Have You Considered Spending Next Month Drawing Mathematics?

While poking around on Mathstodon, the mathematics-themed instance of the Twitter-like Mastodon, I ran across this. It’s “Mathober 2022”, the third of a series of daily doodling prompts, all built on mathematics themes.

The list of topics, and the goal of the exercise, is described here. The idea is to take a chance to do a sketch or a doodle or write a little bit about each of 31 mathematics topics, and share what you do. There’s no obligation to do all of them, no standards on how finished to do things. Or whether you can work ahead, or enter things late. The goal is to encourage creative expression.

Some of the prompts, like ‘cubic’ or ‘Moiré’, seem to have obvious artistic interpretation. Others, like ‘fundamental’ or ‘singularity’, will be more challenging.

This turns out to be the third Mathober and I regret not being aware of earlier ones. Daily prompt projects can be great ways to find motivation to do new creative projects.

How October 2021 Treated My Mathematics Blog

I’m aware this is a fair bit into October. But it’s the first publication slot I’ve had free. At least since I want Wednesdays to take the Little 2021 A-to-Z essays, and Mondays the other thing I publish. If that, since October ended up another month when I barely managed one essay a week. Let me jump right to that, in fact. The five essays published here in October ranked like this, in popularity, and it’s not just order of publication:

I don’t know what made “Embedding” so popular. I’d suspect I may have hit a much-searched-for keyword except it doesn’t seem to be popular so far in November.

So I got 2,547 page views around here in October. This is up from the last couple months. It’s quite average for the twelve months from October 2020 through September 2021, though. The twelve-month running mean was 2,543.2 page views per month, and the running median of 2,569 views per month. I told you it was average.

Bar chart showing two and a half years' worth of readership figures. After a fairly steep three-month decline both page views and unique readers rose slightly in August, dropped in September, and rose a fair bit in October.
Hey, they forgot to put in the advertisement offering to sell me some kind of further insight this month. Now how will I know to “post content that your readers respond to”?

There were 1,733 unique visitors, as WordPress makes it out. That’s almost, but a bit below average. The running mean was 1,811.3 visitors per month for the twelve months leading up to October. The running median was 1,801 unique visitors. I can make this into something good; it implies people who visited read more stuff. A mere 30 likes were given in October, below the running mean of 47.5 and median of 45. And there were only five comments, below the mean of 16.2 and median of 12.

Given that I’m barely posting anymore, though, the numbers look all right. This was 509.4 views per posting, which creams the running mean of 286.0 and running median of 295.9 views per posting. There were 346.8 unique visitors per posting, even more above the running mean of 203.2 and running median of 205.6 unique visitors per posting. Rating things per posting even makes the number of likes look good: 6.0 per posting, above the mean of 5.2 and median of 4.9. Can’t help with comments, though. Those hang out at a still-anemic 1.0 comments per posting, below the running mean of 1.9 and median of 1.4.

WordPress figures that I published 5,335 words in October, an average of 1,067.0 words per posting. That is my second-chattiest month all year, and my longest words-per-posting for the month. I don’t know where all those words came from. So far for all of 2021 I’ve published 44,323 words, averaging 599 words per essay.

As of the start of November I’ve published 1,656 essays here. They’ve drawn a total 146,834 views from 87,340 logged unique visitors. And drawn 3,285 comments altogether, so far.

If you’d like to follow this blog regularly, please do. You can use the “Follow Nebusresearch” button at the upper right corner of this page. Or you can get essays by e-mail as soon as they’re published, using the box just below that button. I never use the e-mail for anything but sending these essays. I can’t say what WordPress does with them, though.

To get essays on your RSS reader, use the feed at https://nebusresearch.wordpress.com/feed/. You can get RSS readers from several places, including This Old Reader or at Newsblur. You also can sign up for a free account at Dreamwidth or Livejournal, and use https://www.dreamwidth.org/feeds/ or https://www.livejournal.com/syn to add my essays to your Reading or Friends page. This words for any RSS feed, and very many blogs and web sites offer them yet.

