Wednesday, April 18, 1962 – Astronaut Applications Open

NASA is accepting applications for additional astronauts and will be doing so through June 1, 1962. The plan is to select between five and ten new astronauts to augment the existing corps of seven. The new astronauts will support Project Mercury operations, and go on to join the Mercury astronauts in piloting the Gemini spacecraft.
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Sunday, March 4, 1962

Mercury Astronauts Scott Carpenter and Walter Schirra went through water-egress exercises, including practice with helicopter pickups.

Friday, March 2, 1962

The Mercury 7 astronauts, who may be expected to continue on to Project Gemini, were today the guests of the United Nations, following yesterday’s “John Glenn Day” in New York City.  Glenn himself was spokesman during an informal reception given by Acting Secretary General U Thant.