How September 2021 Treated My Mathematics Blog

Better than it treated me! Which is a joke I used last month too. But it’s been a rough while but that’s all right, it’ll all turn around as soon as I buy one winning PowerBall lottery ticket. And since my custom, when I do play, is to buy two tickets at once, I look to be in very good shape as of Monday’s drawing. Thank you for your concern.

I posted seven things in September, including the much-delayed start of the Little Mathematics A-to-Z. Those postings drew 1,973 views altogether from 1,414 unique visitors. These numbers are far below the running averages for the twelve months running up to September. The mean was 2,580.6 views from 1,830.4 unique visitors per month. The median was 2,559 views from 1,801 unique visitors. So this implies a readership decline.

Per-posting, though, the numbers look better. I recorded 281.9 views per posting in September, from 202.0 unique visitors. (Again, this is total views, of everything, not just of September-dated essays.) The running mean was 273.7 views per posting from 194.0 unique visitors. The running median was 295.9 views per posting from 204.3 unique visitors. That’s all quite in line with things and suggests if I posted more, I would be read more. A fine theory, but how could it be implemented?

Bar chart showing two and a half years' worth of readership figures. After a fairly steep three-month decline both page views and unique readers rose slightly in August before drooping again in September.
I keep looking at that Insights tab and I never get any better at positioning myself.

31 likes were given to things in September, below the running average of 51.6 and the running mean of 47.5. It’s not much better per posting, though: 4.4 likes per posting in September, below the running mean of 5.2 per posting and median of 4.9 per posting. Comments are down a little, too, 10 given in the month compared to a mean of 18.0 and median of 15.5. That translates to 1.4 comments per posting, below the running mean of 1.9 per posting and running median of 1.6 per posting. So, yeah, if Mathematics WordPress isn’t dying it is successfully ejecting me from its body.

The things I posted in September ranked like this, in order of popularity:

Most popular altogether was How To Find A Logarithm Without Much Computing Power. That’s an essay which links to a string of essays that tell you just what it says on the tin.

WordPress estimates that I published 2,973 words in September, a modest but increasing 424.7 words per posting. My average essay so far this year has grown to 565 words. So far for 2021 I’ve posted 38,988 words. This is terse, for me. There have been years I did that in two months.

As of the start of October I’ve had 144,287 page views from 85,603 logged unique visitors, over the course of 1,651 posts. If you’d like to be a regular reader, please use the “Follow Nebusresearch” button at the upper right corner of this page. If you’d rather have essays sent to you by e-mail, use the button a little below that.

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My Twitter account has gone feral and only posts announcements of essays. But you can interact with me as, on the Mastodon network. Thanks for reading, in whatever way you’re doing it, and here’s hoping for a good October.

How September 2020 Treated My Mathematics Blog

I continue my tradition of doing these monthly readership reviews just a little too far into the month to feel sensible. Well, I’m trying to publish more things on the weekdays and have three of those five committed, while the A-to-Z goes on.

In September I posted only 18 pieces. That’s all right. There was more to them: 15,922 words posted in total. This comes to an average of 936.6 words per posting, way up from August’s 634.3. It’s my most wordy month this year, so far. My year-to-date average post has been 694 words, around here.

Those 18, on average enormous, posts drew 2,422 page views. I like seeing that sort of number, since it’s above the twelve-month running average of 2,383.3 page views. There were 1,643 unique visitors, again above the twelve-month running average of 1,622.8. And I’m really amazed by that since the twelve-month running average includes that fluke last October where something like five thousand more people than usual came in and looked at my post about linear programming.

Bar chart of monthly readership for the past two and a half years. There's an enormous spike in October 2019. The last four months through October 2020 show a more steady rise.
I know what it means, but I choose to believe the 1.48 views per visitor means everybody loads a second page, glances at it, and then closes the browser tab before they’ve got through the whole thing. More silly that way.

It was an engaged month, too. There were 80 things liked in September, above the average of 62.3. And 32 comments, beating the 17.4 average.

The per-posting figures were similarly above the twelve-month running averages. 134.6 views per posting, above the 125.3 running average. 91.3 unique visitors per posting, above the 85.0 running average. 4.4 likes per posting, compared to a 3.3 running average. 1.8 comments per posting, compared to a 1.0 running average. I’m going to be felling good about this month until that happens again.