While my Twitter account is unattended — all it does is post announcements of essays; I don’t see anything from it — I am on Mathstodon, the mathematics-themed instance of the Mastodon network. So you can catch me as @nebusj@mathstodon.xyz there, and I’m not sure anyone has yet. Still, thank you for reading, and here’s hoping for a good November.

How October 2020 Treated My Mathematics Blog

I’m still only doing short reviews of my readership figures. These are nice easy posts to make, and strangely popular, but they do take time and I’m never sure why people find them interesting. I think it’s all from other bloggers, happy to know how much better their blogs are doing.

Granted that: I had, for me, a really well-read month. According to WordPress, there were 3,043 pages viewed here in October 2020. This is way above the twelve-month running average of 2,381.5 views per month. Also this is the second-largest number of page views I’ve gotten since October 2019. That month, too, was part of an A-to-Z sequence. I wrote something that got referenced on some actually popular web site, though, last year. This year, all I can figure is spillover of people on my other blog wanting to know what’s going on with Mark Trail.

(If you read any web site that regularly talks about Mark Trail, poke around the comments. There’s people upset about the new artist. It’s not my intention to mock them; anything you like changing out from under you is upsetting. But it is soothing to see people worrying about, ultimately, a guy who punches smugglers while giant squirrels talk. On my other blog I plan to have a full plot recap of that in about two weeks.)

Bar chart of monthly readership and unique visitor statistics for this blog. There was an enormous peak in October 2019; there's been slow growth leading up to October 2020.
I still don’t believe this ‘Start earning money now’ claim and I don’t know anyone who would.

There were more unique visitors in October 2020 than any other month besides October 2019, also. WordPress recorded 2,161 unique visitors, well above the twelve-month running average of 1,644.2. It’s much the same for interactions as well: 79 things were liked, compared to the running average of 59.8, and 18 comments, above the 17.1 running average.

October was another month of 18 posts, and I have a running average of 17.6 posts per month now. I’m surprised by that too. I feel like any month that isn’t an A-to-Z sequence I have twelve posts, but there we go. This all means the per-post October averages were above the per-post running averages.

What were the most popular recent posts? Here recent means “from September or October”? That I’m glad to share:

All told, in October I published 12,937 words, down a bit from September. This was an average of 718.7 words per posting in October, which still brings my year-to-date average post length up to 697 words. It had been 694 at the start of October.

As of the start of November I’ve published 1,554 posts here. They’ve gathered 116,811 page views. I like how nearly but not quite palindromic that number is. It even almost but not quite stays the same under a 180 degree rotation. These pages overall have drawn 66,030 logged unique visitors.

I still plan to have an A-to-Z essay this and every Wednesday until we run out of alphabet. You can see that, and all this year’s essays, at this link. This year’s and all past A-to-Z essays should be at this link.

You can be a regular reader here adding my essays’ feed to whatever your RSS reader is. If you don’t have an RSS reader, get a free account at Dreamwidth or Livejournal. You can add any RSS feed to your friends page from https://www.dreamwidth.org/feeds/ or https://www.livejournal.com/syn as you like. Or if you have a WordPress account you can add this to your Reading page by clicking the “Follow Nebusresearch” button on the page. Or

My essays are announcedon Twitter as @nebusj. Don’t try to talk with me there. I haven’t had the energy to work out why Safari only sometimes will let Twitter load. If you actually want to social-media talk with me look to the mathematics-themed Mathstodon and my account @nebusj@mathstodon.xyz. If you really need me, leave a comment. Thank you all for reading.

Denise Gaskins hosted the 142nd Playful Math Education Blog Carnival

It’s the final week of the month and so the Playful Math Education Blog Carnival has published again. The host this time is Denise Gaskins, who also runs the project. You can read the 142nd Blog Carnival essay here, and find something interesting or delightful or useful.

If you’d like to host the carnival some month, you can sign up here. Most of 2021 is open, as I write this. I’ve had the chance to host several times. It’s a novel challenge, and something that pushes me to look beyond my usual familiar mathematics reading. You might find it similarly energizing.

How October 2019 Treated My Mathematics Blog



So, somebody linked to me from somewhere.

