped from 202 in January to 201 in February. I know better than to think that signifies anything. It’s down from December’s 245, but that’s surely staying right about average. The number of comments rose to 66, up from 53 in January and 56 in December. I think most of that would be people offering requests for the Leap Day Mathematics A To Z.

    For a change my top-five articles of the month aren’t dominated by Reading the Comics essays. Well, number 1 and number 5 are, but in comparison that isn’t much at all. The rest of the top five is me pointing to other interesting stuff, which does imply that people like me as a curator more than they like me as an original popularizer. Well, the readership for “Ensembled”, getting at canonical and microcanonical ensembles and statistical mechanics, wasn’t bad. And the early returns for the Leap Day Mathematics A To Z are good too. They had a short time to be read. They were outranked by:

    The roster of countries sending me readers was a bit odd this month. The United States was on top, as ever, with 562 page views going to it. I grant I’m in the United States, and post at times convenient to its schedule, and I write in an American idiom. But there’s a lot more English readers outside the United States than inside, and I rarely write about things of particular interest in the United States or disinterest outside. I’ve always wondered why my readership is so close to home.

    And then India came in second this month, with 64 readers. I’m glad to see it fluttering up that high. I feel better being read that far from home. Canada, which is close to home but which I’ve only been to twice, changing planes, brought me 41 readers. Germany, which I’ve spent nearly two weeks in, sent 40. Hong Kong, which I’ve been to a fair number of times but always in changing airplanes, 33. I think this is the first time my top-five readership hasn’t been dominated by the United States and the British Commonwealth. (The United Kingdom was next in line, at 26 page views, and Australia 19 after that. And then there’s a whole bunch of countries in which English isn’t a primary language.)

    Single-reader nations this time around were Argentina, Bangladesh, Barbados, Cambodia, European Union (not a nation), Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Korea, Suriname, Swaziland, Sweden, and Ukraine. Bangladesh, the European Union, the Netherlands, and Sweden were there last month too. The European Union is on a three-month streak but still isn’t a nation. And I still don’t know what WordPress even means by that. Singapore sent me three page views, down from twelve the month before. Poland didn’t send me any readers, which is shockingly unpopular even for me.

    Search terms bringing people here? I’m happy to provide some. Among those that turned up:

    • how many teapizoids can you get in a rectangle (what gets me is there were multiple hits for this misspelling)
    • what is happening to the toby comic by corey pandolph? (and that’s interesting: after years of being in reruns Pandolph has started writing new installments. The strip has picked up “eight years later”, which seems like about how long Toby, Robot Satan has been idle. I’m glad to see this strip resume.)
    • origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe. (and why wouldn’t it be?)
    • math theory penguins (I was with you up to the word `penguins’)
    • are any coins unfair (no! But coin tosses can be)
    • population charlotte nc 1975 (I’d tried interpolating what it might have been back then; I’d meant to do a series of essays about different ways to interpolate data, and might again someday)
    • true almost verywhere (not waffling about true or false: “almost everywhere” is a term of art with a precise meaning)

    The month starts with 33,200 page views in total, from a recorded 12,782 distinct viewers. I’m tempted to give a prize to whoever logs number 33,333. WordPress credits me with 566 WordPress.com followers. If you’re not sure whether you’re a follower, well, there’ a “Follow Blog via Email” button over on the right side of the page. And I realize I’m not sure where they do put a “Follow Blog on WordPress” button for people who’re logged in to WordPress already. Maybe I need to worry about that. I’m also on Twitter, as @Nebusj, and I’d be happy with being followed there too.

    • elkement (Elke Stangl) 7:59 am on Wednesday, 2 March, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks – that reminded me to finally turn off AdBlocker for your site. Now I need to do this on all my computers. I cannot say for the past month, but there were some no-Austria months in the past but I could track I had viewed your posts because I copied the link for sharing it on social media in that month.


      • Joseph Nebus 7:40 pm on Friday, 4 March, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you. And thank you for being such a faithful reader; I’m so glad for it. I do see you trying to support my little efforts here and appreciate it so.

        Liked by 1 person

        • elkement (Elke Stangl) 9:43 pm on Friday, 4 March, 2016 Permalink | Reply

          Well deserved :-) I wish you a steep incline in views and visitors :-) Do you discern a long-term trend? Like a gradual slow increase over the years?


