I turn out also to need B and C topics for the All 2020 A-to-Z

In looking over what I want my deadlines to be, and what the calendar looks like, I learn I should also be asking for topics that start with the letters B and C … yesterday, really. Today is probably close enough. And I am still interested in letter-A topics.

It all remains straightforward. Please comment with some mathematical topic, with a name that starts ‘B’ or ‘C’, that you’d like to see me try to write about. This can include people, too. I’m not likely to add to the depth of people’s biographical understandings. But I can share what I know, or have learned. Please also let me know how to credit you for a topic, and any project you’re working on that I can give some attention to.

I’m not afraid of re-visiting a topic, if I think I can improve it. But topics I have already covered, starting with the letter B, are:

And here are topics I’ve written about for the letter C before:

My actual deadline will remain “about three minutes before publication”.

Author: Joseph Nebus

I was born 198 years to the day after Johnny Appleseed. The differences between us do not end there. He/him.

7 thoughts on “I turn out also to need B and C topics for the All 2020 A-to-Z”

  1. Perhaps I shouldn’t over-contribute, but here are a few B’s and C’s that might make fruitful writing and fun reading…

    Balanced Ternary
    Bell’s Theorem
    Busy Beaver
    Borromean Rings
    Butterfly Effect

    Catalan Numbers
    Chip-firing Games


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