And it drew a lot of people who came over, read one or two essays, and then vanished again. Such is the fickleness of fame. But on the 16th of October something drew 4,089 visitors to this site. They looked at 5,003 pages. The next day it was badly faded, 720 views from 570 visitors. Then 228 views from 166 visitors. Two or three days after that I was back to something like the normal number of views per day, for a high-volume era like an A to Z sequence. Still, this is going to throw all my twelve-month running averages off for … a year … or possibly more. Here’s how things looked, though.

Bar chart of three and a half years of readership, ending in an enormous peak about four times any other month's readership and unique visitors.
So, two thoughts: first, I’m so glad that on the peak day of all this, I got just above five thousand views, since coming in at, say, 4,997 would drive me crazy. Second: boy, this really drives home how huge the Internet is, and how tiny a piece I have of it.

So, yeah, some 8,667 page views, from 6,362 unique visitors. This far blows away every readership statistic I’ve ever had. The twelve-month running average is a relatively feeble 1,442.2 page views from 888.7 unique visitors, for example. I’ll be plummeting back to that soon enough. There were 107 things liked in October, well above the average of 67.8. Still, there were only 17 comments, down from the average of 21.1. Clearly I got people reading without feeling like they were free to say something. For the record, though, I’m grateful to anyone who writes any comment on anything. I do read it promptly. I try to write a response, but will often end up in that sort of faintly anxious productivity death-spiral of figuring I need to make a better reply, which I’ll do better later in the day or maybe tomorrow. It’s not you; it’s me not living up to my resolution to answer things right after lunch each day.

Anyway there were 279.6 views per posting in October, way above the twelve-month average of 98.0. There were 205.2 unique visitors per posting, although really almost all of them went to a single posting. The average is 62.1. Those numbers are gibberish and are going to be gibberish for the next year or so now, unless somebody links to me from somewhere regularly. More meaningful: the number of likes per post, 3.5, comparable yet below the running average of 4.5. Or the comments per posting, 0.5, comparable yet below the running average of 1.3.

Counting my home page there were 311 essays that got any views in October, a bit more than September’s 296. There were 187 that got more than one page view, barely above September’s 172. 51 got at least ten page views, a good bit over September’s 37. And the most popular pieces? Well, there’s the one that got linked to. Besides my home page the top five were:

There were 5,317 views of the linear programming essay. So it won’t surprise you that I had a new most popular day ever: the 16th of October, which was actually the Wednesday after the linear programming essay published.

Mercator-style map of countries of the world, with the United States in darkest red, and great swaths of the rest of the world in pink. Not offering any readers are places like Saharan Africa, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. And, of course, Greenland.
So, like, I don’t want to obsess about even more petty things but could someone check whether, like, Greenland even has the Internet? Because if I’m not reading WordPress’s statistics wrong, I have not once ever gotten a page view from Greenland and that seems improbable. I know, there are like 26 people in Greenland, but still, it’s been nearly a decade. Somebody would have to hit something just by accident.

116 countries or the equivalent sent me readers in October, way above September’s 69 and August’s 65. 24 of them were single-view countries, above the 19 of September and 17 of August. The roster of countries:

Country Readers
United States 4,314
United Kingdom 488
Canada 396
India 396
Germany 356
France 218
Netherlands 155
Australia 143
Philippines 130
Italy 123
Sweden 116
Brazil 111
Finland 87
Switzerland 85
Poland 81
Spain 76
Japan 75
Singapore 73
South Africa 67
Russia 59
Norway 56
Belgium 54
Ireland 54
Portugal 47
Czech Republic 43
Mexico 38
Turkey 36
Austria 35
China 35
Hong Kong SAR China 34
New Zealand 33
Romania 33
Denmark 31
Slovenia 29
Argentina 28
Colombia 25
Israel 24
Taiwan 24
Greece 22
South Korea 21
Thailand 21
Slovakia 20
Ukraine 19
Hungary 18
Indonesia 18
Serbia 18
Vietnam 16
European Union 15
Croatia 14
Lithuania 14
Chile 11
Peru 11
United Arab Emirates 10
Sri Lanka 9
Bulgaria 8
Ecuador 8
Jordan 8
Kenya 8
Saudi Arabia 8
Uruguay 8
Iceland 7
Lebanon 7
Pakistan 7
Bangladesh 6
Latvia 6
Macedonia 6
Malaysia 6
Tunisia 6
Cape Verde 5
Egypt 5
Guatemala 5
Nigeria 5
Belarus 4
Costa Rica 4
Nepal 4
Puerto Rico 4
Uganda 4
Bahrain 3
Bosnia & Herzegovina 3
Cyprus 3
Georgia 3
Luxembourg 3
Morocco 3
Venezuela 3
Armenia 2
Bolivia 2
Dominican Republic 2
Estonia 2
Malta 2
Myanmar (Burma) 2
Namibia 2
Paraguay 2
Zimbabwe 2
Albania 1
Algeria 1
American Samoa 1
Angola 1
Azerbaijan 1
Cambodia 1
Cameroon 1
Congo – Kinshasa 1
Ghana 1
Guyana 1
Honduras 1
Iran 1
Kuwait 1
Martinique 1
Montenegro 1
Panama 1
Qatar 1
Réunion 1
Rwanda 1
Senegal 1
Sudan 1
Tanzania 1
Trinidad & Tobago 1
Uzbekistan 1 (*)

Uzbekistan was the only country to also get a single page view in September. The Philippines, after several months in a row being the country that sent me the second largest number of readers, fell to ninth. It didn’t have that many fewer readers in September; it’s just that countries like Canada and India leapt way ahead. Again, somebody linked to me.

From the dawn of time through the start of November 2019 I’d posted 1,355 things. These drew a total 93,862 views from 50,505 logged unique visitors. (The number of unique visitors from the earliest years of this blog were not kept in any way that I know how to access.)

In October, despite publishing 31 pieces, I had a relatively laconic month. I published 24,917 words, an average 803.8 words per posting in October. It’s reduced the average length of a post this year to 915, down from 944 for the year to the start of October. I don’t know.

November should see the conclusion of the Fall 2019 A-to-Z sequence, trusting that my Tuesday and Thursday schedule keps up. If you have thoughts for the last several letters, please add them to the roster here. I’ve been given several great ideas already, but am always happy to have … more … blog friends to disappoint by turning down their topics. Um. Well, I also plan to keep publishing at least one Reading the Comics post each week.

I’d lke to have you as a regular reader, too, even if you just came here to read the one thing. You can use the “Follow Nebusresearch” button on the upper right corner of this page. If you use an RSS reader, https://nebusresearch.wordpress.com/feed/ is the feed for all my posts. If you need an RSS reader, you can use a free Livejournal or Dreamwidth account and add it to your Friends page there. And while I have a Twitter account as @Nebusj, it’s gone fallow after a couple months where Safari would just freeze up rather than let me see anything. I keep thinking to go back and check if that nonsense is still going on. We’ll see if I do.

How October 2018 Treated My Mathematics Blog

I expected there to be a fair number of readers here in October. The A to Z project, particularly, implied that. A To Z months are exhausting, but they give me a lot of posts. And I’m as sure as I can be without actually checking that the number of posts is the biggest determining factor in how many readers I attract. There were 23 posts in October, compared to September’s 15 and my summertime usual of 12 to 14.

Then there’s the Playful Mathematics Education Blog Carnival. This posted in September — by six hours — but it was destined to bring new and, I hope, happy readers in. And that happened also. Here’s what the WordPress statistics showed me for the month:

October 2018: 2,010 views from 1,063 visitors. 1.89 views per visitor. 23 posts published.
I’m so looking forward to seeing how big my faceplant back to normal is for November. No, really, nobody put references to me on some high-volume blog that tells people of cool stuff they might be reading. I couldn’t bear it.

So this was my highest-readership month since the blog started seven years ago. 2,010 page views, from 1,063 unique visitors. That’s also the greatest number of unique visitors I’ve had in one month, and the first time I’ve broken a thousand visitors. September had 1,505 page views from 874 unique visitors; August, 1,421 page views from 913 unique visitors.