          • Joseph Nebus 7:31 am on Wednesday, 9 March, 2016 Permalink | Reply

            Thank you kindly. My long-term trends … well, it’s hard to make out. There was the mysterious sharp drop last year when everybody’s stats dropped by about a fifth. Then there was a huge spike I got as a spinoff of the Apartment 3-G collapse, covered on my humor blog. Since then the page views have wobbled around looking, to me, like a dampened oscillator recovering from a shock.

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    • davekingsbury 11:43 am on Wednesday, 2 March, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Fascinating, as always … is there an ideal followed/follower relationship, I wonder. I follow twice as many as follow me, which I did to build up followers, though it can be hard work responding.


      • Joseph Nebus 8:22 pm on Friday, 4 March, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        I wonder about the best followed/follower balances and relationships too. I wonder if there’s been any serious study on it.

        I have a brother who’s rather a social networking wizard and he advises simple steps of adding one new person per week to whatever network you’re most at ease with, and to spend some regular chunk of time daily talking back to people on that network. This seems simple enough but offers no help for folks like me who’re equally awkward on every platform.


        • davekingsbury 9:52 pm on Friday, 4 March, 2016 Permalink | Reply

          Good advice, I think, though it can be time-consuming – especially if you’re addicted to making witty comments!


          • Joseph Nebus 7:33 am on Wednesday, 9 March, 2016 Permalink | Reply

            It’s never so time-consuming as I fear, but that’s all right. I let my fear of responding badly overwhelm me anyway.


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    How December 2015 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    I had expected December 2015 would see a decline in my readership. I didn’t have the spillover effect of my humor blog getting so much Apartment 3-G curiosity. The readership did drop, although not quite alarmingly. So let’s review that.

    According to WordPress’s statistics page there were 954 views of these parts in December. That’s well down from November’s 3-G boosted 1,215. But it’s up from the 733 in October and 708 in September, and it’s the fifth highest of the past year. The number of unique visitors dropped, from 519 down to 449. That’s also up from October’s 405 and September’s 381. And it’s the fourth-highest of the past twelve months. There were fifteen posts in the month again, although I admit not all of them were really deep pieces. Some were just nagging people to read other things I’d written.

    The reader-engagement data was up a tiny bit. The mathematics blog got back up to 245 likes in December, up from November’s 220 and October’s 244. It’s nowhere near the peaks of June (518), but June was the midst of the Summer A To Z glossary and that drew a lot of steady readers in. I should do another one. The number of comments rose to 56, up from November’s 37 and October’s 47. Again, that’s nowhere near June and July’s highs (114 and 100). But again, I didn’t have anything themed nearly so tightly going on.

    I think that I could have had slightly better readership, and engagement, if I hadn’t gotten overwhelmed the last third of the month. I just stopped being able to go pay calls on other blogs, and leave comments and likes and whatnot to other writers. So I couldn’t reasonably expect folks to stop in here either. The weekly count of views and visitors certainly drops around then. But then most of the rest of western civilization also had a busy time in late December. But the holidays have mostly wrapped up, and I should be back to normal social-Internet stuff soon. I’d like to think I’ll be, anyway.

    The most popular stuff around here — well, most of the popular articles were Reading the Comics series articles. I’ll just lump those together into one category if that’s all right by you. But the most popular stuff would be:

    The countries sending me the most readers were nearly the usual set: the United States with 641 pages views, the United Kingdom with 50, the Canada with 45, the Germany with 27, and the India with 21. That’s my best India showing on record, I believe. Singapore sent me five page views.

    Single-reader countries this time were Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Czech Republic, the European Union, Indonesia, Ireland, Lithuania, Nigeria, and Taiwan. I still don’t understand what the European Union is doing listed there. But Belgium and Nigeria are on three-month streaks there. Nobody’s on a four-month streak.

    And among the interesting search terms to come up:

    • peppermint patty couldn’t solve the following math problems (most of them, really)
    • snoring jokes (my love would tell you my snoring is not a joke; it’s enough to rattle this house apart)
    • why are wizard of id classics being reprinted (well, they’re pretty solidly funny)
    • comic strip math problem solving algebra rae (I don’t know what the ‘rae’ is and assume it’s a cry of delight)
    • origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe. (I think they’re just trying to creep my out now)
    • 22 decmber mathematics day topics (I believe that’s India’s national mathematics day. I don’t think I have any particularly interesting content for it, but I should maybe work on that)

    I start the month of January with 553 total WordPress followers. And I start with 31,253 total page views and 11,721 total unique visitors as WordPress figures these things.