I wanted to look at the most popular posts from August and September around here. August because, you know, there’s stuff posted the last week of the month that gets readers early in the new month. It doesn’t seem fair to rule them out as popular posts just because the kalends work against them. Turns out nothing from late August was among the most popular stuff. There was a tie for fifth place, though, as sometimes happens. So here’s the six most popular posts of September:

I always feel strange when the monthly readership post is one of the most popular things here. It implies I should do more of just writing up past glories.

October started with me having 1,535 posts here. They have collected 113,769 views, from 63,868 logged unique visitors.

Each Wednesday, I hope to publish an A-to-Z essay. You can see that, and all this year’s essays, at this link. This year’s and all past A-to-Z essays should be at this link. And I am open for topics starting S, T, or U, if you’d like to see me explain something.

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My essays are announcedon Twitter as @nebusj. My twitter is nearly abandoned, though. Only sometimes does Safari let it load. If you actually want to social-media talk with me look to the mathematics-themed Mathstodon and my account It’s low-volume over there, but it’s pleasant. If you really need me, well, leave a comment. I try to get back to those soon enough. Thank you for reading.

How September 2019 Treated My Mathematics Blog

I enjoyed a very busy September 2019 around here. This in several senses. For one, I had a posting every day through September. This is a state I sometimes achieve during A-to-Z months. This time around I’m helped by making two days of the week “Exploiting My Archives” posts. All they do is point to older posts. But that still counts as a new post. And I continue to believe without checking that the number of times I post is the one thing within my control that affects my readership. So let’s dig in to the details of that readership, mm? Thanks.

69 countries or country-like polities sent me readers in September. That’s up from the 65 of August and 64 of July. 19 of these were single-page-view countries. That’s up from the 17 of the past two months. Which countries were these all?

Mercator-style map of the world, with the United States in darkest red. India and the Philippines are nearly equally dark red also. Much of the rest of the Americas, Europe, Russia, and Oceana are about uniformly light pink. Few African countries have any non-grey color to them.
I’m putting the map of the countries first because that way it shows up in the Twitter announcement of this post, and I’d like to have more interesting pictures there when that’s possible.

Country Readers
United States 1,416
Philippines 164
India 162
United Kingdom 149
Canada 94
Australia 51
Singapore 46
Sweden 31
Germany 25
Ireland 21
Denmark 18
Russia 17
Belgium 16
Finland 16
France 16
Italy 9
Japan 9
Norway 9
Pakistan 9
South Africa 9
Jamaica 8
New Zealand 8
Poland 8
Spain 8
Switzerland 8
United Arab Emirates 7
Brazil 6
European Union 6
Hong Kong SAR China 6
Israel 6
Malaysia 6
Slovenia 6
Mexico 5
Taiwan 5
Thailand 5
Greece 4
Austria 3
China 3
Czech Republic 3
Netherlands 3
Serbia 3
South Korea 3
Trinidad & Tobago 3
Turkey 3
American Samoa 2
Belize 2
Ghana 2
Indonesia 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Zimbabwe 2
Argentina 1
Bolivia 1
Colombia 1
Costa Rica 1
Curaçao 1
Faroe Islands 1
Hungary 1 (*)
Iceland 1
Iraq 1
Jordan 1
Maldives 1
Nigeria 1
Portugal 1 (*)
Puerto Rico 1
Romania 1
Ukraine 1 (*)
Uzbekistan 1
Vietnam 1 (****)
Zambia 1

Hungary, Portugal, and Ukraine had a single page view in August too. Vietnam has settled for one page view a month for five months now. Yes, I’d love to know what the post is.

It’s another month in a row that the Philippines have sent me the second-greatest number of page views. I don’t know why. I’m curious if, like, some teacher found I had a good reference for something and a couple classes have gone looking that up reliably.

But if I were to guess what anyone was reading? Well, 296 pages besides my home page got at least one page view in September. 172 of them got more than one page view. 37 got at least ten views. The most popular pieces? That selection slightly defied my expectations.

It’s the first time a Reading the Comics post hasn’t made the top five since, well, August. The first Reading the Comics post to appear was in ninth place, though. At least record grooves and the real number system diagram are staying popular.