There was a bit of an upswing in the number of likes: 94 of them issued in October, compared to September’s 65 and August’s 57. This is on the higher side for this year, but it is down a good bit from the comparable month two or three years ago. In June 2015, for my first A to Z, I drew over 500 likes; I don’t know where likers have gone.

There were 60 comments on the blog in October, partly people who liked or wanted to talk about A To Z topics, partly people suggesting others. It’s the greatest number of comments I’ve had in one month in two years now. September had 36 commenters; August, 27. Have to go back to March 2016 to find a month when more people said anything around here. That, too, was an A-to-Z month, and one of the handful of months when I posted something every single day.

There were a lot of popular posts this month, naturally. This might be the first time in years that none of the top five were Reading the Comics posts. The A to Z and the Playful Mathematics Education Blog Carnival squeezed out very nearly everything:

52 countries sent me any readers in August. 58 did so in September. There were 16 single-reader countries in August and 14 in September. For busy October?

Country Readers
United States 1,172
Philippines 99
United Kingdom 94
Denmark 82
Canada 65
India 59
Singapore 53
Australia 50
Poland 27
Slovenia 24
Brazil 20
South Africa 16
Turkey 15
European Union 13
Greece 13
Germany 12
France 11
Mexico 11
Puerto Rico 11
Spain 10
Ireland 8
Malaysia 8
Italy 7
New Zealand 7
Russia 6
Switzerland 6
Argentina 5
Netherlands 5
Nigeria 5
Norway 5
China 4
Hong Kong SAR China 4
Indonesia 4
Pakistan 4
Belgium 3
Belize 3
Chile 3
Kenya 3
South Korea 3
Algeria 2
Austria 2
Barbados 2
Croatia 2
Ghana 2
Japan 2
Morocco 2
Qatar 2
Romania 2
Slovakia 2
Sweden 2
Ukraine 2
Albania 1
Bahrain 1
Bangladesh 1
Bulgaria 1
Cambodia 1
Colombia 1 (**)
Cyprus 1
Czech Republic 1 (*)
Georgia 1
Jamaica 1
Jordan 1
Kazakhstan 1
Macau SAR China 1
Macedonia 1
Myanmar (Burma) 1
Oman 1
Peru 1
Portugal 1
Serbia 1
Sri Lanka 1
Taiwan 1
Uruguay 1
Vietnam 1

74 countries sending me any readers at all. 23 countries sent me a single reader for the month. Czech republic has sent me a single reader two months in a row now; Columbia, three months in a row.

Insights tells me that I started November with a total of 69,895 page views, from a logged 34,538 unique visitors. As ever, please recall the first couple years WordPress didn’t tell us anything about the unique visitor count, so for all I know there “should” be more.

In October I published 28,733 words, which is nearly double September’s total. Whew. I’d posted 142 things this year by the start of November, and gathered a total of 391 comments and 787 likes for the year to date. This averaged to 3.1 comments per post on average, up from 2.6 at the start of October. And 5.5 likes per posting, down from 5.8 at the start of October. The 142 posts through the start of November averaged 996 words each. That’s up from 946 words per post at the start of October. I’m going to crush myself beneath a pile of words that I meant to be less deep.

If you’d like to add this blog to your WordPress Reader, there should be a button to do so at the upper right corner of this page. It should also be an option in this pop-up menu from the lower right corner. Or you can add this blog to your RSS reader, and read it in any format you like and without me or WordPress being able to track you. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter, I am @Nebusj. Still thinking seriously about getting a Mathstodon account. And if you’re interested in my two biggest projects here, all of my Fall 2018 Mathematics A-To-Z should appear at this link. My biggest ongoing project is Reading the Comics, and its many posts are here. Thank you for reading.

How October 2017 Treated My Mathematics Blog

October paid less attention to my mathematics blog than did September. I expected that. I published rather fewer pieces in October as the A To Z project had finished. And there’s some extent to which publishing anything is valuable in getting readership. How important I don’t know. I’ve never tried testing the relationship between how many readers I get and how many articles I post. I imagine the number of confounding factors would make their relationship vague. But I could run it anyway, as an example of how to do that kind of calculation.