    • elkement (Elke Stangl) 4:01 pm on Wednesday, 6 January, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      That’s weird as I definitely clicked more than once on your blog. I shared your great post on entropy and funny words on several social networks, and I am sure I clicked back and forward between the other favorite of mine in this month – the elevator math – and that one. It would be totally unfair if WP just summarized all that activity under 1 click for ‘European Union’ (which I don’t understand either, despite reading ‘explanations’ by WP staff in forums.)


      • Joseph Nebus 10:41 pm on Thursday, 7 January, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Huh. Now that is quite curious. I could imagine WordPress deciding to lump all your visits into a single viewer, but that shouldn’t apply to pages viewed, which is what the countries-count gives us. And it certainly wouldn’t apply to people you referred over to me. (I did see your tweet and felt grateful for it.)

        I wonder if I shouldn’t put up an image that’s on a server I control so I can cross-check at least the number of page views and possibly the origins of them.

        Or I can stop worrying and judge readership by more reliable measures, such as times I get Freshly Pressed or other things that don’t happen.

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    How October Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    So, that wasn’t as bad as September. Last month I began my review of readership with the sad news I’d lost about a fifth of my readers from August. I haven’t got them all back yet. But the number of page views did rise to 733 in October. It’s just a bit over September’s 708, but that’s an improvement. That’s a good trend. But I do notice there was a little readership rise between July and August, and then the bottom dropped out. And 733 is still fewer than the number of readers my humor blog got from just people trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with the comic strip Apartment 3-G. (Nothing is happening in Apartment 3-G and the rumor is the strip’s been cancelled.)

    The number of unique visitors rose, from 381 to 405. That’s only the eighth-highest result of the past twelve months. But it is only a little below the twelve-month average. (If you’d like to know: the 12-month mean number of visitors was 419.55, and standard deviation 39.715, so there you go. The median was 415.)

    The number of likes rose again, from September’s absolutely unpopular 188 to a tolerable 244. That’s a little below the twelve-month mean (266.91) and twelve-month median (259), although given the standard deviation is 107.71 that’s hardly anything off the average.

    The number of comments rose to 47, which looks good compared to September’s 25, but is nothing compared to the glory days of August and its 95 and the like. That’s farther below the twelve-month mean of 68.9 and median of 64 (standard deviation of 30), but, eh. I’ll take signs of hope. I maybe need to publicize more of my better material, more often.

    Countries sending me readers have been the United States with 387 page views, the United Kingdom with 55, the Canada with 48, the Austria with 33, and the Philippines with 25. India only offered fourteen page views; Singapore, nine. The European Union got listed with five.

    Single-reader countries for October were Belgium, Czech Republic, Georgia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Paraguay, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Uruguay. Repeats from September on that list are Saudia Arabia and Uruguay. None of the countries are on a three-month streak.

    Among the most popular posts the past month were, of course, Reading the Comics surveys. To avoid flooding the list of what’s popular I’ll just list the category for Comic Strips instead.

    1. Reading the Comics, an ongoing series.
    2. How Many Trapezoids I Can Draw which hasn’t made the top-five or top-ten in a couple months. Curious.
    3. The Set Tour, Part 6: One Big One Plus Some Rubble and I’m glad to see this series getting a little bit of love. I’m having more fun with this than I’ve had with anything since the Summer A To Z.
    4. Phase Equilibria and the usefulness of μ, a reblogged post that’s part of my attempt to get people to pay attention to statistical mechanics.
    5. The Kind Of Book That Makes Me Want To Refocus On Logic, talking about a book I liked. I should probably talk about books I like more.

    The search terms were mostly the usual bunch: origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe and otto soglow little king and how fast is earth spinning. Delighting me, although I haven’t got anything to answer it exactly, was +how to start a pinball league. I’ve picked up a couple things about how they work, but that’s kind of outside the mathematics field proper.

    • vagabondurges 2:10 am on Tuesday, 3 November, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting to read such a breakdown of visitors. Do you think summer gets more viewers because people have more time? Or are more likely to be relaxing and reading interesting things?


      • Joseph Nebus 5:12 am on Tuesday, 3 November, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Well, this summer I had several things working to drive up readership. The biggest one was the A To Z glossary, which gave me three solid, very accessible posts each week. And with my other blog content I was able to post something daily five weeks straight. That’s good for readership anywhere.