Bar chart showing about four years worth of readership, steadily growing but with a great peak in September 2019.
The heck of it is that I was home September 30 at 7 pm Eastern Time, which is when the month rolls over for WordPress and I could have gotten statistics for exactly September. But I forgot and didn’t think of it for a couple hours, so that’s why it has the update time of 8:58 pm.

So this was a popular month around here, as mentioned. I logged 2,444 page views from 1,387 unique visitors. This is well above the twelve-month running average of 1363.9 views from 845.9 unique visitors. Both figures are my new record highs. And the views-per-visitor average of 1.76 is the highest I’ve logged since November of 2018.

There were 110 things given likes in September, nearly double the twelve-month running average of 64.0. And there were 36 comments, again nearly double the twelve-month running average of 21.1. Which, combined with the fact there were 30 posts, more than double the twelve-month running average of 14.2 in the month, implies …

Well, if we look at things per post, the implication is clear: daily is too much me. There were 81.5 views per posting, compared to the running average of 99.6. There were 46.2 unique visitors per posting, compared to the running average of 63.1. 3.7 likes per posting, compared to the 4.6 running average. 1.2 comments per posting, below the average of 1.4. It does suggest that while posting a lot is good, posting every day is not. Or at least it’s not necessary, if I want to maximize views per posting.

As of the start of October I’d published 122 things this year, for a total of 115,143 words. This was 27,695 words published in September. That’s an average of 923.2 words per post in September, still somehow below the 944 average words per post all this year. I credit the “Exploiting my Archives” posts, which are a couple of sentences each.

From the start of the blog to the start of October 2019 I’d posted 1,324 things. This collected 85,194 page views in total, from 44,139 logged unique visitors.

And I had a new record busiest day. The 6th of September saw 249 page views from 162 unique visitors. I have to suspect that I got mentioned in some online forum.

I do expect to keep publishing at least one Reading the Comics post each week. I also should continue the Fall 2019 A-to-Z, which has settled into a Tuesday and Thursday posting.

If you’d like to be a regular reader, please do. You can use the “Follow Nebusresearch” button in the upper right corner of the page to add my essays to your WordPress reader. If you’d rather read without my ability to detect you, try using the RSS feed. If you need an RSS reader, you can still get a free Livejournal or Dreamwidth account and add any RSS feeds you like through that.

How September 2018 Treated My Mathematics Blog, Finally

I like to do my monthly recap of my readership, like, at the start of the month. It’s just that between the Carnival, the A-to-Z, Reading the Comics, and my being busy on Friday I didn’t have the time before now. I’d say that it doesn’t matter because these statistics-review posts are mostly for my own entertainment. But I do feel there’s something untidy in my being a week late.

It was a well-read month! My second-most-read month, if I’m not missing something. WordPress reports 1,505 page views, up from August’s 1,421 and July’s 1,058. (The highest I have on record is March’s 1,779 page views.) Third-highest number of unique visitors, as well: 874 of them. August had 913 unique visitors. July a mere 668, but that was a more normal month. (March had 999 unique visitors and yes, it still burns me up that I didn’t have just the one more.)

Yes, I’m excited by what I see for October’s views already. I should have made this chart sooner in the month. Now I’m going to be all disappointed when it doesn’t stay this riotously popular on, like, the 28th of October.

The number of ‘likes’ around here rose, to 65. Had been 57 in August and 37 in July. That’s still tiny, though, compared to what was normal around here even a year ago (98 in September 2017, and that was down from all of 2016). The number of comments was up, to 36 from August’s 27 and July’s 28. But the number of comments around here is so erratic that I’ve mostly given up on figuring any kind of pattern.

The top most popular articles for September were one perennial, one that I’d have expected to be a perennial (and was the number-two post last month), comics, and the carnival:

I have the suspicion that the Playful Mathematics Education Blog Carnival #121 post will be most popular next month too. And that only my publishing it the last day of September kept it from being on top for that month too.

52 countries sent me any readers at all in August. 16 of them were single-reader countries. The same numbers accurately described countries and single-reader countries for July. And for September? … Here’s the roster.