It also makes me wonder whether republishing older essays is worthwhile. Or at least posting links to older content. I worry about boring longtime readers, although I’m not sure how many of those I even have. And it happens two of my most popular essays this month were fairly old bits of writing. I like to list the top five around here, but there was a three-way tie for fifth place. Big in October were:

That “here’s a thing I read” also seems to be a reliably popular post suggests maybe I need to do a weekly post about just other mathematics stuff I’d read.

Country Readers
United States 632
United Kingdom 76
India 67
Philippines 60
Canada 31
Germany 16
Slovenia 16
Singapore 15
Australia 12
France 11
Austria 10
Romania 7
Spain 7
Malaysia 6
Brazil 5
Kuwait 5
Netherlands 5
Turkey 5
Belarus 4
Hong Kong SAR China 4
Italy 4
South Africa 4
European Union 3
Poland 3
Slovakia 3
South Korea 3
Argentina 2
Denmark 2
Indonesia 2
Iraq 2
Ireland 2
Mexico 2
Norway 2
St. Kitts and Nevis 2
Sweden 2
Thailand 2
Ukraine 2
United Arab Emirates 2
Albania 1
Bangladesh 1
Belgium 1 (*)
Bulgaria 1 (*)
China 1
Hungary 1
Japan 1
Latvia 1
Macedonia 1
New Zealand 1 (*)
Russia 1
Switzerland 1
Taiwan 1

I make that out to be 51 countries sending me readers at all, down from September’s 65. There were 13 single-reader countries, down from September’s 20. Belgium, Bulgaria, and New Zealand were single-reader countries for two months in a row, and no country’s on a three-month single-reader streak. “European Union” is back after a month’s absence. I’m still surprised by the number of readers from the Philippines I’ve drawn two months in a row now.

All together there were 1,069 page views from 614 unique visitors in October. That’s down from 1,232 page views and 672 unique visitors in September, and an up-and-down split from the 1,030 page views from 680 unique visitors in August. In August there were 21 posts here, in September 20, and in October 13. I kind of get the feeling people like me, but only a certain amount of me, and then they drift off.

The number of ‘likes’ went back to cratering, down to 64 over the month of October. There’d been 98 in September and 147 in August. The number of comments fell too, to a meager 12 from September’s 42 and August’s 46. The A To Z format definitely looks more inviting and welcoming to commenters, I have to conclude.

October finished out with my page here having collected 54,336 total page views from some 25,288 admitted unique visitors. I believe there were a few more visitors but some of them were copying.

Insights says that the most popular day for page views was Monday, which drew 18 percent of page views, down just a bit from September’s 20 percent. In a major upset 6 pm was not the most popular hour for readers, though. 7 pm was, when 8 percent of page views came in. I’m not sure how that happened; 6 pm is when I set most stuff to post and readers seem to follow. Maybe it’s a Daylight Saving Time issue. Oh, come to think of it, this is one of the few weeks that Greenwich Time and Eastern Time aren’t in Daylight-Saving/Summer-Time synch, isn’t it? I started out with this as a joke but perhaps that’s really going on. (No, I guess not. 12:00 am is still my most popular hour on my humor blog.) Anyway, I’m figuring to skip future mentions of what Insights tells me about popular days or hours. I can’t figure how they’re indicating anything more than “I’m about equally popular-ish any hour of any day of the week”.

WordPress says I’m starting November with 709 WordPress.com followers, which is down from September’s 717. Well, I’m sure all 709 of them are live, active accounts from people who’ve used them more recently than three years ago when they posted twice. If you’d like to follow my mathematical chats here you can add it to your reader. Go to the upper right corner of this page and click the ‘Follow NebusResearch’ button. If you’d rather get things by e-mail, there should be a ‘Follow Blog Via E-Mail’ button there too. And if that’s all fine enough but you’d like to see me limited to about 22 words at a time, try out @Nebusj on Twitter. Thanks.

How October 2016 Treated My Mathematics Blog

I do try to get these monthly readership review posts done close to the start of the month. I was busy the 1st of the month, though, and had to fit around the End 2016 Mathematics A To Z. And then I meant to set this to post on Thursday, since I didn’t have anything else going that day, and forgot.