        Then in August and September I had crunches on my time that kept me from visiting as many other blogs as I had been doing, and from commenting on them. That almost surely caused other bloggers to forget I was there, and to forget to read me. I haven’t really got a commenting community — people talk to me here, but not to one another — so paying visits is an essential part of getting visits.

        Fortunately the demands on my time have been letting up and I’m better able to go visit blog-friends again. But I think that this summer’s readership highs really depended on the A-to-Z project. The Set Tour is an imitation of that, although only a once-a-week project. I’m considering doing a ‘Theorem Thursday’ thing, taking some specific theorem and explaining it once a week on an easy-to-remember day, if I don’t just take the easy route and do a Winter A-to-Z.


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    What People Did Like In My Mathematics Blog In September 2015 

    I got so busy with my self-pitying yesterday I never got around to talking about what was popular in September. Well, I mentioned: the six most popular posts in September were all Reading the Comics articles, which I’m pretty sure is the first time it’s swept the top of the charts. Also I think for the first time none of the top ten articles were reblogs of anything, nor were they trapezoid-counting.

    For some reason the most popular Reading The Comics entry was one from April. The rest were all September posts, which makes more sense. Anyway, to avoid being boring I’ll skip listing the September Reading the Comics posts. I’ll jump to numbers six through ten for the popular-postings roundup:

    The country sending me the greatest number of readers was, as ever, the United States, with 418 this time around, down from August’s 496. In second place this time was the Philippines, with 43, up from 26. Italy came in third, with 34, and I didn’t see that coming either. (They’d sent nine in August). Canada with 29 and Australia with 22 round out the top five and it’s kind of a relief to see them finally. Singapore sent eight page views, up from five. India sent five, down from 22. So it goes.

    It was another hefty list of singe-reader countries in September: Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, South Korea, St Lucia, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay.

    Repeats on that list from August are Argentina, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, South Korea, and Switzerland. Nepal is on a three-month single-reader streak here.

    There’s not much good in the search terms; nearly all of them were listed as “unknown”. Among the few that were known:

    • foxtrot maths 8 cartoon comic
    • 8 piece math joke comic strip
    • foxtrot maths 9 comic cartoon
    • origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe
    • james clerk maxwell theory comics
    • comics strip james clerk maxwell

    I feel like there’s a niche here and that I need to commission some comics about James Clerk Maxwell.

    September ends with the page having had 28,350 views altogether, and some 10,346 visitors. There’s 518 people listed as WordPress followers which is an increase of one, though the Statistics Insights page says five people started following me. Well, I guess at least it’s upward, from the area code of Albany, New York, up to the area code of Lansing, Michigan. I wonder what state capitol has area code 519. There were fifteen postings in September, up from fourteen in August, down from twenty-four in July. (July had the trailing end of the Mathematics A To Z project.)

    And let me encourage people again to consider the “Follow Blog via Email” link on the upper right of the page. Or if you have an RSS reader, https://nebusresearch.wordpress.com/feed/ will give you posts. My Twitter account is @Nebusj.

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    My Mathematics Blog’s July 2015 Statistics, Plus Their Implications 

    Start of the month, so, it’s time to review my readership numbers. July was not as busy a month as June. I expected that. With the wrap-up of the A To Z glossary there were fewer posts in July than in June, and one can expect people to come to read posts. There weren’t that many fewer — 24 posts in July, versus 28 in June — but every bit counts.

    So the number of page views dropped from 1,051 in June to 863 in July. The number of unique visitors rose, though, from 367 up to 415. The 415 visitors equals that in May. Is this a matter of just fewer posts? Perhaps. The number of views per posting dropped from 37.5 in June to 36.0 in July; that seems near enough identical. The number of unique visitors per posting rose from 13.1 in June to 17.3 in July, though.

    What makes this interesting is these ratios for May. That month had 936 views, 415 visitors, and a scant twelve posts published. That implies 78 views per post, and 34.6 viewers per post. This seems to suggest the best readership-per-effort involvement is not necessarily daily.

    The number of Likes received was down, too, from 518 in June to 382 in July. That’s my second-best on record, though. The number of likes per posting dropped from 18.5 to 16.0, which still seems probably about the same. The May ratio was 21.6 likes per posting. The number of comments dropped insignificantly, from 114 in June to 100 in July. The comments-per-posting rose from 4.1 to 4.2, no way a meaningful change. Though, still, in May, with 84 comments and twelve posts, I had a comments-per-posting ratio of 7.