Country Readers
United States 885
Philippines 149
United Kingdom 64
India 63
Canada 51
Australia 34
Turkey 23
Singapore 22
Germany 21
Denmark 16
Slovenia 16
European Union 12
France 8
South Africa 8
Switzerland 8
Brazil 7
Netherlands 7
Pakistan 7
Brunei 6
Kazakhstan 6
Ghana 5
Puerto Rico 5
Russia 5
Spain 5
Egypt 4
Ireland 4
Malaysia 4
Sweden 4
Taiwan 4
Thailand 4
Austria 3
Finland 3
Morocco 3
Norway 3
Poland 3
South Korea 3
Belize 2
Greece 2
Iceland 2
Indonesia 2
Jamaica 2
Kenya 2
Mexico 2
Vietnam 2
Algeria 1
Argentina 1 (*)
Belgium 1
Chile 1 (*)
Colombia 1 (*)
Croatia 1
Czech Republic 1
Guam 1
Israel 1
Kuwait 1
New Zealand 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Slovakia 1
United Arab Emirates 1

So that’s 58 countries total, with only 14 of them single-readers. Argentina, Chile, and Colombia were single-reader countries in August; nobody else was. No countries are on a longer than two-month streak. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than a hundred readers from the Philippines. Also 12 readers listed as from the European Union, distinct from the countries participating in it, seems unusually many.

According to the Insights panel I’d had 119 posts this year, right before October began. And had gathered 67,885 page views. This would be from a total of 33,475 acknowledged unique visitors. (My blog started before WordPress told us anything about unique visitors.) As of the start of October, there had been 313 total comments. This makes an average of 2.6 comments per post on average. At the start of August there had been 2.6 comments per post on average. But remember that was fifteen fewer posts. At the end of September I’d gotten 696 total likes, for an average of 5.8 likes per post. That’s down from 6.0 at the end of August. By the end of September I’d had a total of 112,648 words posted around here. 15,014 of them were posted in September. Since there were fifteen posts altogether that’s an average of 1000.1 words per post in September. For the year, through the end of September, that’s 946.6 words per post this year. At the end of August that had been 930 words per post. So as ever, my attempts to write more quick, simple, short things that don’t wear me out has failed. And I have the rest of an A to Z to write, too! I’m so doomed.

If you’d like to watch my continuing logorrheic doom, please follow along. You can add me to your WordPress Reader by using the button at the upper right corner of the page. If you’d rather read without my having the ability to track, you can follow me by RSS here. If you’d like to follow me on Twitter, try adding me as @Nebusj. Thanks for being here, in whatever form you are.

I’m Still Looking For Fun Mathematics And Words

I’m hoping to get my 2018 Mathematics A To Z started the last week of September, which among other things will let me end it in 2018 if I haven’t been counting wrong. We’ll see. If you’ve got requests for the first several letters in the alphabet, there’s still open slots. I’ll be opening up the next quarter of the alphabet soon, too.

And also set for the last week of September — boy, I’m glad I am not going to have any doubts or regrets about how I’m scheduling my time for two weeks hence — is the Playful Mathematic Education Carnival. This project, overseen by Denise Gaskins, tries to bring a bundle of fun stuff about mathematics to different blogs. Iva Sallay’s turn, the end of August, is up here. Have you spotted something mathematical that’s made you smile? Please let me know. I’d love to share it with the world.

How September 2017 Treated My Mathematics Blog

So, pretty well. That’s a common trait to months when I’m running an A To Z. I post something in the sequence three times a week, and that, plus “Reading the Comics” features, and the occasional fill-in extra mean I have a lot of stuff that people find interesting. According to WordPress’s statistics there were 1,232 pages viewed around here in September, which is comfortably over the 1,000 mark that I think is important for some reason. It’s also the third-highest monthly total I have, coming in just behind the March-April 2016 Leap Day A To Z peak. Back then I went two whole months with something posted every day. Some of that, back then, was reblogs, but that’s all right. It looks the same to the statistics page. September it looks like somebody did a deep archive binge at least once, but again, that’s all people looking at something they find interesting enough to try. There had been 1,030 pages viewed in August, and a relatively mere 911 in July. But in August and September there were 21 and 20 posts, compared to only 13 in July.

The number of unique visitors was off, but not by much: down to 672 from August’s 680. In July there had been 568. This isn’t quite the peaks of March-April 2016, but it’s not far off. I seem to do fairly well getting a reliable number of readers in, lately, although June and July of this year were low. (But those were also months I was pulled away, repeatedly, from WordPress and writing.)