Readership Numbers:

The number of page views declined again in October, part of a trend that’s been steady since June. There were only 907 views, down a slight amount from September’s 922 or more significantly from August’s 1002. I’ll find my way back above a thousand in a month if I can. A To Z months are usually pretty good ones, possibly because of all the fresh posts reminding people I exist.

The number of unique visitors dropped to 536. There had been 576 in September, but then there were only 531 unique visitors in August, if you believe that sort of thing. The number of likes was 115, exactly the same as in September and slightly up from August’s 107. The number of comments rose to 24, up from September’s 20 and August’s 16. That’s certainly been helped by people making requests for the End 2016 Mathematics A To Z. But that counts too.

Popular Posts:

The most popular post of the month was a surprise to me and dates back to September of 2012, incredibly. I suspect someone on a popular web site linked to it and I never suspected. And the Reading the Comics posts were popular as ever.

I’ve been trying to limit these most-popular posts to just five pieces. But How Mathematical Physics Works was the next piece to make the top ten and I am proud of it, so there.

Listing Countries:

Where did my readers come from in October? All over, but mostly, from 46 particular countries. Here’s the oddly popular list of them:

Country Readers
United States 466
United Kingdom 78
Philippines 55
India 52
Canada 32
Germany 27
Austria 23
Puerto Rico 19
Australia 14
France 12
Slovenia 10
Spain 9
Brazil 7
Netherlands 7
Italy 6
New Zealand 5
Singapore 5
Denmark 4
Sweden 4
Bulgaria 3
Poland 3
Serbia 3
Argentina 2
European Union 2
Indonesia 2
Norway 2
Bahamas 1
Belgium 1
Czech Republic 1 (**)
Estonia 1 (*)
Finland 1
Greece 1
Ireland 1
Israel 1
Jamaica 1
Japan 1
Mexico 1
Portugal 1 (*)
Russia 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Slovakia 1
South Africa 1
Ukraine 1
United Arab Emirates 1
Uruguay 1
Zambia 1

Estonia and Portugal are on two-month streaks as single-read countries. The Czech Republic’s on a three-month streak so. Nobody’s on a four-month streak, not yet.

Search Term Non-Poetry:

Once again it wasn’t a truly poetic sort of month. But it was one that taught me what people are looking for, and it’s comics about James Clerk Maxwell. Look at these queries:

  • comic strips of the scientist maxwell
  • comics trip of james clerk maxwell
  • comics about maxwell the scientist
  • james clerk maxwell comics trip
  • log 10 times 10 to the derivative of 10000
  • problems with vinyl lp with too many grooves
  • comics about integers
  • comic strip in advance algebra

I admit I don’t know why someone sees James Clerk Maxwell as a figure for a comics trip. He’s famous for the laws of electromagnetism, of course. Also for great work in thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. Also for color photography. And explaining how the rings of Saturn could work. And for working out the physics of truss bridges, which may sound boring but is important. Great subject for a biography. Just, a comic?

Counting Readers:

November sees the blog start with 42,250 page views, from 17,747 unique visitors if you can believe that. I’m surprised the mathematics blog still has a higher view count than my humor blog has, just now. That one’s consistently more popular; this one’s just been around longer.

WordPress says I started November with 626 followers, barely up from October’s 624. If you have wanted to follow me, there’s a button on the upper-right corner of the blog for that, at least until I change to a different theme. Also if you know a WordPress theme that would work better for the kind of blog I write let me know. I have a vague itch to change things around and that always precedes trouble. Also you can follow me on Twitter, @Nebusj, or check that out to make sure I’m not one of those people who somehow is hard to Twitter-read.

According to the “Insights” tab my readership’s largest on Sundays, which makes sense. I’ve standardized on Sundays for the Reading the Comics essays. That gets 18 percent of page views, slightly more than one in seven views. The most popular hour is again 6 pm, I assume Universal Time. 14 percent of page views come in that hour. That’s the same percentage as last month and it must reflect when my standard posting hour is.

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