    This might suggest I’m best off posting every other day, or maybe even every third day, rather than going for a daily or near-daily schedule.

    The greatest number of visitors came as ever from the United States, with 502. Canada sent the next-greatest number, 61 viewers. The United Kingdom came in third at 41. Italy was fourth, at 39 views, and the Philippines 37. I’m glad to have these readers, though I don’t know what’s got me interested in Italy and the Philippines. India sent me 14 viewers, down from June’s 15. Nobody’s listed as being from the European Union, although individual countries within it have a bunch of readers.

    Single-reader countries for July were: Albania, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Mexico, Nepal, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, and the United Arab Emirates. Czech Republic is the only country that was also a single-viewer country last month.

    The most popular posts over July were, if we can trust WordPress’s statistics:

    1. Reading the Comics, April 20, 2015: History of Mathematics Edition
    2. Reading the Comics, July 4, 2015: Symbolic Curiosities Edition
    3. Reading the Comics, July 24, 2015: All The Popular Topics Are Here Edition
    4. Reading the Comics, July 19, 2015: Rerun Comics Edition
    5. A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: tensor
    6. Lewis Carroll Tries Changing The Way You See Trigonometry
    7. A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: ring

    There’s no search term poetry again, alas, although a few things came up. Among them:

    • bloom county 2015 (something I don’t think I ever mentioned, but six people came here looking for it)
    • susan from between friends (Between Friends is one of the comic strips regularly featured around here)
    • origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe.
    • comics strip for sum of difference of two binomials (are there any?)
    • chain rule card sort (not sure what this means, but I’m intrigued)
    • math statistics of the 80s (again, not sure what this means)

    I start the month with a total of 26,734 views, and alongside that 1,946 comments. I expect the 2,000th comment to come sometime in August. I’m curious what it’ll be.

    And then to remind people to read my blog, in a post on my blog. There’s this “Follow Blog via Email” link that, at least in the P2 Classic theme I’m using right now, is over on the upper right of the page. You can do that. If you have an RSS reader, https://nebusresearch.wordpress.com/feed/ will give you posts. https://nebusresearch.wordpress.com/comments/feed/ will give you comments, although that’s got to be a baffling feed. And my regular old Twitter account is @Nebusj. Thanks for existing and all that.

    • scifihammy 6:15 pm on Sunday, 2 August, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      While it’s great fun looking at the stats, I really don’t think they are accurate any more (if they ever were.) Mine are all over the place and I know I have visitors, because they like and comment, but some never appear as a hit (must be in stealth mode!) Still your 2000th comment should be fun. :)


      • Joseph Nebus 4:40 am on Tuesday, 4 August, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Certainly something has gone awry with WordPress’s statistics and I expect it’s connected to the stumbling rolling-out of new features like the Reader that doesn’t quite work and the stats page that hides statistics from us. But this is the only data I have available. And I’m willing to suppose that there’s at least a rough correspondence between what WordPress says and what really is there. If, say, WordPress is routinely dropping 20 percent of page visits, then at least growth trends can be made out.

        Liked by 1 person

        • scifihammy 6:06 am on Tuesday, 4 August, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          Yes, there is that with trends as opposed to actual values. But as you pointed out some time back, there was a definite dip in views around April, when WP presumably stopped counting something! I can’t help it tho, numbers just speak to me! So I’ll still watch them. :)


          • Joseph Nebus 4:12 am on Saturday, 8 August, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            I can’t resist watching the numbers either, even if it’s not perfectly meaningful. I suppose the April Mystery is good at least for reminding us that there is an unavoidable difference between what is true and what we measure, and we mustn’t look for more precise information than we can get.

            Liked by 1 person

            • scifihammy 5:43 am on Saturday, 8 August, 2015 Permalink | Reply

              Ah therein lies the rub! I Want more precise information!! haha :)


              • Joseph Nebus 4:23 am on Monday, 10 August, 2015 Permalink | Reply

                I wonder if I could put together an app that just gave out random numbers as the metrics for all kinds of social media. it could be all the fun of precise information without the worry that, like, the numbers doing badly indicating you’re doing anything wrong.

                Liked by 1 person

    • elkement 10:34 am on Tuesday, 4 August, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I wonder where my clicks went? Perhaps my ad blockers are to blame…


      • Joseph Nebus 4:14 am on Saturday, 8 August, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t think they could be quite so vengeful as to remove clicks from folks who use ad blockers. I mean, they would if it were possible, but I don’t see that it is.