For all that, and for as happy as I was with my writing — I think this A To Z was my best glossary sequence yet — it got fewer reader ‘like’s. Only 98 in September, down from August’s 147 and even July’s 118. I’ve been in a rut with those lately and I’m not sure what I need do. In the first A to Z month I ever did there were 518 likes clicked, and where all those potential readers have gone is beyond me. Especially since the number of pages viewed has not shrunk in all that time.

Also mysterious: while the month felt like a chatty one in my comments, it wasn’t really. 42 comments posted, including my own, in September, down from August’s 46 and July’s 45. That beats the doldrom months before that, but again. June 2015: 114 comments. Same number of page views as back then. Even more unique visitors than back then. I don’t mean to say things that shy people away from commenting, but I seem to be doing it anyway.

The popular articles were one perennial, one comics, and three A To Z posts:

There’s no real sense to deciding what you want your audience to like. They’ll like what they do and you have to yield gracefully to that. But I am glad with those three being the top A To Z posts this past month. They’re ones I think I did well on. I also think that if it had come earlier in the month, then X would have made the top five. Maybe it’ll make next month.

So: what are the countries my readers come from? And is this really quite as popular a thing as I always say it is? Here we go.

Country Readers
United States 644
United Kingdom 156
Philippines 83
India 55
Canada 33
Austria 28
Singapore 19
Denmark 17
Australia 14
Germany 14
Brazil 12
Sweden 10
France 9
Spain 9
Thailand 9
Hong Kong SAR China 8
Slovenia 8
Mexico 6
Argentina 5
Russia 4
South Africa 4
Bangladesh 3
Costa Rica 3
Finland 3
Italy 3
Netherlands 3
Nigeria 3
Pakistan 3
Romania 3
Switzerland 3
Vietnam 3
Barbados 2
Hungary 2
Israel 2
Japan 2
Nepal 2
Norway 2
Portugal 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Ukraine 2
Angola 1
Armenia 1 (*)
Belarus 1
Belgium 1
Bulgaria 1
Chile 1 (*)
Cyprus 1
Ghana 1
Greece 1
Guam 1
Indonesia 1
Ireland 1
Kenya 1
Luxembourg 1
Madagascar 1
Malaysia 1
New Zealand 1
Paraguay 1
Puerto Rico 1 (*)
Serbia 1
Slovakia 1
South Korea 1
Turkey 1
United Arab Emirates 1 (*)
Venezuela 1 (*)

There were, I honestly believe, 65 countries sending me readers this past month. 25 of them were single-reader countries. In August there were 62 countries sending readers, if you count the European Union and the US Virgin Islands, and for that matter Puerto Rico, as distinct countries. This month, yeah, WordPress lists Guam and Puerto Rico as countries. Also September made me aware of how many of my countrymen apparently didn’t hear about the War of 1898 somehow? I honestly don’t know. I mean, I realize that I’m an unusually history-oriented person, in that I have, without exaggeration, delighted people with trivia about the Webster-Ashburton Treaty. But jeez, this was war with Spain and the coming-out party of American imperialism. You’d think word would have filtered through. Anyway, in September there were 20 single-reader countries with the usual sorts of notes about that.

Armenia, Chile, Puerto Rico, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela were single-reader countries last month; no country’s on a two- or more-month streak.

Insights says my most popular day for reading was Monday, with 20 percent of page views then. Last month it was Wednesday with 18 percent of page views. The most popular hour was 6 pm, with 8 percent of page views. 6 pm WordPress Time is when I schedule stuff to post, so you’d expect that to be popular. But 8 percent not exactly a major bump. I guess people come whenever it’s convenient to their schedule, not my publication. Which is fine.

I start the month with 53,298 page views, from an admitted 24,673, though that’s a probably incomplete count. I’ve also got 717 followers, most of them by WordPress — as you can do from the “Follow Nebusresearch” button at the upper-right corner of the page — and a handful from email. That you can do by the “Follow Blog Via E-Mail” button up there too.

On Twitter I’m @Nebusj. I’m a lot like I am here, there, but shorter. Please feel free to join me there.

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