How April 2018 Treated My Mathematics Blog

People were far less interested in the number of grooves on a record’s side this past month. That’s what I take away from the readership figures around here for April, as WordPress reports. There were, it appears, some 1,117 pages viewed in April, from 731 unique visitors. That’s well down from March’s 1,779 views and 999 visitors. But March was clearly an outlier; February saw 1,062 page views from 611 visitors. This is four months in a row with at least a thousand page views, so everything seems consistent.

The number of likes fell to 73, down from 142. This seems like a lot of drop, but considering there were 102 likes in February and 112 in January … yeah, that’s a bit lower. Hm. Comments were down, too, with a mere 13 posted in April. There were 53 in March, 30 in February, those are much more engaged numbers. It’s my doing, I know; I had a month of mostly writing about comics and that’s fun, but it’s not much to discuss. What’s to say, “That wasn’t really a student making fun of the story problem!”? Nah. Also I’m abashed to realize I had only eleven posts in April; March had a healthier count of 16.

Statistics chart showing a big spike in March and a return to the roughly twelve-month normal for April 2018.
Definitely more normal than the March 2018 figures.

So what were people reading? One perennial and then a bunch of mostly new stuff:

The Insights panel tells me I’ve gotten to 44,841 total words published this year so far, with 135 total comments and 370 total likes. So, 8,494 words over the month. I’m currently averaging 830.4 words per post, 3.5 comments per post, and 6.9 likes per post. Words and likes are slightly up from March; comments are down a bit.

As I make it out 58 countries sent me readers this past month. That’s the same as March, and up from February’s 54. They’re these:

Country Readers
United States 687
United Kingdom 84
Canada 59
India 38
Australia 21
Singapore 18
Philippines 17
Brazil 16
South Africa 16
Ireland 11
Spain 11
Turkey 11
Puerto Rico 8
Denmark 7
France 7
Afghanistan 6
Italy 6
Netherlands 5
Peru 5
Slovenia 5
Sweden 5
Germany 4
Israel 4
New Zealand 4
Poland 4
Ukraine 4
Mongolia 3
Russia 3
South Korea 3
United Arab Emirates 3
Algeria 2
Argentina 2
Belgium 2
Bulgaria 2
Egypt 2
Hong Kong SAR China 2
Indonesia 2
Japan 2
Lebanon 2
Lithuania 2
Malaysia 2
Norway 2
Romania 2
Switzerland 2
Armenia 1
Czech Republic 1
Finland 1
Gibraltar 1
Iraq 1
Kenya 1
Luxembourg 1
Nigeria 1
Palestinian Territories 1
Senegal 1
Serbia 1 (*)
St. Kitts & Nevis 1
Tunisia 1
Vietnam 1

That’s 14 single-reader countries, down one from March and down two from February. Serbia was a single-reader country in March; nowhere else was. May starts with 61,549 pages viewed from 29,502 admitted unique visitors.

I’d appreciate it if you did follow NebusResearch regularly. I haven’t restored the e-mail postings, although if I go another month or two without anything suspicious turning up in the comments I might try it. But you can follow on your WordPress Reader, by using the button at the upper right corner of the page. Here’s the RSS feed, if you’d rather read the way you like without WordPress being able to trace you. And if you don’t mind Twitter you can follow me as @Nebusj there. Watch as I give the tally of how many goldfish we’re getting back out to the backyard pond!


Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

3 thoughts on “How April 2018 Treated My Mathematics Blog”

  1. Is it likely that your readers are academic and thus subject to the cyclic hectic nature of the end of the semester? Was the decrease overall for all countries (US and non-US might be a good split) ?


    1. It’s quite plausible, yes! My gut says the strongest correlation between anything I do and what the readership figures are like is the number of things I post. But I have wondered about digging into the weekly data and seeing if there’s any obvious synchronicity between the school years and people looking stuff up here.


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