        Liked by 1 person

        • elkement 4:29 am on Saturday, 8 August, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          As far as I remember, they need (or needed?) a script to check the clicks – so it is not just parsing the web server’s log file. You see the browser try to access a ‘statistics’ URL, and it looks similar to accessing the ‘ad’ server. I once tried with Tor browser which prevented the script to run as well, and no clicks were recorded.


  • Joseph Nebus 6:50 pm on Sunday, 5 July, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: comments, countries, , ,   

    My Mathematics Blog’s June 2015 Statistics, Unabbreviated 

    I have my main computer back, happy to say, and now I can fill in the missing parts of my June 2015 statistics report.

    As mentioned, June had a record number of views, with 1,051. The number of unique visitors — if WordPress is counting all the visitors — is still down. In April there were 389 visitors and in May 415. June saw only 367 that WordPress sees fit to tell me about. That does imply the views per visitor rose, from April’s 2.69 and May’s 2.26 up to 2.86 in June.

    June set a record for likes, though, with 518 recorded. That’s well above the previous record of 296 set in April and the not-bad 259 from May. Comments were at a record high too. WordPress noted 114 comments in June, up from May’s 84 and April’s 64. The previous record had been March’s 93. And it tells me that I have 499 total WordPress followers as of the start of July.

    Now to the part from the abbreviated report that people really missed: the listing of the countries. The United States as ever sent me the most readers, 549. Canada came in second, with 91, and the United Kingdom sent 76 readers my way. Italy sent 51 and Austria 30. India sent me 15, way up from May’s two.

    My single-reader countries were Czech Republic, El Salvador, the European Union (?), Ireland, Maldives, Namibia, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Switzerland, Thailand, and Trinidad and Tobago. Romania is on a four-month single-reader streak. Pakistan’s on a two-month streak.

    And I’ve read advice that it’s worth reminding people how to follow your blog. Um. There’s this “Follow Blog via Email” link that, at least in the P2 Classic theme I’m using right now, is over on the upper right of the page. You can do that. If you have an RSS reader, https://nebusresearch.wordpress.com/feed/ will give you posts. https://nebusresearch.wordpress.com/comments/feed/ will give you comments, although that’s got to be a baffling feed. And my regular old Twitter account is @Nebusj, which is usually a little more chatty on weeks that don’t involve computer problems. Thanks for existing and all that.

    • scifihammy 7:28 pm on Sunday, 5 July, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Always fun looking at the stats :)


      • Joseph Nebus 3:18 am on Monday, 6 July, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        And it’s so much easier to look at them than it is to write something original, too. I appreciate that.

        Liked by 1 person

    • sheldonk2014 11:27 pm on Sunday, 5 July, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Joseph
      Thanks for your kind words
      Great to see your stats


    • Ken Dowell 2:25 am on Monday, 6 July, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t know if you can put much credence in the visitor count. I find that it often shows some odd numbers.


      • Joseph Nebus 3:23 am on Monday, 6 July, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Well, I know they’re at most approximate. And they don’t count stuff like RSS readers. And I have heard the rumor they’re not counting the mobile web for some reason. But I do suppose these statistics at least correlate with the actual readership and that’s what I can do anything with.


    • lifeinapod 3:24 am on Monday, 6 July, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      watching stats is fun… sometimes i forget to look at stats for days and then see and feel quite satisfied


  • Joseph Nebus 3:50 pm on Friday, 1 May, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , countries, , Origin, , , ,   

    How April 2015 Treated My Mathematics Blog 

    (I apologize if the formatting is messed up. For some reason preview is not working, and I will not be trying the new page for entering posts if I can at all help it. I will fix when I can, if it needs fixing.)

    As it’s the start of the month I want to try understanding the readership of my blogs, as WordPress gives me statistics. It’s been a more confusing month than usual, though. One thing is easy to say: the number of pages read was 1,047, an all-time high around these parts for a single month. It’s up from 1,022 in March, and 859 in February. And it’s the second month in a row there’ve been more than a thousand readers. That part’s easy.

    The number of visitors has dropped. It was down to 389 in April, from a record 468 in March and still-higher 407 in April. This is, if WordPress doesn’t lead me awry, my fifth-highest number of viewers. This does mean the number of views per visitor was my highest since June of 2013. The blog had 2.69 views per visitor, compared to 2.18 in March and 2.11 in February. It’s one of my highest views-per-visitor on record anyway. Perhaps people quite like what they see and are archive-binging. I approve of this. I’m curious why the number of readers dropped so, though, particularly when I look at my humor blog statistics (to be posted later).

