Infinite Circle Packings

Here’s an engaging and apparently new mathematics blog. Euclidean Brew-Space — the name is explained in its Nomenclature Derivation page — here discusses the problem of tiling a space. As a bonus it includes a neat trick with a pint glass.

Euclidean Brew-Space

Question of the Week:
Before I get started with this week’s entry, I wanted to share a neat trick with you!

So like the video says, if you can figure out how I knew when to stop adding height to the glass, please comment below!

Alright, so this week I want to discuss a problem that I’m sure we have all encountered in some way, shape or form: how can we pack the most bottles of beer in a limited amount of space? If you don’t imbibe, that’s fine – this problem does extend to cans of soda or any round item you might want to shove in your refrigerator. As a homebrewer, I have a completely ludicrous number of empty bottles just waiting to be filled with fresh beer and since I made the transition to kegging my brews, the problem has become a serious storage issue. How can…

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