How August 2022 Treated My Mathematics Blog: Romania Has Tired Of Me

With the start of another month it’s a chance to use my weekly publication slot to review the previous month. Also I’ve somehow settled on publishing one essay a week. That was never a deliberate choice, just an attempt to keep my schedule in line with my energy and enthusiasm during a time that’s drained most of both. August having had five Wednesdays in it, though, I published five things. Here they are, ranked most to least popular:

There are too few data points to do a real test. It does look like this isn’t just chronological order, though. Also, that Kickstarter has closed, but it was very successful. Denise Gaskin’s project collected more than nine times the initial goal and reached all but one of its stretch goals. You can still donate, though, to support an educational-publishing project.

Bar chart of two and a half years' worth of monthly readership figures. There was a huge peak around October 2019, and a much lower but fairly steady wave of readership after that. It's slightly increased for January 2022, dropped for February, rose slightly for March, and dropped a small bit in April, May, and June again. It jumped up to a new high in July, and fell back below the average in August.
Hey, I was home and puttering around on my computer at midnight Universal Time last week; what are the odds of that?

It was a month of decline in my readership, though. There were 1,760 page views during the month, possibly because whatever drove hundreds of views from Romania in July did not repeat. In fact, there were only two page views from Romania in August. This is below the twelve-month running mean of 2,163.2 views per month, and the twelve-month running median of 2,105.5.

WordPress’s estimate of the number of unique visitors decreased too. There were 1,101 unique visitors here in August. The twelve-month running mean was 1,407.2, for the twelve months leading up to August. The running median was 1,409 unique visitors.

There were 17 things liked here in August, the same number as July. That’s below the mean of 30.9 and median of 29.5. There were no comments in August, for the second month in a row; as you might imagine, this is crashing far below the running median of 5.1 and median of 4. The figures look less bad if you pro-rate things by the number of posts. Then at least the views and unique visitors are between the mean and median numbers. Likes and comments are still low, though.

WordPress estimates that I published 2,617 words in August, bringing my total for the year to 48,472. So my average post length dwindled a bit in August, and it’s reduced my average post length this year to 915.

As of the start of September, WordPress says, I’ve gotten 167,896 page views in total, from a recorded 100,719 unique visitors. And, for good measure, a total of 1,728 posts since I began this blog … eleven? … years ago, and 3,321 comments over that time.

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Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

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