    I’m confident the readers are there, though. The number of likes on my mathematics blog was 297, up from March’s 265 and February’s 179. It’s the highest on record far as WordPress will tell me. So readers are more engaged, or else they’re clicking like from the WordPress Reader or an RSS feed. Neither gets counted as a page view or a visitor. That’s another easy part. The number of comments is down to 64, from March’s record 93, but March seems to have been an exceptional month. February had 56 comments so I’m not particularly baffled by April’s drop.

    May starts out with 23,884 total views, and 472 people following specifically through WordPress.

    It’s a truism that my most popular posts are the trapezoids one and the Reading The Comics posts, but for April that was incredibly true. Most popular the past thirty days were:

    1. How Many Trapezoids I Can Draw.
    2. Reading The Comics, April 10, 2015: Getting Into The Story Problem Edition.
    3. Reading The Comics, April 15, 2015: Tax Day Edition.
    4. Reading The Comics, April 20, 2015: History Of Mathematics Edition.
    5. Reading The Comics, March 31, 2015: Closing Out March Edition.

    I am relieved that I started giving all these Comics posts their own individual “Edition” titles. Otherwise there’d be no way to tell them apart.

    The nations sending me the most readers were, as ever, the United States (662), Canada (82), and the United Kingdom (47), with Slovenia once again strikingly high (36). Hong Kong came in with 24 readers, Italy 23, and Austria a mere 18. Elke Stangl’s had a busy month, I know.

    This month’s single-reader countries were Czech Republic, Morocco, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Romania, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Romania’s the only one that sent me a single reader last month. India bounced back from five readers to six.

    Among the search terms bringing people to me were no poems. Among the interesting phrases were:

    • what point is driving the area difference between two triangles (A good question!)
    • how do you say 1,898,600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (I almost never do.)
    • is julie larson still drawing the dinette set (Yes, to the best of my knowledge.)
    • jpe fast is earth spinning? (About once per day, although the answer can be surprisingly difficult to say! But also figure about 465 times the cosine of your latitude meters per second, roughly.)
    • origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe. (Again, I don’t know what this means, and I’m a little scared to find out.)
    • i hate maths 2015 photos (Well, that just hurts.)
    • getting old teacher jokes (Again, that hurts, even if it’s not near my birthday.)
    • two trapezoids make a (This could be a poem, actually.)
    • how to draw 2 trapezoids (I’d never thought about that one. Shall have to consider writing it.)

    I don’t know quite what it all means, other than that I need to write about comic strips and trapezoids more somehow.

    • scifihammy 4:34 pm on Friday, 1 May, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      While I think it is great fun looking at all the stats – and who doesn’t? – I still think the main point is to enjoy blogging. If you enjoy it, chances are your readers will :)
      As for trying to make sense if the numbers, if you ever do – let me know!! :)


      • Joseph Nebus 6:08 am on Tuesday, 5 May, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Oh, certainly, the important thing is enjoying the blogging. And mostly I do enjoy the writing. Sometimes I end up afraid of the comments, but I try to overcome that.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Angie Mc 7:15 pm on Friday, 1 May, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      OK, Joseph, I’m inching ever closer to doing something with my stats! I’m at least looking at them now :D One thing I like about them is the personal challenge of trying to work hard to engage with others. Looking at the bar graph go up and down helps to keep me motivated in its own way. Congrats on your all time high page reads!


      • Joseph Nebus 6:09 am on Tuesday, 5 May, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        I love looking at the statistics that say how much more a particular essay is read one week compared to the week before. I’m not so fond of the statistics that say how much less a particular essay is read one week compared to the week before. But I don’t know how to get the first without the second. Yet.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Ken Dowell 9:01 pm on Friday, 1 May, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The WordPress stats are all very fascinating but I sometimes think they raise more questions than they answer.


      • Joseph Nebus 6:12 am on Tuesday, 5 May, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Oh, do they ever. Mostly “counting trapezoids? That’s all people want of me?” Sometimes I fear I know what a one-hit wonder’s life is like.


    • elkement 7:31 pm on Saturday, 2 May, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Only 18?? ;-) I would have guessed something more like 30-40? I wonder if one of my AdBlocker thingies on one of my computers prevents WP Stats from collecting my clicks?


