Radial Tessellation Featuring Decagons, Pentagons, and Golden Hexagons

I apologize for being so quiet the past few days. I haven’t had the chance to write what I mean to. To make it up to you please let me reblog this charming tesselation from RobertLovesPi. Tesselations are wonderful sections of mathematics because they lend themselves to stunning pictures and thoughts of impractical ways to redo the kitchen floor. They also depend on symmetries and rotations to work, which is a hallmark of group theory, which starts out by looking at things which look like addition and multiplication and which ends up in things like predicting how many different kinds of subatomic particles there ought to be. (I haven’t gone that far in studying group theory so I’d have to trust other people to fill in some of the gaps here.)


Radial Tessellation Featuring Decagons, Pentagon, and Golden Hexagons

As you can see, this can be continued indefinitely from the center.

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