      • Joseph Nebus 6:27 am on Tuesday, 5 May, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Only 18, so it says. But I have wondered if something is blocking reads from showing up in WordPress statistics. I had a weird blip in my humor blog’s readership in April and I’m still not sure what (if anything) accounts for it.

        Liked by 1 person

  • Joseph Nebus 7:33 pm on Wednesday, 1 April, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , countries, , ideal gas, , , , , ,   

    My Mathematics Blog, As March 2015 Would Have It 

    And now for my monthly review of publication statistics. This is a good month to do it with, since it was a record month: I had 1,022 pages viewed around these parts, the first time (according to WordPress) that I’ve had more than a thousand in a month. In January I’d had 944, and in February a mere 859, which I was willing to blame on the shortness of that month. March’s is a clean record, though, more views per day than either of those months.

    The total number of visitors was up, too, to 468. That’s compared to 438 in January and 407 in short February, although it happens it’s not a record; that’s still held by January 2013 and its 473 visitors. The number of views per visitor keeps holding about steady: from 2.16 in January to 2.11 in February to 2.18 in March. It appears that I’m getting a little better at finding people who like to read what I like to write, but haven’t caught that thrilling transition from linear to exponential growth.

    The new WordPress statistics tell me I had a record 265 likes in March, up from January’s 196 and February’s 179. The number of comments rose from January’s 51 and February’s 56 to a full 93 for March. I take all this as supporting evidence that I’m better at reaching people lately. (Although I do wonder if it counts backlinks from one of my articles to another as a comment.)

    The mathematics blog starts the month at 22,837 total views, and with 454 WordPress followers.

    The most popular articles in March, though, were the set you might have guessed without actually reading things around here:

    I admit I thought the “how interesting is a basketball tournament?” thing would be more popular, but it’s hampered by having started out in the middle of the month. I might want to start looking at the most popular articles of the past 30 days in the middle of the month too.

    The countries sending me the greatest number of readers were the usual set: the United States at 658 in first place, and Canada in second at 66. The United Kingdom was a strong third at 57, and Austria in fourth place at 30.

    Sending me a single reader each were Belgium, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Nepal, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, and Venezuela. The repeats from February were Japan, Mexico, Romania, and Venezuela. Japan is on a three-month streak, while Mexico has sent me a solitary reader four months in a row. India’s declined slightly in reading me, from 6 to 5. Ah well.

    Among the interesting search terms were:

    • right trapezoid 5 (I loved this anime as a kid)
    • a short comic strip on reminding people on how to order decimals correctly (I hope they found what they were looking for)
    • are there other ways to draw a trapezoid (try with food dye on the back of your pet rabbit!)
    • motto of ideal gas (veni vidi v = nRT/P ?)
    • rectangular states (the majority of United States states are pretty rectangular, when you get down to it)
    • what is the definition of rerun (I don’t think this has come up before)
    • what are the chances of consecutive friday the 13th’s in a year (I make it out at 3/28, or a touch under 11 percent; anyone have another opinion?)

    Well, with luck, I should have a fresh comic strips post soon and some more writing in the curious mix between information theory and college basketball.

    • scifihammy 7:21 am on Friday, 3 April, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      It’s fun to look at our stats :) Though I never understand that a post I have spent a lot of time and effort on passes by hardly noticed, and one I have quickly written in minutes is suddenly my most viewed! I guess all part of the fun! :)
      Nice to find someone else who likes numbers :)


      • Joseph Nebus 5:04 pm on Saturday, 4 April, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        I’ve almost had to give up on guessing what people will and won’t like. I suppose I could try searching what kinds of subjects produce the most response — in readers, in likes, and in comments — and try to aim for that, but I’m not quite up to that challenge yet.

        Anyway, I’m glad that you’re enjoying my little work here.

        Liked by 1 person

        • scifihammy 5:51 pm on Saturday, 4 April, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          I blog for my own amusement really. I just think it is funny what is noticed or not :)
          I don’t understand all you write – but I do like maths :)


    • Planetary Defense Commander 7:05 am on Tuesday, 7 April, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I was a little sleepy when I read this, and my thought was “Chances of consecutive Friday the 13ths? Zero, because the next day will be the 14th.”


      • Joseph Nebus 10:06 pm on Wednesday, 8 April, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        You’d think that would be reassuring, but I believe Churchy La Femme has at least a couple months worried about there being no end of 13ths in the month. (He’d be reassured that Friday the 13th comes on a Monday this April, though.)


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